Loving the quiet

Hello Dear Reader,

We made it to Wadebridge and got out on the Camel Trail today. It was bitterly cold and I was half way there before the warmth I’d generated in my body made it to my hands or ears. We also cycled the five and a half miles there in a head wind, so strong we couldn’t talk to each other over the top of it. We don’t bother with the Camel Trail in good weather as it is the M25 of cycle routes and jam full when ever the sun is out. Today, it was blustery, over cast and thankfully quiet.

Padstow was equally quiet. As it was so cold, we went to the pub for a coffee, much cheaper than anything that has the word ‘Stein!’ outside it. The fire was lit, and we sunk into big leather sofas and enjoyed the rare treat of someone else making it and washing up.

Cycling back was easy as the wind was behind us. It took us forty five minutes to get there and only thirty to get back. I now feel rejuvenated and ready to face a busy week. Quite an expensive weekend for us. Paid to park twice and two coffees. Probably the most money I have spent in a very long time. In better weather we usually sit outside on a bench and drink our own coffee.

Anyone else on extreme money saving measures? Everything is so expensive that I’m sure we’re not the only ones counting every penny.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs


13 thoughts on “Loving the quiet

  1. Sounds like a perfect day. I like to take a flask of coffee with me, but like you say, sometimes it is just too cold to sit out! Snowing here today. I really want a bike and have my eyes open for someone getting rid of one on freecycle or possibly a very cheap second hand one, mind you, I am not so sure about all the hills around here.


  2. Sounds like a brisk, refreshing day out for you 2!

    Yes we are on extreme frugal measures here as well! Just found out they are delivering my new propane tank tomorrow and will fill it- last time it was $400 and prices are higher now. Dogs went to the vet this morning for their yearly work… so those 2 big, expenses will require the March budget to be reworked! I fueled up the car and see prices are on the rise for that too… All meals here eaten at home, putting off anything that can be put off… trying to work with what I have got…


  3. I have spent the last 36 years of marriage watching every penny 🙂
    My husband worked a seasonal construction job, and I had a clerical type job in a bank- not the high paying CEO position! Each summer and fall we would fill the freezer, stock up on supplies and basic clothing, and pay up our bills. Each winter, he took over the childcare and we would go into famine mode. I cut everyones hair, cooked from scratch and made gifts to give-using all my frugal wiles.
    It was a great experience, as I now see many of my friends struggling to learn what I have done my whole life. I often said when you have the money , you don't have the time, but when you have the time, you don't have the money :-)Take care, enjoy the minutes and hours that you have.


  4. We had a lovely day, weather here was sunny but equally cold and blustery, we walked along the sea front, took a flask of coffee but just too cold to stop on a bench to drink, after 20 mins we had to admit defeat, so came home and enjoyed homemade cake and coffee from the comfort of a cosy kitchen – spent the rest of the afternoon thinking up weird and wonderful cooking experiments to use up left overs and have been happily baking, no spends (thankfully) parking on a sunday near our favourite beach is free (for now)


  5. Time is so important, I'm looking forward to spending more time where I live, and less time on the motorway. In fact, almost NO time on the motorway, it really is the Road to Hell!


  6. We have our envelopes for the month, and one for “treats” has £20 in it. most months I feel VERY guilty when we spend it, but it HAS to be spent on something fun and something together – just like a coffee out. Just as well nookie is still free!!!


  7. Extreme money saving measures? Oh yes, we gave up our car two months ago. Cycling and taking public transport everywhere now. I have to say this is the happiest I've been in along time and have all that extra money! Y x


  8. Yes i'm on Extreme measures. Have been living on value bread toast for a couple of weeks now as my hours have been cut at work due to seasonal variations down to only 10 a week or so which isnt enough to pay a mortgage..


  9. Yes, we are cutting back to the bare bones here, as well. We have lots of debt to pay off, will need to help our children pay off their college debt in the coming years, have two more to help in college – we made a decision to get rid of our debt in two years – all but the mortgage and will try to rid ourselves of that in another two.
    Everything is so expensive (I'm in Iowa, USA). Gas, food, clothing – you name it!
    Love reading your blog!


  10. I spent Sunday cooking and baking and watching borrowed DVD's. I watch every penny .I would not be able to live in my own home if I did't.Today I made apple crisp with apples that were going to be thrown out by my daughter, they were really soft,it came out great. No food is going in the trash.Meat is now for flavor in meals. Best wishes , glad you had a day out,, Roxy


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