Living simply and the simple pleasures.

 Hello Dear Reader,

Busy day today, lots to do. I’m off to the library in a few minutes and I thought I would share my walk with you. I try to live as simply as I can and take pleasure in simple activities. By 10.15 this morning, we were home again after a five mile walk around Siblyback Lake. We did it at a brisk pace in just over an hour. The dogs loved it and came home splattered in mud and grit. They’re now bathed and blow dried and their usual fluffy gorgeous selves again.

Here is the offending muddy tummy. Being short in the leg means they soak up every splash.

 They loved snuffling in the woods.

 They sniffed the wool caught on fencing.

 They had a good chat with the local.

 There is no shortage of water in this reservoir!

Back through the gate at the end and back to the car park. Another simple pleasure of walks like this are the cheery ‘good mornings’ from joggers, ramblers and dog walkers as we went around. There were occasional showers and the simple pleasure of hearing the rain splashing on the lake had a beauty of its own.

We came back, emptied the washing machine, hung the washing in the breeze, bathed the dogs and sat and enjoyed a coffee whilst sitting on the chilly but sunny patio.

Simple pleasures.

Love Froogs xxx


14 thoughts on “Living simply and the simple pleasures.

  1. It sounds like the start to a perfect weekend. There is nothing like a good brisk walk to fill your lungs full of fresh air to prepare you for the day ahead. Enjoy your trip to the Library.

    Karen x


  2. Those sort of days are perfect and not a penny spent! We have started a Fiscal Fast this week aka Jeff Yeager, worth looking up on the internet! He's been doing frugal stuff for years, he recommends (among many other things) paying off your mortgage asap and buying small and staying there and written a couple of books about it! Hoping to find them in the library but if not will wait to find it on Amazon when we have the pennies!

    It's day 2 of the Fiscal Fast today and we have walked the dog, entertained a friend, prepped a meal for tonight from stores (Quorn pieces, tinned tomatoes, olives, onions, herbs, a slug of red wine and into the slow cooker) enjoyed a cuppa and a piece of cake each found in the depths of the chest freezer! All good so far!


  3. lol @Angela I was thinking that as well.
    You are so right about the simple pleasures. I at the moment could do with more cupboard space want to go furniture shopping( weakness of mine) but no pennies as dental work is screaming to be payed for!.
    So decided to shift things about in the house and re-perpose. Have no idea what the outcome will be mite I might be lucky and find some bits for e bay!.
    It is a beautiful place to walk haven’t had the chance to do so in years but font blame you for going.
    Sadly I have to forgo the frugality of the library unless it is super necessary as I ALWAYS forget to take books back and the fine is bigger than the value of the book. However I do get lucky there are a couple of places I go where I can if I hunt get a good read starting at 10p and sometimes I go wild and allow myself a 50p book!
    All the best
    p.s welcome to a wonderful blog Sarah


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