The luxury of time!

 Hello Dear Reader,

Today, I cut all the rest of the 6cm/2.5″ strips/jelly rolls I needed. I then spent the day sewing! Quiet, uninterrupted sewing. I shall finish the remainder of the  top of this quilt tomorrow. This quilt will be a queen size and 90″ by 108″ and all in red white and blue. I am going to make the binding myself.

So, here it is so far……….ta da!

Until tomorrow,

Froogs xxx


28 thoughts on “The luxury of time!

  1. It's lovely Froogs; you really have got the patchwork and quilting bug. Sometimes it does you good to do things like this; gives you time to think, plot and plan, create and make something practical and special, keeps your hands occupied. Gives a different rythm to the day to day and what's more each piece is worked with love and you simply cannot purchase anything like that. Looking forward to seeing the finished item.

    Take care




  2. Oh – this looks really lovely!

    I hesitate to admit it, but I have a part-done hand-sewn patchwork bedspread that I began in about 1986! It's lovely – all in creams, soft slate blues and dusty pinks but it certainly needs finishing off. It's one of the (many) projects that I have mentally lined up for when I no longer have to slog into my stressful job every weekday.



  3. I have just caught up with almost a week of your blog. Good luck.
    Your quilt is beautiful, as one who can knit, but does not really know what to do with a sewing needle or machine you have my admiration in spades.


  4. froogs thats right banging i have had the luxury of time as well of late and have been reading till my eyes fall out!
    its beautiful thanks for sharing


  5. I have an extra 3 hours a day – it's with my daughter but it's MINE and my choice and it's pure glorious luxury! I love every minute of it.

    Your quilt is amazing. there is no way I would have the patience for such a intricate job.


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