Big boys’ blouses at Poundland!

 Hello Dear Reader,

I had a busy, but lovely day yesterday. In the middle of it, I went for a quick browse in what we affectionately call ‘The Dog Shop’, otherwise known as Woodside Animal Shelter charity shop. Out cat Tigger came from Woodside, so did my daughter’s cat and so did Foster Mummy’s lovely dog. I find that the local charity shops, i.e those who raise money for local charities have some fantastic donations and they sell their goods for realistic prices. Often, ‘The Dog shop’ will have sale rails, and what is not on the sale rail is reasonably priced. In our local shop, all ladies T shirts are £1, all skirts and blouses are £2 and any thing ‘posh’ is still under £5 but often sold for £4.50. You can buy a perfectly good winter coat, or gents’ jacket for around a fiver.Consequently, things don’t hang around and if they do, they reduce them to sell.

Yesterday, men’s shirts were on offer. As I approached the shop, I felt really excited to see the blackboard on the door (no expense wasted on marketing when it could be better spent on vet’s fees for a sick animal) that all men’s shirts, t-shirts and trousers were £1!!!!

 I found shirts donated by some brick out house of a bloke!!! (all XXL!)Thank you sir, for giving these away as there is metres of material here. A huge denim smock, three cotton shirts. They have been laundered, hung in front of the fire to dry, ironed and today, they will be chopped up and added to my ever growing projects for the future!

My other local charity shops are equally savvy when it comes to selling off anything that lingers to make some more money. The Sally Army has a permanent 75p rail, with a 50p rail for children’s clothes. I tend to leave the girly pretty dresses on the 75p rail as I’d rather some skint mum found a bargain for her little girl than me having it for quilt making fabric. A charity shop, run by a local church, which is called ‘Aladdin’s cave’………the charity shop and not the church……. sells things ridiculously cheaply, and all men’s shirts are 50p! They also have boxes of what look like ‘junk’ that have some real gems. I kitted out my daughter’s kitchen from here and bought her casserole dishes, plates, pans, frying pan, dish draining racks and anything else she needs as and when she mentions it.

My day ended yesterday with a lovely treat. A friend organised a tea party in aid of International Women’s day to raise money for the work of Oxfam. It was such a simple but lovely idea. Anyone can find the time to pop along for an hour, have a cream tea and some cake, a few cups of tea and a lovely chat with some equally lovely people. I wish I’d thought of something like that! She did such a wonderful job as did the other lady who donated the space for it to happen.

Until later,

Much Love, Froogs xxxxxxx


17 thoughts on “Big boys’ blouses at Poundland!

  1. Some brilliant bargains there. I worked for the 'big names' charities for years as a shop manager and had to follow all the 'rules and regulations', it was only when I worked as a shops manager (plural) for a local hospice and could bring all my hard learned knowledge and commonsense to the job that I really saw takings climb and climb and the cash actually going straight to benefit the folks it was needed for.

    Why price things at ridiculously high prices when the folks that need to shop there need a bargain and by getting more volume out of the door and a quicker turnover of stock (which brings people back more often and regularly to buy) you really see the charity itself benefit and not just have a 'smart' looking shop on the high street.

    I hope you get lots of fabric for your quilts, they are really looking good.

    Sue xx


  2. Lovely to hear that your local charity shops are so reasonable and thriving.
    We also have some really cheap charity shops and get plenty of bargains. My OH no longer gets work trousers provided so buying them for £1 a pop is great. I can'r remember when I bought anything brand new9 Only underwear).


  3. Well spotted Froogs, good job I didn't get there first or I'd have snapped them up for my brick out-house of a bloke who only actually is prepared to wear clothes that have been pre-owned. Still, they should give you lots of lovely fabric for quilting, what do you do with the buttons? A x


  4. Some great bargains for your quilting supplies You wlll get a good collection of shirt buttons too!

    The local charity shops are often the best around here. Some of the national/international charities are getting expensive, although I love our nearby Oxfam shop. Sensible pricing and no loud background music to stop me concentrating.


  5. Great, to find all those items as reduced prices. Our local charity shop has high rent to pay, is for the local hospice and the prices are generally high, I get T shirts for 50p all bundled up in a basket.

    However, sometimes it would be better to sell many items for less money than fewer items for more money! We used to find that when running jumble sales. I always sold lots of stuff for low prices, rather than giving them to the rag man.


  6. I haven't purchased any new outer clothing for over a decade, preferring our thrift stores and garage sales. I find not only are they inexpensive, but most times the quality of older goods are much better than the stuff from China, etc. that all the stores sell now. Glad you made some good buys there. I've used XXL denim shirts to make work aprons for gardening. They wear like iron.


  7. I, too have worked for large national charites. The presure to charge higher prices is always on. They would rather things went unsold, than were reduced. No sales allowed!
    I really like the local charity shops and for me, the scruffier the better. Staff are often nicer there too.


  8. Hi Froogs, I'm going to have a clear out soon and can send you some of my partners old shirts if you want em. Phil has lost a bit of timber lately so quite a few are too big for him. No worries if you don't they can go to the charity shop


  9. I bet you save all the buttons. I sure do when I cut up a shirt. But I would love to save the pockets and only can think of putting them on homemade aprons. Any other ideas Froogs?


  10. You did well on adding to your quilt fabric stash – sadly here in Taunton men's shirts are seldom priced at less than £3 or £4 each – xxl shirts are an even better bargain too – i can see a blue quilt coming up soon with all your purchases today


  11. Our local charity shops are mainly fairly high in price. Most men's shirts are £3.50 to £4.99. I often see items with a price tag that is higher than they cost originally in the cheap clothes shops. Sale rails are very rare and then only have the crimplene type stuff. I still visit the charity shops “just in case”. I bet your charity shop takings are higher than ours because of our ones' ridiculous price tags.


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