Winter warmers

Hello Dear Reader,

Our living room is a busy room! It’s the only room in the house with any direct heating, although it does make the surrounding rooms warm. The chimney breast heats the dining room on the other side of the wall and either rooms upstairs on either side of the chimney breast. It’s like having a night storage heater. The central core of the house heats up and retains warmth until morning, when the house isn’t really cold.

The stove also keeps our house incredibly dry, therefore I don’t mind putting some moisture into the air as it’s soon circulated back towards the fire and dried out again. The usual sight in our living room is of our clothes drying in front of the fire. By morning, this will all be dry. Tomorrow night, I’ll iron it in the warmth of the room. I am looking forward to hanging the washing in some dry air outside.

I’m sure many stove sides look just like mine………does yours?

Love Froogs xx


22 thoughts on “Winter warmers

  1. I have KL's bedding airing off over 2 pairs of chairs near the lounge radiator. It did go outside today but it's been really still for the last couple of days. I could do with more of a breeze as I have our bedding to get dry tomorrow.


  2. I've got three drying lines and two airing racks on the go. My furnace room is the location of choice. The air here is very dry, so that's not an issue.

    Yesterday it was warm enough to dry my teatowels outside!@!


  3. If there's no heat/sun I dry mine in the dining room and we have to squeeze past the airer, only room for one airer in my tiny house.

    If there's sun and weather is otherwise dodgy, I use the conservatory. Have been meaning to get a Sheila maid for the landing but just not got around to it this year.

    Bear it in mind when you decide to move to a smaller house, make sure you've some room to dry washing!!!


  4. Our conservatory looks like that all through winter, and often in summer, too, because when the sun is out it's amazing how quickly things dry, and our garden is small. Our tumble drier died nearly two years ago and we weren't able to afford a replacement. Now we're not even looking to replace it anymore. When I miss it (and I miss it often in winter, especially when I panic that my child's school uniform won't be clean/dry on time), I come here and strengthen my resolve by reading your posts!

    In Spain, old-fashioned apartments like my family's all come with a laundry room, usually overlooking the lift shaft or an internal patio, with a dedicated clothes line where things dry neatly and beautifully and out of the way. I am very jealous of my father when he does the laundry!


  5. You can't beet laundry dried outside on a beautiful day! I have a friend and neighbour who tubledrys almost everything ( the thought of the electic bill scares me) she says £15 a week is'nt exspensive I just gasped. I do apeciate there are older teenagers x2 in th house but i just think of the cost.
    talking of that managed to get very lucky in the mark doewn section of our local coop 2 chickens at £2.65 as opposed to £4 and bought 10 lires of milk for 50p a litre!
    However i'm with campfire regarding drying room and downsizing looking at my place you would think there is room well thre kinda is but SUCH a squeeze.
    oh btw if you go out today and there is a strbucks near yougo and intrioduce yourself between 6am and 12 noon and they will give you a free tall coffee.
    have a wonderful day everyone


  6. We line dry when needed but as Scarlet has said, the last two days here in Norfolk have also been still. So after spending the day on the line to get half dry, washing is put on airers in the front room for overnight. They dry quickly if the wood burner has been on but if not, they take two days to finish off.


  7. I dry our clothes in the bathroom on the top floor (2nd floor which is the warmest as the heat rises, of course). It works really well and they dry over night. This way the clothes are out of the way and I almost never use a drier. Actually not sure when the last time was that I put the drier on…:-)


  8. Wasn't well yesterday so didn't check your blog so it was nice to come back today and find two posts. It's lovely for us that you've got so much more time to post now Froogs – I hope you're enjoying having your life back.
    I don't find that my woodburner keeps other rooms dry and we still have a problem with condensation in the adjoining rooms. We had to have the flue insulated when the stove was installed – I don't know if that has anything to do with it. Because we have so much trouble with condensation I'm reluctant to dry clothes in front of the stove. But I do dry things in the cellar boiler room on airers.
    Just wanted to say about the cake recipes – rather than rounding up the number of eggs if they are small, try rounding down and adding a tablespoonful of vinegar – that's what they used to do in the war. I think it makes a chemical reaction with the baking powder


  9. I hang my laundry on a couple of Ikea racks I have had for years. Put the lot in my guest room which is unheated and leave for a couple of days. As I dont go out to work nothing is crucial and it does nt matter if it takes a bit longer to dry.
    In the summer it all goes out on the deck and is dry before lunchtime. Dont iron I am afraid.


  10. I line dry outside year round, unless it is raining of course. A dry and cold winter day is very good for drying quickly the laundry, even if it's freezing !
    Otherwise, I have inside drying lines in the utility room, and of course the stairs bannister (I learned this word from your blog !) for big items like sheets. I have never owned a tumble drier, so I don't miss having one !


  11. I keep my airer in the kitchen. It dries quicker as the oven is on most days and it the warmest room in the house.
    I have dried a few loads on the line now, but I cannot wait until it all goes outside!


  12. I do have a tumble dryer but I use it only in total emergencies like when the work trousers did not get dry in time. When I am at home I keep rotating the washing from rack to radiator etc. Trying to be frugal is many little steps and choices which all add up!


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