Froogs’ big day out

Hello Dear Reader,

We went for a mooch around Saltash today. A near by town on the banks of the Tamar and nestled under Brunel’s bridge. It has excellent charity shops, some independently owned food traders, cheap parking and pleasant walks. Some of the houses were built in the 1500s and still occupied and much in demand for local homes as they ever were.

I love the little shops where you can still queue and natter and the local catch up on the gossip.

The quayside was full of boats, most pleasure boats were out of the water and tucked away for the winter. Even in the winter greyness, it’s a lovely place to nose around.

St. Luke’s hospice shop caught my eye as everything in the window was 50p! Including the utility ware dish.
I also bought a large linen table cloth, reduced to 83p! (not in the window, but in the ‘reduced’ basket by the till) Dearly Beloved bought himself some books and left them with some books we’ve already read.

Now that’s a bargain, a huge piece of top quality fabric with so many uses.

My ‘Johnson Bros’ bowl is a tureen without a lid, but I’ll still add to my ever growing collection of utility ware.

I dug out some spare batting I had stored at home……..

and made Beryl the teapot a cosy! It’s a bit big so it’ll be cut down to size and ‘refitted’ later. How much fun can a girl have for £1.33!!!! I didn’t need either of these but was on the look out for bedding to cut into fabric for quilts; I’m also aware that charities need all the money they can get.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


11 thoughts on “Froogs’ big day out

  1. Froog, I like your new found treasures. Treasure hunting is one of the little pleasures that I give myself. It's amazing what I find on the few occasions I go to the second hand store. I love your tea cosy. JB


  2. Great finds, I love the dish. I will be down is St Budeaux in a few weeks visiting my son and hoping for a mooch round the CS then. It would be fab to come home with lots of lovely bargains.

    Glad you enjoyed your day out x


  3. Hi Froogs . looks like a lovely day out. Your got some excellent bargains and a bit of thrifting is pretty guilt free shopping ….spending very little , recycling and helping charity….it's all good :0)
    I love your tea cozy . Shame we are so far apart, I would love to give you a crochet lesson. Love your patchwork blocks too.
    Jacquie x


  4. I think it's so sad that the independant shops are dying out, I get so fed up with all shopping areas having the same shops, no variety…
    Our charity shops have become so expensive I rarely go into them, prefer to go booting.


  5. Glad you had a nice day out – it's amazing how much fund there is to be had just wandering around a nice town, mooching in the independent shops and doing this with a loved one. I guess we're lucky we live in beautiful parts of the country that make this type of inexpensive day out such a pleasure.

    Also the nice thing about having this sort of day out in winter is that it's not busy with lots of holiday makers (necessary though they are to the local economy).

    Lovely tea cosy.


  6. How lovely to see Saltash in your post. One of the Methodist students who has been attached to our area whilst studying for ministry in Wesley College, Cambridge, has just heard that he is stationed at Saltash for his first group of churches! I have never been but it looks lovely, and now we can see where he is coming! Thanks for sharing the photos. xx


  7. Brilliant finds. I'm totally hooked on charity shops! I took my toddler for a bus ride this week and thought I'd just pop in my favourite charity shop and came away with a very pretty 20 piece dinner set for £5. Then I realised I had to drag this and a toddler and a pushchair back on the bus! Where there's a will there's a way and it makes the find even sweeter x x


  8. I love that check fabric, it makes a wonderful tea cosy too. That shade of green is my absolute favourite.

    You can't beat a good day out and a couple of bargains and it looks like you managed both.

    Sue xx


  9. Have you decided against having a year of buying nothing, or was the lure of great bargains in the charity shop too much to resist? The fabric was a great price. I'd find it very hard to buy nothing all year – I enjoy my thrifting trips, and have managed to sell on some of my carboot finds for a nice profit.That's helping to pay for my dental treatment.


  10. Hi Scarlet, I'm going to do all I can to buy nothing if possible. For reasons I can't say on here, I had to buy new clothes recently. We went for a walk in Saltash and when we saw the sign in the window, that everything in the window was 50p and I saw a utility ware bowl which I knew was worth at least £5, I gave in. Fabric is so expensive that when I saw a full sized linen table cloth for 63p, I just had to have it. I suppost 1.33 here and there can be forgiven!


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