Careful now!

 Hello Dear Reader,

I’ve spent today catching up on bills and budgets. I’ve read my meters and moved money around. I’ve checked every account, been through the box of receipts and checked everything against bank statements. The only way to accumulate savings, is to not touch any money you have unless you totally really have to.

 Our aim, is to pay off as much mortgage capital as we possibly can. We don’t make a regular payment; we save until the end of the year and if we haven’t needed it, then we transfer the whole chuffin’ lot to Santander building society! We’ve learnt, through trial by huge debts in the past, to be very disciplined with money and to just leave it alone! I have enough for a new car, or suite of furniture, or to go on several holidays or as I see it, I’m on the way to paying off another chunk of the house.

 I’ve recently had to spend some money. This is not the place to say why or on what, but it was needed. I spent as little as I could and did so wisely. However, I don’t spend anything on anything I don’t need. I don’t need days out that cost money, to buy gifts for people (no children left in our family – they’re all adults now), I don’t need to pay for entertainment. I may well do those things when I don’t have a mortgage!!!

 I keep a very close eye on all my utility meters, make sure I submit all my readings online and then make sure nothing’s on stand by, that the thermostat stays at 17 degrees, that I use the mini-oven and microwave, that I time showers, that I save water from the shower and hand washing to flush the loo and I keep all spending to absolute minimum.

Mid month, I stock take the food, toiletries, pet food and cleaning products and if I have enough for the month, then I make sure that everything lasts for the month. By the third week of the month, I look again at all the bank accounts and move any money we have to our long term savings fund.

Our circumstances have changed, again, this is not the place for details or reasons why, but they have. We are  better prepared than every before to manage change and live accordingly. Every penny I have, whilst I still have a mortgage, belongs to the lender I borrowed it off. Sometimes I write this blog just for myself, to remind myself…………..careful now!

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xx


12 thoughts on “Careful now!

  1. It's the setbacks that make life interesting Froogs! It's ingenuity and confidence (that things will improve) that gets you through them! We have just had a large tax bill taking a fair whack of our “bringing down the mortgage” money but we will survive, re jig the budget, tighten our belts and find the money to keep going! Blogs like yours are really helping!

    By the way you are now having the Delia Smith effect of food supplies! lol App Foods ran out of the tuna and the suet mix the day after your posts about them! You are officially a trendsetter : )


  2. sorry to hear that things may have taken a down turn but hopefully its only temporary and things will improve soon. Take care. You're an inspiration and I always look forward to reading your posts. You've helped not only myself but many others and I thank you for the 'help' you've offered with your blog.


  3. I don't know who said it but “what doesn't kill you makes you stronger” seems appropriate. We too are going through some changes and it takes some strength to weather life's storms and emerge once more into the sunshine…..


  4. You and your blog make me feel less lonely owing money and not being able to afford alot with one wage coming in. Living in a tiny one bedroom flat with no hope of moving in the next few years whilst expecting our first child. Thanks 🙂


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