Friday night stripping!

 Hello Dear Reader,

That got you thinking, didn’t it! Nope I’m not removing the wall paper and I assure you, you’ll always find me decent and all present and correct on this blog! I’ve been cutting strips, sewing strips into blocks so I can get on with my 2012, red, white and blue quilt!

 The finished results are really quite sweet. It’s a mixture of recycled, cheap and very cheap fabric……, I’m going to head back to the Friday night stripping.

Enjoy the colours.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs


2 thoughts on “Friday night stripping!

  1. Your life sounds perfect now. I too recently left teaching and cannot believe how much life I now have. Teaching is no longer a respecter of the work life balance! As they say- I now have time to smell the roses along the way- and have time to read and respond to blogs. Do you think that you will eventually share with everyone what prompted your change of lifestyle? Anyway- good luck, you deserve some time and happiness.


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