Scrappy recycled quilts

 Hello Dear Reader,

My quilt is filling my time and so is my next one!!! I’m collecting and cutting up lots of greens, blues and pinks for another day! I have something rather lovely in mind. Today, I sliced up a shirt which I got for 20p from a jumble sale last year and never convinced DB to wear (too dull)

 I’ve also sliced up two more pillow cases to add to my red, white and blue quilt. I still have a one side of a quilt cover to use up yet so I have more than enough fabric for this project.

 I remember buying my quilting equipment two years ago and promising myself that I would get really good use out of it. I think I’m living up to that.

 Here’s pile of homemade ‘jelly rolls’ or 2.5″ strips to anyone else. The red and white gingham will edge my current quilt, the pink, blues and greens in the middle are for a project I have in mind and the darker greens and blues at the bottoms haven’t got a purpose yet! They may become patchwork chair covers (pinched the idea from Superscrimpers).

 The blue squares that I cut today will form structural blocks in my quilt design. I might sound as if I know what I’m doing, but I promise you, I’m making it up as I go along. Have you ever made something, that wasn’t really that well planned, but turned out OK in the end?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


17 thoughts on “Scrappy recycled quilts

  1. Dear Frugal Queen

    I have been following your blog for sometime and can't begin to tell you how much you've inspired me and I have completely changed my ways thanks to you ( and My Beautiful Life). Suffice to say I LOVE your blog and check in every day!!

    Onto your beautiful quilts. Would you be interested in making one to order for payment? I have kept all my daughters baby clothes with the intention of turning them into a quilt for her. But I can't sew!! No Siree!! I can and do knit. But I CANNOT sew!! Don't know if you would be interested – just a thought?

    Love Lisa x


  2. It all looks really good Froogs, you are certainly making the most of the equipment you bought.
    My make it up as you go along was a recover on a small conservatory set a few years ago. (We no longer have the suit or a house with a conservatory!) I had no idea what I was doing but it all turned out ok in the end. Amazing!
    BTW I've made your coffee and walnut cake today for Pauls birthday tomorrow. I've taken piccies and will blog it all, but thanks to you I think it will be a great treat for us. Jo x


  3. Making up as I go along is part of my design process and adds to the fun. If I plan and buy certain fabrics I often end up with wastage because I find a prefer another fabric in my collection, etc. Using thrifted fabrics cuts down on that loss of money. Excellent idea. Yours colours are looking great. Cherrie


  4. Hi Lisa, lovely of you to think of me but I'm not very good and a real beginner, plus it can take me up to a year to make a quilt as its just a hobby Along with gardening cooking knitting rambling dog walking drawing writing and cycling plus a job again, how nice of you to think of me xxx


  5. The duvet with the blue stripe and the red dots was a wedding present and I have been married thirty two years.. Mind you I don't remember giving you that one so maybe you got the same one from some one else. Looking good colour wise so far. Liking seeing the progress. 🙂


  6. Hi Froogs,
    Great job on the quilting! You have a good eye for colour, too.
    I also have to squeeze my quilting in between a full time job, home business and all lifes other fun and games. I try for 15 or 20 mins on most days, and it is amazing what can be achieved.
    Happy quilting


  7. Hello Froogs, I was wondering if you could tell me a bit about your quilting equiptment. I see you have a self-healing mat and a quilting ruler and I was wondering how large your mat is – what size would you recommend? Also, your rotary cutter – again, what size do you use? I have been looking on ebay at these and there are such a variety and I don't want to get it wrong! Thank you for your blog. Always something to inspire. Amanda x


  8. I love making quilts – they each turn out a little differently than I pictured in my mind. I just completed most of a quilt top for my son and wow, I was surprised.


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