Cooking something out of nothing!

 Hello Dear Reader,

Yesterday for supper, we had boiled gammon, mashed potatoes and veggies. I purposefully cooked enough for another day. The rest of the gammon is safely wrapped and in the fridge so I used up the rest of the mashed potatoes and veg. I mixed mashed potato, cabbage, peas and carrots all together.

 I minced some ‘cooking bacon’ and two shallots in the food processor and then fried it. I then mixed it with the mashed potato. To make it bind, I added a beaten egg and a heaped tablespoon of cornflour.

 I then shaped them into patties and fried them in some oil.

 I made a huge pile of them, they can always be eaten cold for a snack at any time. Here’s what they look like cooked and uncooked.

 We had them with some mayonaise and salad.

 Everything is eaten in our house. When I cook, I often think of another meal and what I could do if I cooked at little more. I always have to think of the energy costs at the same time.

Any variation of vegetables can be used. It’s delicious with leeks, with or with out any minced meat at all. I sometimes add tinned chick peas, or butter beans, or aduki beans, to give it some protein and bulk it out. You could do this with either fresh fish or tinned, such as tuna. It’s quite a staple on our frugal dinner table.

What recipe do you have that you adapt and use in many ways?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xx


7 thoughts on “Cooking something out of nothing!

  1. I will keep leftover veggies, sausage,meatballs and such and then combine them on homemade pizza.

    I always have flour and yeast to make dough.. and tinned tomatoes are always in stock as well. Grate some old left over bits of cheese on top and away you go. Our best tasting pizza's were made up this way. Only downside is.. I can never repeat it the exact same way!


  2. When we have mash, (no spud because DH is intolerant to spuds; I mean, he likes them but not the IBS they cause him!)it's a mix of parsnip, sweet potato, celeriac, carrot, swede and/or squash. I then freeze some to go on a fish or shepherd's pie later or add enough flour to make cakes and fry them like yours. Lovely with an egg and some green veg. Or sausages, a chop, fish etc etc. Elizabeth mentioned smoked salmon trimmings; they are 95p in asda (smartprice) but I buy them when they're reduced and do them with scrambled egg. (Actually half a pack between two and freeze the other half pack.) Frugal and gorgeous. Smoked salmon fish cakes is a fabulous idea.


  3. That looks great. We use any leftover mashed potatoes in some sort of “patty” or often make vegetable fritters with leftovers. We end up with some of my favorite meals.


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