Delicious treats on a budget

 Hello Dear Reader,

I love a wrap! They are great for lunch, for supper, hot or cold. They are an expensive takeaway and even the tortillas are £1.59 a pack of 8!!!!!!!!! I would never pay that for them. Today, I used a pack of Discovery Tortillas, which I bought from Approved Food for 33p a pack and some spicy marinade that I bought from the same company for 10p a pack. I Used two chicken breasts which I cut into small cubes, marinaded them for a while. I sliced and fried one onion and one yellow pepper and then added the chicken and cooked through.

 I had a bag of reduced salad which I bought on my way home, browned the tortillas and rolled them up for supper. We had three each for supper and we’ll have one each, cold for our lunch tomorrow.

We don’t eat posh grub like this very often, our diets are main plain and simple so this was a fantastic treat. Each wrap cost 52p – quite an expensive supper for us, but a lovely treat.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs


8 thoughts on “Delicious treats on a budget

  1. Froogs you are a gem of information and your whacky pictures courtesy of the net make me smile.

    It's going to take me forever to read your blog but I know I'll glean much needed info on the way.

    Thank you so much for sharing.



  2. My husband asked me once why I didn't buy flour tortillas, why I make my own. I told him they were shockingly expensive. He didn't believe me until he did the grocery shopping one day.

    I am fortunate to have a Spanish grocery store nearby – I can get 80 corn tortillas for $3. I put them in the freezer and we peel them off as we want them. I use them for quesadillas and enchiladas. They don't work well for wraps, though.


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