Crack on!

In date eggs, the box was a bit squashed, which could be why they were so reduced.

 Hello Dear Reader,

My grocery shop this week consisted of: a bag of potatoes, margarine, wafer thin sandwich ham, eggs, bread and loo rolls! That’s all I needed, so that’s all I bought. I’d already cooked for the week and I have enough of everything else for all of our meals this week. I did well. I bought four sliced wholemeal loaves at 25p each and two packets of eggs for 99p each. One pack went into two quiches and another packet has gone into two cakes.

 First of all, sticky lemon cake. I use these large square tins as I then cut the cake into four, keep a quarter of each for the week and freeze the rest until needed. Here’s the recipe for the lemon cake.

Zest of one lemon, 5 eggs (they were small) 8oz of each of the following: margarine, SR flour and sugar – put the lot in one bowl and beat together – pour into greased cake tin and bake on 180 degrees for 30-40 minutes – my oven is hopeless (overworked at over 10 years old!) and it might be the setting I put it on, but it’s guess work. The topping? The juice of one lemon and half a cup of sugar – stir together until smooth and spoon onto the top whilst still warm. The lemony sugar sits on top and becomes crispy and the sugary lemon juice soaks in and makes it sticky and delicious.

Next – Froog’s version of Saint Delia’s Dundee cake…………mine is the affordable version. You will need: 3 eggs (I used 4 small ones) 5oz sugar, 5oz margarine and 10oz of SR flour – you will need almond extract or essence – I use two tablespoons full. Mix the lot together until smooth. Now add a whole bag of cheapy Tesco value (Morrisons and Asda do these too) of the cheapest mixed dried fruit.

………………..the whole 500g worth!It’s 64p! I then added a small tub of glace cherries. I only added these as I’d bought a joblot from Approved Food, I would never pay the full £1 a pot price for them! I bought 12 packs from them, so paid 33p a tub for them.

I cut the cherries in half to make them go further. So, now stir the lot together and pour into a greased tin. Again, I use a large square tin, well greased or lined and baked with the lemon cake, for about an hour…….or maybe more if the oven is playing up! I also cooked the supper at the same time. I will cut the fruit cake up into four, freeze three quarters and leave the rest in a tin for Dearly Beloved to cut a slice a day and take to work to have with his coffee.

Finally, someone asked me for the recipes for pasties. first of all – how to make the pastry –

Then – how to make pasties – I don’t add any butter or marg to the centre of my pasties – but some of the old dears do!

Enjoy xx

Love Froogs


25 thoughts on “Crack on!

  1. Hello Froogs.
    Love love love the cake recipes. I'm HUGE fan of lemon and like the sticky topping you make as well do you like me grate the rind off and blend in the cake to add extra lemonyness(is there such a word lol) to it after I squeeze the life out of me lemon I take the remaining battered bits and open it up and use to go over my mirrors and make them sparkle.
    If you don’t want to do that I pop then in a jug of water and put in the fridge to flavour some tap water. Works a treat. good vids for the pasty/pastry if I can and I have any leftover gravy like to put a drop of that in as well.
    Thanks for posting


  2. Hi little anna – to be honest, I chuck in half the wee bottle of almond essence – almond, not vanilla! in the real delia, expensive recipe she uses ground almonds, which I can't afford!

    The beef is skirt – your butcher will know what that is, if you have a tesco or morrisons with a meat counter, they will know too


  3. Neat! I love how you are using all the ingredients and those are used sparingly at that! I'm trying to learn how to use my food storage and incorporate it into my daily recipes. Learning fun, quick recipes like these sure does help! Keep up the good work! I look forward to more posts.



  4. Hi,
    Am desperate to know what size your cake tin is. Love your blog and want to thank you for writing it. I have never managed to comment before but there is alwaysy a first time. Best wishes from shirley


  5. Hi Faux Fushsia

    In the early days, we were so desperate to pay off debts that we had to live extremely frugally. We went cold turkey and stopped buying anything. It was hard as people kept telling me I could afford this, that or the other. I know the reality that if you have any debt and mortgage is a debt, that you/I/anyone needs to do something about it. At one stage, my mortgage was so high that I was paying £1000 a month in interest alone. We now keep ourselves poor by leaving ourselves money for food and transport and then putting all our wages into savings and paying off mortgage capital. Therefore, I don't have any disposable income! Frugality is not an option, it's survival! We live off £400 a month for food, clothes and entertainment – I have have to be frugal. There is nothing but the wagon xxxxxxxxxx Love Froogsxx


  6. Those cakes and pasties look completely yummy.

    We do seem to have been eating lots of pasties recently too, but during the move I have to admit to buying some, nice that now I am able to get back to making my own again (and SO much cheaper).

    It's really opened my eyes about just how much we do save by usually making our own meals from scratch, I was completely shocked when I bought some ready made things over our many days of travelling backwards and forwards.When you think of a cheese and onion sandwich in the shops costing £2.25 and then put it together yourself (you can actually get cheese, a loaf and margerine for the same cost and make about 10 same sized sandwiches).

    It's nice to be back on the frugal bandwagon, please keep up with the helpful tips and lovely inspirational pictures.

    Sue xx


  7. Great markdowns from Morrisons. Love your recipe for lemon cake. Wonderful videos for the good old cornish pasty – a main stay of my childhood (my mother was Cornish).


  8. Hi Froogs! Today you have inspired me to make… guessed it! Pasties. I love them and it's been a while…… Mmmmm. Have you gone part time at work? Glad for you if you have. m


  9. Hi Froogs, you are an amazing lady, I have money problems, and your ideas, cooking, freezing, etc, have helped me know end, I look forward to your blogs its the hightlight of my week, I am gonna clear the debts, and gonna follow your plans, tips, cooking ideas etc, I have never frozen cakes before, what are they like when they come out of the freezer, do you have to warm them through for a few minutes, sorry to sound thick, but I am new to cooking and freezing, thanks.


  10. Hi Froogs, typing out again, not sure if the other comment got sent, I just wanted to let you know I think you are an amazing women, I have debts and am following your tips , cooking, freezing ideas , you have helped me save already, I am gonna keep following you and save the money and ditch those debts! reading your blogs has given me the inspiration to carry on,when I have been so depressed, I got my self into debt so I am gonna get out of it, I am enjoying all this moneysaving , I love cooking, can I just ask when you freeze cake, when you take them out of the freezer do you have to warm them again for a few minutes or are they ok, sorry to sound think, I am still learning about freezing thanks.


  11. Hello I love chocolate – when ever i freeze any thing, I take it our hours before I want to eat it – leave the cake on the side in the kitchen, get it out in the morning and eat if for tea.


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