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Hello Dear Reader,

Our magazines and papers come from trains and recycling bins. I walked past the recycling bin outside our supermarket this morning and saw a lady putting these into it. I asked her if she minded me having them and told her I would recycle them once I’d read them. She seemed happy enough and they came home with me. I wouldn’t dream of spending £4 on a magazine just to ogle at glossy pictures, but I don’t mind having a browse if it’s recycled. I shall put my feet up with a cup of tea and enjoy these this afternoon. If I were to buy just one magazine a week, at £4, then I would spend/waste £208 a year and if I were to buy a newspaper for £1.20 (we used to get The Guardian – now I read it online or which ever newspaper Dearly Beloved finds on the train) a day, then we would spend £312 a year on newspapers. The easiest way to save £500 a year! Read the recycled!

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xx


30 thoughts on “Read all about it!

  1. I'm with you on the magazine spending!! It's terrible what a magazine costs…an average of $8.00 (US) is bought in the store. I use to get several quilting magazines delivered (cheaper than buying in the store) but I discovered that I NEVER used any of the patterns in them!! YIKES…what a waste of money.


  2. Like Babs, I use the library – ours has a big basket and you can borrow/swap magazines freely.

    I have also discovered that many magazines [eg Mollie Mates] publish their templates online, so you dont NEED to buy the magazine to get the patterns – and others publish their recipes.

    Why pay good money for a mag that is 80% adverts?

    blessings x


  3. My library has every magazine under the sun and in the winter I trot over and spend an afternoon browsing and in the summer I borrow them to take home. Same with movies and now I can download e books on my IPad if I want also. Libraries rock !


  4. Every time we came to England, that was how we found great reading material. Amazing how much stuff is thrown away. We are lucky to have a “recycle” type bookstore that has magazines for 50cents when over one month old. One of the stores has great quilt books often for 50 cents since they really dont know what they have and there is no isbn number to look up on the majority of them.


  5. Every time we came to England, that was how we found great reading material. Amazing how much stuff is thrown away. We are lucky to have a “recycle” type bookstore that has magazines for 50cents when over one month old. One of the stores has great quilt books often for 50 cents since they really dont know what they have and there is no isbn number to look up on the majority of them.


  6. How quickly did that woman read those magazines, the Country Living magazine is this months issue I blogged about it a couple of posts ago its the issue with the £2000 retro kitchen cupboard!!
    Julie xxxxxxx


  7. I have been tempted by some of the quilting magazines, but with an outlay of up to £6, I thought better of it. This weekend i've been given a pile of pristine condition quilting and patchwork mags by a very kind freegler. Like you I will either pass on or recycle when I've read them.


  8. I do love my magazines, I have them on subscription which means they cost £1.95 each, each issue gets passed onto a friend, who then passes them on again. I am happy to be at the top of the chain as my mag is my monthly treat and I have more disposable income than my pal who I give them to.


  9. Yes I have an addiction to the different monthly gardening mags, managed to ween myself off the vw campervan mag since I can't justify looking at something I will never be able to afford in this life. The prices for a decent model T2 16k…Sometimes still buy a gardening mag specially if Monty Donn is in it but since acquiring my allotment I just read the ones stockpiled from previous years. Btw sent that little boxy with the shirts and a dress that I've had over 30 years but never worn, only kept it cause I liked the hippy colours… Hope you can use in one of your quilty blankets that would be nice to see.


  10. Yey for recycled. I sometimes do treat myself occasionally to a mag but yes we do get the one of the big papers but subscribe thus saving money and then the papers are used to make firelighters for our log burner!

    Absolutely love your quilt and love reading the blog.

    San xxx


  11. A couple of years ago my daughter bought me a subcription to one of the podh magazines for Christmas. I have just handed 2 years worth on to a friend, who, I know, will enjoy reading tham and then hand them on to someone else.

    We can read Counrty Living in our brand new library……


  12. Yeah,there's no need to buy new mags at all! I mostly get them at my fave secondhand book shop;she has a lady who gets all the latest mags,reads them,and drops them in there,so I score them for a few dollars!Or I pick up old ones at opshops,at the cafe at work,or I even nick them from my doctors surgery!!!
    Honestly,there isn't much that a gal needs to buy new these days!


  13. Yeah, magazines, it never ceases to amaze me how much people spend on them, read them once then bin them.

    My only concession is my Saga magazine, life membership / subscription was £79 about 8 years ago = 12 magazines a year = less than £1 each up to now, and for life, posted as well, seems OK to me.
    A good read as well, you don't need to be over 50 to appreciate the articles.

    They also bombard me with offers of holidays, cruises and insurance. I have my contents insurance with them, the best deal for over 50s.


  14. I can do without the newspaper but have given up every subscription EXCEPT my British Country Living…still have my old copies, too, and STILL reread them!
    Love your newest scrap quilt- they are still my favorite ones to make, as well as hooked rugs with found wool!


  15. We used to get The Guardian delivered on a Saturday, but we stopped it because we kept forgetting to pay the bill. Now I read it online.

    I don't buy any magazines but I had one yesterday because my daughter likes to give me one every Mother's Day – one of the glossy ladies' ones that comes with a nice freebie. I really enjoy it as a treat but I have to say most of the articles are guff, and I don't feel at all like I'm missing out by not having one a month.


  16. Morning Froogs
    My wonderful father once a week buys me a copy of the Woman’s Weekly. It isn’t wasted money in this house as my partner reads it as well. I then scan in any of the patterns and what not I like . So if people from the stitch n bitch group I belong to would like some new patters I either e-mail or print out some to take with me. Then there is the option of passing them on to some of the members or to my local dentist and vet surgery. I like the idea that some may do what I do and ask if I can take one home as a whole new slew of people get to have a read. I like you LOVE making things from scrap. Just finished crocheting a tea cosy out of real rag ends of wool. Even found some black wool to crochet a lining to hide the very nasty pooh bear fleece I had just to add a good heat barrier.
    I was thinking of doing one as a Christmas prezzie, if I don’t start now nothing will be done. :-). we as a group always try and make for free or as cheaply as possible money spent is NEVER a consideration.
    Your quilt is just lovely my favourite colours are the blues, this work is truly something to be proud of.
    If anyone would like some knitting patterns/craft patterns I am happy to share.
    Have a beautiful day.


  17. Good catch, looks like recent copies too. I get some of these mags but I tend to hold onto them forever as love looking at the piccies. When my pile gets a bit too big, I then sort them out and pass them on. Sam


  18. I gave up on magazines long ago – far too expensive, but have recently stopped buying a newspaper, too. English language papers here in Greece are very pricey (and a day late), and I've never bought a British daily paper here, but used to get a weekly produced in Athens. It costs 2.50€, so 130€ a year – and I can read it online for nothing! I read a daily paper online, too, so keep up with British and local news.


  19. A friend of mine gives me her magazines (which she gets from her mother) when she is done with them and I then pass them on to 4 other friends afterwards who also swap them amongst eachother. I am sure each magazine gets read by 8-10 people minimum! We sometimes also give them to local doctors/dentists for more people to read them!


  20. I feel so bad. My vice is magazines. and then I try and make it sound ok in my own head by saying to myself “you dont smoke you dont drink.. have the magazine…”

    I do give them to another lady who gives it to her sister then after that she takes it to her little girls nursery. I think they cut it up to make collages….


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