Oh go on then!

 Hello Dear Reader,

I certainly got my mojo back today and got on with it. The house has been cleaned. The dogs have been walked twice and I tried something I saw on the TV last night. I had a go at the very short burst of very high intensity exercising. I read someone’s blg a few days ago and they mentioned a four minute work out. Now, to me, getting up stairs, in and out of the shower and into my jimjams is about all the work out I’ve been getting recently and I need to get a grip and take more care of myself. I had a good day amusing myself for free.

 I did my research and found some very easy to Tabata workouts on Youtube, downloaded a free tabata timer app for my phone and went out onto my newly scrubbed and lovely patio and got on with it. I just did it in my normal clothes. It rather reminds me of the PE lessons from hell, when it rained and they got out musty gym equipment and made us do circuit training. Moody goth torture for us bookish types, who much preferred cross country as I could go home for a fry up and a few ciggies half way round.

Any way, I’m in one piece and it did make me feel very oxygenated and it seemed like seconds when I was doing it. Who knows what I’ll try tomorrow. To put the nosey out of their misery, my time is my own for a short while and then I will be doing something ‘else’ full time, five days a week. But, just not for now.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


14 thoughts on “Oh go on then!

  1. I did wonder if you were changing jobs, I noticed you were posting when I thought you would have been at school.

    I am not nosy, honest but I am dying to know whats going on.

    Enjoy your time to yourself.


  2. Do not waste your time. The garden is ready for a new year. I have planted, broad beans, cucumber, parsley, basil and sun flowers. Enjoy your free time but do not waste it. Good luck. Great blog. As always an inspiration.

    Dianne (Hereford)


  3. Not being harsh, when some one doesn't tell you something, then they have a reason. A blog is an online diary, the writer can say as much as they like. You can't ask for any more than they are prepared to write.


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