Using up old bread

 Hello Dear Reader,

We make our own bread. I prefer wholemeal as it keeps longer. I slice it by hand, put it in freezer bags in the fridge and DB and #1 Son, just grab a slice when they want toast or a sandwich. I’ll make a loaf tonight for the weekend. I took the three slices which I had left and blitzed them in the food processor.

 Here’s the finished result, home made wholemeal bread crumbs. I made our usual Friday version, which always comes out in one way or another, of Fish and Chips. I defrosted the Tesco Value ‘white fish’ which is actually Pollock and patted it dry. I then coated it in flour, then dipped it into beaten egg until covered and then into the bread crumbs; patting it down until it was evenly coated on both side.

 I like to set up my ‘production line’. I do this after making home made ‘oven chips’, where I peel and chip potatoes, then I stir through two table spoons of olive oil, along with thyme, garlic powder, some smoked paprika and salt. I give the oven chips a 30 minute head start to the fish, which only requires 20 minutes. Again, as I so often say, these are the timings for my crappy old oven, which has given up being hot enough years ago, your oven may differ greatly. I then place the breaded fish on a baking tray and bake on a high setting for 15 minutes….ish! May be longer?

Here’s the result, breaded pollock, with homemade chips and minted peas. Total cost under £1 a head! The bread crumbs I didn’t use will go on the bird table.

So Dear Reader, what do you do to use up old bread?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxxx


25 thoughts on “Using up old bread

  1. Make into breadcrumbs like you and freeze in bags until needed for a recipe, to make crispy toppings for gratins, add to stuffing mixes, make treacle tart etc. Bread and butter pudding always goes down well too :)or cube the bread and lightly fry for croutons to add to soups and salads.


  2. I make bread pudding and also a nut roast with basically breadcrumbs, onions, a few nuts or whatever beans I have, throw in lots of herbs and *voila*… a meal (and several portions to freeze). It is so cheap that hubby and I named it 'fiddy cent' loaf!
    Jane x


  3. It looks delicious. With old Bread (old Baguette or white bread)we do something which calls in german “Armer Ritter” (poor Knight) I really do not know why…..
    1/2 piece of Baguette
    4 eggs
    1/2 litre of milk
    5 tablespoons of cream
    5 tablespoons of Butter
    2 tablespoons of sugar
    1 teaspoon of cinnamon

    Slice the bread. Whisk the eggs, Milk and Cream. Soak the Bread in it and put some butter in a pan. Roast the Bread until it looks golden. Sprinkle the “Arme Ritter” with sugar and cinnamon.
    Enjoy your Meal!

    I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. You are listed on my blog today with a link to your blog. Congratulations!

    Nicole xxx


  4. Yum that looks great and really homemade is best! Yes I also make breadcrumbs or one of my favourite desserts is Bread n Butter Pudding mmmm my mum made a good one 🙂


  5. Bread and Butter pudding with raisins and cinnamon. You don't need much bread, or even bun loaf will be lovely. Butter bread, cut into quarters or strips, arrange in a greased dish. Sprinkle raisins on and in between slices and sprinkle with cinnamon. A couple of eggs beaten up in milk, add some sugar. Bake (no idea of what reg as I do it in a Remoska.) Delicious, so easy and it is beyond me why people would ever think of buying it.


  6. My stale bread turns most often into the ''dumpling''.
    Moisten the bread with one egg and some milk, it has to be damp, not soupy. Season with herbs of your choice, a little salt and pepper and let that sit for a couple of hours. Then add enough self-raising flour to make a dough that is just a little on the sticky side. Steam in a greased steamer insert until the top starts to crack and/or a skewer comes out clean.
    How long that takes depends on the size of your dumpling.
    I usually make this when there is gravy involved in the dinner, should there be leftovers they can be fried until golden brown, or cubed and fried with an egg thrown in towards the end.
    The possibilities are endless and it is a real cheap filler.


  7. I cut up the bread into crouton sizes and let it dry on the bread board. The Hubs loves to add the cubes to his salads and nibbles.
    As I cut the fresh bread, I save the breadcrumbs and use also for breading fish, casseroles, etc.


  8. The meal looks so delicious.

    I keep my old pieces of bread in the freezer and then whiz them when I need breadcrumbs for something.

    However, I'm pretty careful with bread since, like you, I make it myself. I keep all our bread, sliced, in the freezer so none of it goes stale or moldy. I either set it on the counter to thaw in time for when we want it, or place it in the toaster over. The fridge will make bread go stale.

    I also sometimes chop them up bread and make them into croutons, which we eat on soup or salad.


  9. Coat chicken pieces and you have Southern Fried Chicken!
    Bowl one Egg
    Bowl two Flour
    Bowl three Breadcrumbs and herbs French or Italian whatever you prefer, mix in. (I freeze the bread crumbs and herbs together)
    Dip chicken piece in Egg – Flour – Egg – Bread Crumbs
    Gently fry until golden brownish, then put Chicken on a baking sheet and bake until chicken is thoroughly cooked.
    This can be prepared in the morning and baked in the evening.
    Julie xxxxxxxxx


  10. Bloody marvellous (excuse me) why did I not think about slicing & freezing my homemade bread that is total genius. Plus I had no idea the Tesco value fish was pollack I'm going to be stocking up on it as it is lovely. Wonderful post xx


  11. Fish dinner looks lovely. I freeze breadcrumbs and use them for stuffing and meatballs, I sometimes add parmasan cheese and dried herbs to them before I freeze.
    Bought a big bag of pollack yesterday for $7 – not bad at all. I guess they freeze it right on the boats.


  12. My gosh that looks delicious! I make our bread too. I make a 1 lb. loaf a week and we eat it as toast for breakfast and we use it all up, but I like your bread crumbs and will have to give it a try.
    I usually make honey white bread.


  13. Bread and Butter pudding is a great way to use up extra bread slices 🙂 YUM!

    We had *fish and chips* at the beach yesterday as a treat for my birthday. 5 serves of fish and chips and 6 pieces of calamari was $29AUD (to serve 6 of us)

    Cheaper than a trip to Macdonalds but still expensive. Will have to see if I can find cheap white fish fillets in the supermarkets here.??


  14. The best use ever for left over breadcumbs is Bread Crumb Cookies from the Complete Tightwad Gazette. Well worth looking out for the recipe. Yummy, chocolate flavoured biscuits. Mmmmmmm……

    – Pam


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