Instant Chocolate cake

 Hello Dear Reader,

My chocolate cake recipe takes no longer to make than a standard cake mix, so I consider it to be instant. Sponge cake of any kind is the same recipe. Eggs, SR Flour, sugar and margarine and they all have to be of the same weight. For a good deep sponge, you need 8oz of each. I also add a few drops of vanilla extract and 1oz of cocoa powder.

 I measure it in the same bowl I’m going to mix it in. Saves time and washing up. I use a hand mixer, but a wooden spoon and elbow grease will work just as well. I divide it in to two lined baking tins and bake for 30 minutes at 180 degrees. As I always add, that is for my oven, yours might take longer or less time.

 I fill it with Lidl’s version of Nutella! I dust with some icing sugar. That’s it……….instant chocolate cake.

 If I was being ‘posh’ I might top if with chocolate butter icing (in America, I believe this is called ‘frosting’). I could turn this into a party cake, by slicing the sponges in half, to create four layers, and have cherry jam  in two layers and fresh cream in one, top with whipped cream and sprinkle with grated chocolate and you have a frugal version of Black Forest Gateaux, drip and few drops of brandy or booze on the sponges to make it a real party piece.

Start to finish, this cake will take 40 minutes including cooking time. I couldn’t walk to the shop and back and get a cake in that time.

Over to you, what yummy treat can you rustle up in a matter of minutes. Do you have a recipe that’ll do for any occasion that you can ‘posh up’ if you need to?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


25 thoughts on “Instant Chocolate cake

  1. Whilst completing my frugal February challenge of living on only £25 per week for the month, I found myself baking to make sure I used up leftover thins and didn't have to buy more sweet treats. Rock buns and a walnut cake were the result out of an almost empty cupboard. Will reading some of your back posts for more inspiration 🙂


  2. Just made the same basic cake this morning but without the chocolate then filled with the Aldi own nutella. Don't know if you had used the Tesco value spread for baking before, I wasn't wearing my glasses when I brought it and then used it in a few recipes that I knew by heart so wasn't wearing my glasses then. It was only when I was following a recipe that I noticed that it was labelled “not suitable for baking” Have used it since then with no visible or taste problems and at £1.20 per kg is the cheapest fat for baking.


  3. That looks positively delicious! I rarely use mixes, as I like to know what goes in what I eat. I make cakes, scones, cookies, pancakes and crepes from scratch and never have a complaint. When we go camping I make pancake “mix” with the flour, sugar, baking soda and pinch of salt, and add egg, vanilla, milk and veg oil when we get there. That way I don't have to drag bags of flour, sugar,etc with us.


  4. Ooooh that looks delicious, the simplest of recipes are often the most impressive and your cake looks fab. Could just eat a slice with my cuppa.

    We love sponge puds done in the microwave mine are usually done by guess weighing but always turn out ok. If I do syrup ones I pour the syrup on top of the hot sponge and let it soak in….yum..

    Karen x


  5. if i am really poor or dont have any eggs i make a cake called vinegar cake its a light fruit cake and you replace the eggs with milk vinegar and bicarb which helps it rise to be honest , when its cooked you would never know!i learned this from my gran who was always really good at budgeting!


  6. Funny, I just made a chocolate cake with butter cream frosting (chocolate, of course) today. I can have it in the oven in 10 minutes, frosting is super fast to make. 30 minutes in the oven, then it has to cool. I always make my cakes from scratch, too. Simpler and tastier!


  7. I can fruit in the summer into a pie filling, then in the winter I make a cobbler mix, which is just a biscuit mix with some sugar added. Put the fruit filling in a pan, add the cobbler mix on top, bake for 30 minutes, quick, cheap and looks decent for company. My family loves it!


  8. That cake looks delicious. I never make one so large, as I would end up eating it though.

    Last night, almost whilst the kettle was boiling, I rustled up a 1 egg mix and did it in those little plastic fairy cake cases, cooked them in my little Remoska and voila, we had fairy cakes with our tea. I didn't fill them with anything as husband diabetic so just enjoy the plain sponge.

    I would love that vinegar cake recipe too. Interesting seeing other peoples' ideas.


  9. Hi, I love your blog. I'm trying myself to drag my family out of the consumer trend way of living and saving a few quid along the way. We are not very good cooks in our house but for the sake of my lads I am determined to start. I love the sound of your choccy cake and will try this tonight – do you need 8oz of eggs too?



  10. In France, we have a favourite very child friendly cake called yoghurt cake. It's the first cake recipe every mother show to her kids.
    You need a plain pot of yoghurt and you use it to measure everything else.
    In a mixing bowl, you put the yoghurt, then 3 pot of flour, 2 of sugar, half one of oil, 3 eggs and a teaspoon of baking soda, you whisk everything, add any flavour or pieces of fruit you like, bake 20/30 mns depends of your oven… Voilà !


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