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 Dear Reader,

Like most people, I don’t eat meat every day. One day, we had a baked potato and tuna for dinner, the tuna was from Approved food and 30p a tin. We often eat soups, and when we eat meat, it’s always the cheaper cuts. I’ve always loved Quorn, it’s a meat substitute and we really like it. Even that has increased in price to around 31.80 a bag. I always keep my eyes open for special offers and buy about five bags when they are on offer at £1 a bag. It’s sold frozen so I just take it home and store it until I need it.

 I use it in stews, casseroles, stir frys and anything where I might use chicken. I flash fried some onions, pepper and mushrooms, stirred in the Quorn and added some stir fry sauce that I bought from Approved food for 20p a sachet and then added some noodles that I’d cooked in boiling water.

The end result? Quorn chow mein. No takeaways in our house on a Friday night. Prices per portion Quorn – 50p, sauce, 10p, noodles 25p, pepper, onion and mushrooms 25p – total £1.10. Food is getting increasingly expensive but I’m sure this is cheaper than a take away.

Over to you Dear Reader, what do you do with Quorn? Do you use any meat substitutes? If so, what do you make?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


26 thoughts on “Cheaper substitute

  1. I should think most people DO eat meat every day. It is expensive and much less environmentally sound than eating other types of food however.

    As a vegetarian, I'm not a big fan of Quorn. I don't really like the meat-replacement type foods. I'd rather have something made of beans, especially bean chilli. 😀


  2. I don't particularly like Quorn but at a Veggie I sometimes struggle for things to cook. I can get away with feeding husband Quorn in hot pot and stir fry, also shepherds pie. So I tolerate it.

    I do like bean stews though. Never tried currying it though.

    If I were not a veggie (mainly because I don't really like meat nowadays rather than my very young idealistic ideas) I wouldn't think it necessary to have meat every day. There are other forms of protein. Your dish shown tonight looks appetising.


  3. I love Quorn and use it quite regularly as it is very low in fat but high in protein. I make Quorn korma, Quorn shepherds pie, Quorn spaghetti bolognaise – Quorn as a meat substitute for anything really.

    I also find tofu an excellent meat substitute too, but for the cheapest veggie options you can't beat lentils, chick peas, red kidney beans etc etc.

    BTW, we're not vegetarian but wouldn't dream of eating meat everyday (nor could we afford too either.)


  4. Alas, in the US you can generally only get Quorn in the expensive organic section of the supermarket so it is too expensive per pound as compared to meat/poultry!


  5. As I'm a vegetarian, I sometimes use quorn mince if I'm making a meal that that has to appeal to meat eaters. Pretend shepards pie or quorn spag. bol. are safe fall backs when imagination is lacking!
    I agree with the meat substitute objections, but quorn is useful on occasion.


  6. As well as Quorn I use extensively Tesco/Sainsbury Soya Mince/Meat free for cottage pie, Spag Boll etc. The supermarket own brand Meat free mince is about 30% cheaper than Quorn Mince.


  7. Have been investigating Approved Foods since reading about them on your blog. It looks a great way to save money, is there a minimum spend per order?


  8. I like making a quorn and chickpea tagine, which would be great with couscous, but my insides can't tolerate it very well so we have it with rice or quinoa.
    We do eat meat but are trying to cut back; usually, when I use beef mince for spag bol, I add 1 handful of porridge oats per 500g mince; last time I added 2 handfuls per 500g and it was even better; the sauce was creamier.


  9. I have never tried Quorn,i would not be happy eating something like that,it sound's artificial!i do'nt know what it is made up of,maybe it has lot's of additives in it,which i cannot tolerate,i would much rather have the real Chicken!i'm glad you enjoyed it though!it's certainly cheap eating!


  10. Quite often make a bolognaise from quorn mince and like you, I keep my eyes open for when it is on offer and then stock it up in the freezer – which reminds me, it is pretty low stock at the moment! I think that actually most people probably do eat meat every day!


  11. I don't use quorn as it's got egg protein in it but I do use Linda McCartney sausages which are suitable for vegans and are delicious (but I only buy them when they're on offer £1 for 6 rather than the usual £1.89 for 6). However, I agree with some of the other comments, you just can't beat beans for a simple, unprocessed, healthy, inexpensive source of protein. They come in abundant variety, my favourites are chickpeas, butter beans and black eye beans. I buy them dried (it's cheaper than canned usually) and cook the whole packet in one go, portioning and freezing what I don't need immediately, to save money on the electricity. It's then very convenient to just take out a portion of beans from the freezer in the morning ready for dinner the same evening. As well as using beans for curry, soup, casserole and chilli they are also great in salad, but my absolute favourite dish is houmous, yum yum.


