Recycling away the winter

 Hello Dear Reader,

I’ve been knitting by the fire and as Foster Mummy said to me yesterday, ‘You’re more of a quilter than a knitter.’. Quilting is an utter joy. Cutting fabric, finding bargains and using up what I have. Watching ‘how to quilt’ on You Tube tutorials. I’m getting better. I’m about to make my fourth quilt. I reckon, when I get to my forty fourth, I might be OK. For now? I’m forgiving myself that I’m still learning.

My first quilts were made of charm squares and I cut every single one. So was the second, but the squares were square!!!! My third was made of bought jelly rolls and cost me a fortune but kept me amused for best part of a year as I picked it up and put it down when I was in the mood. I have now taken over my daughter’s bedroom as a quilting/sewing room and have emptied a cupboard so I can store everything away if and when she comes to stay. It’s also my ironing room as I have beautiful views from the window and I listen to the radio whilst I smooth away.

 I’ve been ironing and slicing away all afternoon. I often wonder what I’d do with life if I didn’t spend hours making things, I’d get so bored. In the summer, I’m in the garden. I’m always in the kitchen. I sew and knit and can’t imagine life with out a project. My next quilt can take as long as it likes. I’m looking forward to patterns and being quite random.

 I have a whole selection of bought material, mainly ‘fat quarter’ bundles that I’ve bought stupidly cheaply off ebay in the past and stored until I’ve needed it. Also, re-purposed clothes that I’ve bought for 20p an item from jumble sales, such as gent’s shirts and ladies dresses and skirts. You can get almost a metre of material out of a shirt and about the same from a cotton skirt.

The colour theme is blues with pinks and reds in it. I’m hoping to haves ‘sashes’ of colour around the edges. I’m feeling quite adventurous and ambitious. I won’t be buying any material but using up what I have and, luckily I have lots now. I usually make too many ‘squares’ and end up with two quilts. Most of all, I love the calming effect of being quiet, alone and creative. Just me, scissors, or sewing machine, a cup of tea and the radio.

Spring will come and there will be so much to do outside, my bike will come out of the garage, I’ll get my hiking boots on and get out more. In the meantime, I’m happy to recycle old material and make something new with it.

What calms you? How do you while away your time?

Until tomorrow (and back to the knitting)

Love Froogs


15 thoughts on “Recycling away the winter

  1. Hi Froogie, quilting is about as calming as it gets but I also love rug hooking. At the moment I'm working on hand quilting an appliqué quilt that I started a few years ago and decided to finish it this winter. I'm almost done the quilting part. It's mighty slow as it's a king size. Happy quilting. JB


  2. Currently knitting 10cm squares – which I can churn out quite quickly relaxing in front of the TV. TA friend donated the wool – and they are to be sewn into a blanket for Africa.
    Relaxing, thrifty, charitable, quick – these tick all the boxes for me this evening.
    LOVE your quilt projects!


  3. Definitely quilting. I started sewing at age 11. I took apart clothing and remodeled for myself and others. I even made my mother's maternity clothes for her last pregnancy. I kept all my scraps (as good quilters do) and eventually made quilts for all my family and in-laws. Now I do them for the foster children that my son and daughter-in-law have, as well as other charity groups. It is creative, calming and fun! I totally get it!
    Happy quilting


  4. Crocheting beaded flowers does it for me. Just finished crocheting into an old brass ring and making a pretty flower out of it. All done this afternoon on the sofa snuggled under an old quilt with three cats all leaning up against me for warmth. The rest are on the bed leaning up against each other for warmth!

    Just about to start on a kingfisher blue flower with kingfisher blue and silver beads, Dancing on Ice due to start soon – luxury!

    Linda xx


  5. I knit, crochet and make rag rugs. I also do patchwork, but prefer to be on the sofa with my feet up when I'm crafting instead of at the machine.
    Also my sewing area is very cold at the moment, 'cos I can only afford to heat one room, so the machine work will have to wait until the weather is a bit kinder.


  6. Free time is non existent at the moment with two very naughty children to look after! I have some material put aside to try quilting, but haven't had a chance as yet. If I do manage to get some time off (!) I love to sew and I can knit a little. used to garden, hoping to start again this year. Baking is my ultimate calming activity at the moment which I can justify with biscuits for the kids!


  7. I'm a quilter although I do a bit of knitting for the granchildren. More 'art' quilts than 'traditional' at the moment, but they also use up bits of fabric that often get overlooked. Time quilting just revitalises me – I'm so glad you're enjoying it too. x


  8. has the most wonderful free patterns for scrappy quilts. Bonnie Hunter, the owner of the site, also writes books about using recycled clothing, like men's shirts, to make her quilts. You might enjoy it. She also writes a daily blog and does a lot of traveling to teach. In fact, her calendar is full thru 2014.


  9. Isn't it amazing how people buy jelly rolls rather than slice the fabric themselves. Good on you for doing it and enjoying it. I like that you enjoy it even though you don't finish in a rush. I too am a sewer. It's an emotional necessity. I am just about to slip cover a new to me recliner in denim using fabric I had and some cute $4 denim skirts from the charity shop, including a Laura Ashley one. I would wear them if the fitted! Cherrie


  10. I'm a fan of dressmaking. I just wanted to say, I've started doing one of your tips, putting the boiled water in a flask for hot drinks later in the day rather than reboiling. It's a great idea. Thanks. x


  11. It sounds as if we sing from the same hymn sheet. I often wonder what I would do if I didn’t create, I sew anything but mainly my quilts, especially scrap quilts as I like to use the fabrics I have, I also sew a few (very) few clothes, mainly skirts for work as they only take a yard, love to cook, especially new recipes. I knit socks for my hiking boots and love the outdoors. Love the peace and quiet of getting lost in a new book and love your inspirational blog so I’m so pleased I found you. Have a great week.


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