Stocking up the store cupboard

 Hello Dear Reader,

I do like to get home to bargains on the doorstep. There are many items that I buy through Approved Food that there is no way on earth that I would pay full price for. I just wouldn’t buy marinade, portioned and herby cous cous, nor would I buy cream, or sauces. I do like the option of having something different, spicy or tasty once in a while. I buy products from Approved Food about three times a year and fill the cupboards in one or two hits. What did I buy and what will I do with it?

 Cous cous was ten packs for £1 – so I bought 30 packs! We have it with salad, with fish, with casseroles, with stews and sometimes just in a tub for lunch with a few tomatoes. The UHT soya cream gets eaten with puddings, pies, stewed fruit, over tinned fruit and in coffee. I would never go to the expense of cream!

 Tinned ham will go in the back of the cupboard for very wet and rainy days and will be chopped and will go in paella, in sandwiches, in an omelette, in quiche. The marinade will go over chicken legs, or chicken thighs, loin chops or pork chops. They will be then grilled, put in the oven or on the barbeque. I paid £1 for two tins of ham. The suet mix will be made into dumplings, roly poly, suet pastry, will line a steak and kidney pudding dish or even steamed syrup pudding which we would eat with custard. The suet mix was £1. 3 bottles of French’s mustard was £1.

The marinade were 10 for £1, the bottles of posh marinades were 2 for £1. The tortilla corn wraps were three packs for £1.They will keep for ages and will be used for lunches. The small plastic pots were 5 for £1… can also buy these in Poundland and we use them for chopped fruit for lunch, for saving small amounts of food, such as spare gravy, I also keep pins, safety pins and sewing machine needles in them.

Have you tried Approved Food yet? It’s worth giving it a try and stocking up the store cupboard, sometimes with goods that you might never normally be able to afford.

Added for visitors who’ve never heard of Approved Food. Some food come with a best before date, you can eat it months, if not years after that date as they are preserved goods. Ketchup, sauces, jam, dried goods all keep a very very long time. Sell by dates are similar, you can ignore them if you choose. Some people will not buy these goods and shops, who are over stocked sell these goods in huge auctions, as in tonnes and tonnes in one go, to companies like Approved Foods, who then sell them on for a fraction of the original price.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


23 thoughts on “Stocking up the store cupboard

  1. I've just put my first order in with them too having seen your previous posts on them. I'm looking forward to my delivery, any day now. Thanks, they had some great bargains 😀 xxxx


  2. I love Approved Food! The freezer contains tortillas and rye bread, and there are couscous sachets,instant custards and suet mix in the cupboard. Just finished my last glut of cup-a-soups.

    I keep recommending them to people. Their service is excellent and prompt, and the quality is good.

    Blessings x


  3. I LOVE Approved Food. Received another order yesterday with lots of lovely goodies. I bought a waterproof fleece for my grandson for £5.99, RRP £40.00 and sauces and stuff that I otherwise wouldn't buy. I ususally try and include a treat for us in the order because they sell luxury items as well. We wouldn't eat as well as we do without Approved Food.


  4. Approved Foods is amazing, I had never heard of it, thank you so much for this post! I have bought over £300 for 60 quid, as it is first go I probably went overboard… er 5kg of Tartare sauce for £1.99, but who can resist a bargain like that. I reckon I have stocked up for about two years, and it's good stuff, somethings I have seen in Wholefoods priced at about a million pounds and wondered who actually buys such things. Now I do!


  5. I tried them recently after hearing about them from you (you haven't got shares in them have you!!!).
    Some great bargains, I think you need to be discerning though and not get a load of tat that isn't good for you and you wouldn't ordinarily eat but definitely some good things there.


  6. Yes, thanks to your recommendation but many other blogs too. My hubby is just now cooking up some wild mushroom polenta that we bought loads of from AF months ago. I love vanilla soy desserts I got from them a while ago and am awaiting more in my latest order.


  7. Like grammyscraps I'm in the US and just finished reading an informative article (from 2009) about Approved Foods and the differences between UK & US philosophies regarding 'best buy' dates and discounted foods. Very interesting. I see now why so many of the UK blogs I frequent mention this great source of frugal foods.

    I really enjoy your blog and try to stop by frequently. Take care. Ta


  8. I love Approved Foods. Like you I simply wouldn't buy half of the stuff if I coudn't get it at rock bottom prices. With a large family of adults to feed I buy in bulk and store it in boxes in my bedroom. I have enough canned ham, tuna, pastry mix, cornmeal, couscous, canned and dried beans and lentils etc. etc. to last for most of the year. Canned ham at 2 for £1 that costs £1.29 a can in the shops. Tuna at 5 cans for £1 that's something like 75p- £1 a can in the shops. No contest. The only problem for me is checking their website becomes a bit addictive and I worry about missing a bargain. So I'm getting tough. We could defintely survive a siege at the moment so no more buying until I've used some of my supplies.


  9. I read your blog often and really enjoy it. I had heard of approved foods but as you know, we don't have that here in the US. Too bad because I would definitely order from them. I just read all about sell by dates and how food can be eaten/drank way after those dates expire. Thanks for all your wonderful tips about frugal living and shopping. Keep it going. Thanks Arlene


  10. My cupboards wouldn't be as full as they are of tasty easily used foods without Approved Foods.

    I think folks must think we have shares in them the way we both promote them, but how can you not? They are a brilliant company, any discrepancies or errors and they handle them so well, always with a cheery email and a quick refund.

    I LOVE their packs of Cous Cous too, and I have packs and packs of pasta too, all lined up on top of my kitchen cupboards.

    Sue xxx


  11. You are truly an inspiration! Food over here in Canada is higher than in the UK (even taking into account your higher pound)…but I'm always inspired to keep on the frugal path when I read your posts. Thanks so much.


  12. Just wanted to say a big thanks as your post inspired me to finally get my act in gear and place my first Approved Foods order. It should arrive mid to end of the week and I am very excited about it. Huge savings, brilliant.

    Thanks again.


  13. I have spent the day reading your blogs. You are a total inspiration. Thank you and keep doing what you are doing please. Also thanks to you I have just placed my first order with approved foods. What a fantastic website. Again thank you for the ideas and the thoughts. God bless.



  14. I have spent the day reading your blogs. You are a total inspiration. Thank you and keep doing what you are doing please. Also thanks to you I have just placed my first order with approved foods. What a fantastic website. Again thank you for the ideas and the thoughts. God bless.



  15. Hi I just placed my first order with approved foods based on reading your blog. I hope I ordered sensible things… fingers crossed I'm as pleased as you seem to have been with them. Please keep posting about your finds!


  16. Annoyingly I cant use approved foods as I am gluten free and only eat dark chocolate. I also dont use chemical packets of stuff or sauces. I have tried but couldn't add anything except a box of chocolate mints to the basket. I love the idea of them though. I need to make my own gluten free bread and the flour is like £1.80 for 2 small loves that are abit sticky in the middle. Needs must at least I get some sort of toast lol


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