Red, white and blue?

Hello Dear Reader,

I’ve measured (several times over!) and designed and have a semblance of a plan. I have a colour scheme. The main colour you can see, of blue and white, is from a donated quilt. The rest is made of home cut jelly rolls in varieties of red. Once I’ve got the main ‘blocks’ of my pattern; I’ll have some idea where I’m going with this. Lots of you have left the most encouraging comments, many of you saying that you wish you could use a sewing machine, or that you could make a quilt. I felt like that once, as I do about crochet and knitting from a pattern. One of my ambitions is to knit socks!

I’m not afraid of it going wrong, if I does, then I’ll unpick it and start again. I’m not afraid of it not being perfect, or the seams being a bit wonky. I’m loving making it. It consumes me for hours. Dearly Beloved has completely painted the dining room (any colour you like as long as it’s Magnolia) in the time I have sewn and cut squares. I love turning a sewn edge to the right side by ironing it open, sometimes, only to unpick it and sew it straighter next time.

I’m sticking to red, white and blue as it’s a Jubilee year and the year of the Olympics in London. I’ll be able to look back in years to come and see my red, white and blue quilt and think of 2012.

I was thinking of all the things I would like to make and learn to do, especially hand quilting. What would you like the challenge of making and how could it be done frugally?

Over to you………..

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs


19 thoughts on “Red, white and blue?

  1. Your quilt will be wonderful and I can't wait to see it finished.

    I have challenged myself to make a King size applique quilt and although it has been quite a challenge, I'm nearing the end of the hand quilting. All the applique squares were done first by hand. I've also challenged myself to hook a portrait of my grandmother when she was young. It was completed last year and turned out very well and I even surprised myself at her resemblance. Have a great weekend. JB


  2. Its just lovely to read about your enthusiasm for this creation. And to see the colours.
    I am a cushion maker, my other half hates cushions and sighs when I haul back home remnants from wherever and announce I can make x amount of cushions from this. Its a cheap fix to alter/brighten up a room. So I do tend to agree with magnolia on the walls, as the cushion maker can then transform! Now a quilt, think he might draw a big line on that one.


  3. Well, following your blog for some time now I have caught the quilting bug and have found lovely fabrics in charity shops. I can sew and do so, albeit infrequently but have followed several youtube videos to lear how to make a quilt.
    I would love to know if you use proper batting for your quilt or something else. Here in Ireland batting is quite expensive and just looking at the price of it makes me feel a little bit queasy.
    Other than that I have decided to get more into knitting again, it makes yarn go much further than crochet, which I have been hooked on so far.

    And I am fantasizing about being able to knit and sew clothes that fit.


  4. Good idea to make a themed quilt, Froogs! I might have to follow suit with some British-coloured crafting later in the year!

    I don't mind if something is a little wonky. Shows that it's hand-made!


  5. Hi janibooks – I do use proper batting, I buy the American pure cotton batting, the last time I did, it was £32 for 120″ by 120″. It's made by Hobbs. It is very expensive but I'm making heirlooms! I love snuggling up under a quilt I've made.


  6. Way to go froogs, I have started sewing again, just made another pot holder and kindle bag.

    I love any colour as long as its magnolia too, it looks great with our furniture and I can dress things up with curtains and cushions and a quilt thrown over the back of the settee.


  7. I am doing my first quilt but it is very much an on again off again project! The main block material is calico which I got free. They are made from coin bags which get delivered to banks etc!

    Your quilt is going to be gorgeous, i love your materials.


  8. Once again you've inspired me. I spent a couple of happy hours yesterday cutting up squares for a quilt from my bag of 'too small to make anything' scraps. Looking forward to getting to a jumble sale for more fabric. I think I might use a fleece blanket for my batting.

    My big challenge though is to crochet a dress from the Russian crochet magazine, Duplet. Their designs have really brought crochet back into vogue.

    BTW all my walls are matte white. They make a great backdrop for my photography and my many many cushions!!


  9. You're doing so well. I really want to make a rag rug and indeed yesterday found what will probably the metheod I will use. Indeed I pinned it on Pinterest and have so far had 70 repins so it looks like others may also wish to use the technique. It seems that you can make one with 2 or 3 thrifted sheets which is very frugal here as they sell for a cfouple of dollars each. I am also in tghe process ( slow process) of recovering my gifted-to-me-by-a-friend recliner with thrifted denim skirts. Wonder how long that will be? It's wonderful that you are enjoying the process so much. Cherrie


  10. Froogs when you come to want to make socks, let me know – I felt the same as you but found a pattern that's really easy to follow. I managed to make the socks and they are even foot shaped!

    Absolutely love the colours in your quilt – I am having a year of finishing old unfinished projects, but when all of that is over, I shall start on my second quilt.


  11. What lovely colours! I love red and blue together 🙂

    I love making things particularly knitting and crochet, but find frugal materials hard to come by. I usually get seduced by gorgeous colours which are often twice the price! I try to use my stash as much as possible but invariably need additional materials which reduces the frugalness. Hey ho. Love your blog x


  12. If you ever want to learn to make socks I'm more than happy to help out. I only started knitting socks two years ago and it's easier than it looks and as you are so clever at all you do I'm sure you'll be knitting socks in no time.


  13. I'll teach you how to knit socks, if you teach me to quilt.

    My challenge project is a hooked rag rug. I've been collecting old shirts for it. It's to be in a blue-white colourway. I bought the canvas years ago and have a couple of hooks. My stumbling blocks are now a) whether to make it as stripes or attempt flower-like sploges; and b) how thick to make the strips (I'm copying an idea from one of my craft books but the project instructions are pretty useless).

    – Pam


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