  12. Hi Frugal Queen. Slightly off topic, but would you be willing to reveal what bargains you get from Tragos? I seem to remember you mentioned you get cake liners from there. We're coming down soon and I might try to fit in a visit. It's such a treasure trove but also such a maze.

    Thanks. X


  13. I like Quorn, and like you tend to stock up when it's £1 a bag/pack. It cooks so quickly from frozen too. The sausages are brilliant have you tried them?

    I find it's useful when I'm cooking a meal that needs to appeal to the meat eaters in the family.

    Quorn curries are a favourite here, I love that it's a natural product and good for you too.

    We got a takeaway last night due to being exhausted after the move and spent just over £10 on a chinese meal for Lovely Hubby and curry and chips for me (no veggie options that I like at the chinese!!) I worked out that the 40 minutes it took us to go and get it and the price it cost means it's something we won't be doing again in a hurry. I'm going to stock the freezer with some good curries ready for when the 'takeaway urge' overtakes us again and then I can whip up a much cheaper and tastier option in less time than it takes to go and fetch one.

    Sue xx


  14. Hi, having 1 vegetarian in the family I love quorn because everyone will eat it so I don't have to cook seperate meals. I use the chicken-style pieces, add a chopped onion, some sliced mushrooms, a can of condensed cream of mushroom soup, a splash of white wine, a little milk, a teaspoon of wholegrain or dijon mustard and plenty of black pepper. Simmer until onion is tender – about 20 mins – and serve over boiled rice or couscous. Yummy. The mincemakes a great chilli of spag bols using a normal recipe and just substituing the quorn mince and using soy sauce or marmite instead of beef stock.


  15. Hi there. As a veggie I appreciated this post.

    We used to eat quorn chunks quite a lot before hubby went off dairy (quorn has milk in unfortunately) but I remember it was a great substitute in a lot of dishes.

    Now we eat marinated tofu (by Cauldron) once or twice a week in chillies, stir fries and fajitas. I love it, it is so much tastier than plain tofu.

    We also love soya mince, spicy bean burgers, veggie burgers (all the supermarkets do their own veggie burgers), veggie “meat balls” which we make huge pasta dishes with (especially delicious if you include a chopped chilli and a jar of cheap olives) and Linda McCartney sausages as well.

    On the days when we don't eat tofu or the other substitutes we tend to eat a dish with beans,chickpeas or lentils in it.

    We're definitely not protein deficient in this household (as many people would try & have you believe we would be!).

    I love being a veggie. 🙂


  16. Hello Froogs
    Dinner looks fab and you are always good to kick start the brain, so went rummaging through my fridge and managed to come out with the following 1 cheese and onion one mixed veg and one bacon and tomato quiche. A 500ml tub(in size) of sarnie spread egg onion and cheese mix with some salad cream or mayo added to keep it held together. This I will use to make egg salad sandwiches also found enough odds and ends for a root veg soup. Dinner today will be roast chicken broccoli peas carrots roast spuds and parsnips topped of with home made chicken gravy. The leftovers of that I will pop into a pie with some dried mushrooms I have in the cupboard. Decided to make herb scones as I will have them with the soup (I had milk to use up) and a rice pudding for desert. Made some banana buns as I had some going ripe in the bowl. What ever is over I will freeze and if the buns go a bit dry can always anoint them with custard! Will also pick over any other veg I would not be able to incorporate into the above for freezing.
    Weather here in Plymouth is wonderful and on my line is a couple loads of laundry love to dry it in the sun and I get to see my furry free loaders (cats) bask on the garden table.
    BTW Froogs you made me think about what I have and what I need a few posts ago and decided to tackle my cupboard of doom! Found sooo much in fact will be able to not only keep what I truly love but e bay the rest as I have a HUGE dental bill coming up.
    Love the clothing you are able to re purpose so delicate and pretty. Kep on plugging it is so interesting to hear the comments of others in response to your posts and get that feeling of community that sometimes isnt shared by those we know
    All the best


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