Cheap, hot substitute for salad.

Home made bacon, cheese and leek quiche with courgette and beetroot ‘chips’

 Hello Dear Reader,

Usually, when we have quiche we have something light with it, sometimes salad or homemade coleslaw with vinaigrette instead of mayonnaise. I’ve been cold all day and wanted something hot, yet light. I sliced some courgettes and beetroot into chips and fried them in a flicker of olive oil. Some one, I forget who, mentioned that they thought quiche would be watery if frozen and then reheated. Mine wasn’t at all watery and reheated wonderfully. It certainly went well with courgettes and beetroot.

We had one courgette and one large beetroot each. We buy the beetroot ready cooked and vacuum packed. We both love it so much that we sometimes have it in a sandwich for lunch. I like them roasted for Sunday lunch or in huge chunks, hot instead of potato. They are some kind of super food and really good for us. I just think they are a super food and totally delicious with almost everything! Beware though, they may be light but they are really filling. I bought the courgettes and beetroot in Lidl and neither cost much and cost less than salad, which is mostly imported and watery in flavour.

What do you put with what to balance out the richness of something like quiche?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


21 thoughts on “Cheap, hot substitute for salad.

  1. Oh Froogs that looks yummy! We are having ratatouille for tea with half a gammon steak each. I had delivery of my first approved foods today, it looks great. Makes me wonder why I waited so long to order from them.

    X x


  2. I belong to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture AMAP in French), so we have a full basket of in season veggies each Saturday. Those veggies grow on a farm 300 meters from my house, so we don't eat courgettes, tomatoes or peppers in winter, unless I still have some in my freezer. It was quite a change when we started this 3 years ago, but it is worth it, because this is the only way for us to afford organic veggies for our family of 5…
    So, with quiche we eat some “mache” salad, grated carrots or red cabbage, or like you beetroot


  3. What you made looks really good! I just use what ever I have on hand. We don't always have salad, especially this time of year… I love roasted string beans- with a little salt, olive oil and garlic.


  4. I agree, quiche freezes and re-heats perfectly. I make mini-quiches in a bun tin, freeze them and then take them with us for lunch on-the-go. They defrost quickly and can be eaten straightaway!

    Best Wishes
    Frugal Wife


  5. This is probably a really silly question, but can you just stick the beetroot that you can buy in vacuum packed bags in the oven and roast it? (after removing it from the plastic of course!). I had always assumed that if I wanted to roast beetroot I'd need to buy it raw, peel it, and roast from raw. And I do love roast beetroot so if it is this easy then I'm getting myself to Lidl and having roast beets for tea tomorrow 🙂


  6. I always make extra quiche- it freezes wonderfully and heats up really well again. When you have extra eggs you need to use them wisely! Wish we had an Approved Foods in the US!


  7. Your tea looks delicious. I love beetroot, its on Super 6 at Ald! this week for 39p so I stocked up. We had some with mixed veggies and some of the Yellowfin Sole fillets also from Ald! and it was yummy, light and very tasty. xx


  8. With something rich like quiche I might have stir fried green beans with a tiny touch of sesame oil and sprinkled with crunchy sea salt or a good tomato salad that has been sitting in its dressing for a while. I did like the look of your “chips”–I love beetroot on any form–watch out for the pink wee though. It can seem that you have a terrible illness!m


  9. I love beetroot also and grow as many as I can but when I have to buy them raw I wrap them in foil and bake them when I am cooking other things in the oven.
    Love, love, love them any which way !


  10. Last night I made a ham quiche to use up a sliced of ham off the bone that needed using. And a quiche with with brazilian spinach from the garden.

    We ate is with a salad of raw grated – beetroot, carrot and apple. It was made on a whim, invented from my head. It tasted good and 5 yr old Dolly asked for seconds of the salad and quiche! Now that is success to me 🙂


  11. I roast beetroot in small chunks, in olive oil. They are delicious hot, of course, but try letting them cool and have with salad – really sweet. I make large quiches & freeze in portions. Reheat from frozen – definitely not watery. I think the trick is to make sure the bacon/ham or whatever meat you put in it is cooked first.


  12. I love vacuum packed beetroot, almost better than homegrown and homecooked!!

    I love to have quiche with a simple mixed leaf salad drizzled with balsamic vinegar and sprinkled with a few chopped walnuts….mmmm, lovely!

    Sue xx


  13. Thanks for the idea Froogs, I had never thought of roasting beet as an accompaniment to a roast dinner – I'll definitely try it on Sunday. Did you have to grill or otherwise dry the courgette before frying?


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