What’s in the pot?

Hello Dear Reader,

Dinner tonight was boiled bacon, cabbage, potatoes and carrots all cooked in the same pot. No photo of the end result. The boiled bacon will go to work cold in sandwiches with some damson chutney. It was served with parsley sauce……….bought last year from Approved Food. All of us, have to not only watch the cost of food, but the cost of cooking the food! Gas and electricity is expensive and every penny counts. I cooked the bacon joint first, then added the cabbage, carrots and spud. Keep the potatoes whole or in large pieces or they’ll fall to bits.

Now, over to you, tell every one what you cook in one pot to save energy.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs


18 thoughts on “What’s in the pot?

  1. I have an old chip basket [leftover from a long-discarded deep fat fryer] which hooks neatly over one of my saucepans. I often cook potatoes in the bottom of the pan and other veg in the top – but using the same water – then its easy to hitch them out separately.
    My hi-dome pressure cooker will take a 'stacked' meal too.
    Lenten Blessings x


  2. As well as a gammon joint I like to cook a piece of brisket with vegetables or a shoulder of lamb with a few bay leaves and a good sprinkle of oregano. We have the lamb the next day so all the solidified fat can be lifted off. I love meat cooked this way its so tender and makes wonderful gravy.

    We had a one pan dinner tonight, boiled pasta twists and a carton of pre made bolognaise sauce stirred in and a side salad…..stuffed!!

    Karen xx


  3. I especially like cut-up cabbage, potato, sauteed onion and garlic, and herbs, with a can of tomatoes(or fresh if available) added, and all cooked together. Lovely with a piece of good bread to mop up the juices! It's always fun to come here and see what you're up to, and be inspired.


  4. during winter I always cook stews in my slowcooker, but now that the new wood heater has been put in I will be cooking on that! Wood will heat my home and cool my dinner too, how good is that!


  5. My slow cooker cracked right thru last month…. I'm waiting on a freebie from a friend, should be getting that in about 2 weeks… I have had to make do with my stove top… not nearly as frugal.

    Tonight we had black-bean turkey wraps, using up some turkey I had cooked, shreded and frozen when I had cooked a whole turkey, a few weeks ago.


  6. I made a pot of chicken taco soup, it started with chicken stock, canned tomatoes, red beans, a bit of salsa, some garlic, can of corn, pkg of taco seasoning, and of course left-over chicken, cooked in the crockpot. Served with sour cream, cheese and chips!


  7. I save energy by filling up my oven when it's on – doing as many cook-ahead things that I can. One of my favorite tricks is to bake beans and make rice pudding at the same time – a complete protein. Add a salad and there's dinner.


  8. Soup! Split pea soup for tonight with enough leftover for Wed dinner.

    Hot dog stew: an old Hungarian dish made with potatoes, garlic, paprika, sale and pepper Add a bit of water or broth and then, when the potatoes are almost done, plop some kosher hot dogs on top, cover and finish cooking. Delish!


  9. We'll be having boiled bacon this week too. I found a mis-shape piece in a pack which was in along with the packs of cooking bacon. I usually pressure cook a joint of bacon to cut the cooking time and save the cooking stock to use in other soups/stews/casseroles.


  10. I make a Nepalese bean soup/stew. I soak a selection of dried beans over night, then cook for an hour with whatever vegetables I've got handy – celery, onion, leek, carrots, a tablespoon of caraway seeds and a teaspoon of coriander seeds. I may fry the onion and spices before adding everything else and covering with water. It cooks in about an hour's simmering (I make 10 UK pints at a time). You can also add small amounts of diced chorizo if you want a different smokey flavour. Very popular at social gatherings (used it last weekend when we were felling trees!) and flavour develops over days. Freezes well.


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