Saving time and money.

Hello Dear Reader,

We all have tried and tested recipes, which are cheap and nutritious. We don’t need a recipe, we don’t check the oven temperature and we make them over and over. We do so for many reasons; mainly because our families love them. Whether it’s meatloaf or meatballs we all have hundreds of ways to used minced meat. I have my ‘faggot’ recipe. If I can get them, I use lamb heart, or kidneys, or liver, depending on what I can get. I always use pork of some description, but it is a cheap option because it’s bulked out with offal. My children will eat heart, kidneys, trotters, ox tail and liver with an appreciation that others save for expensive cuts. DB likes it disguised so will eat steak and kidney pie, pate or faggots. It’s a happy medium. If he goes away to visit family and I’m alone, I’ll indulge my own liking for liver with gravy. I’m happy to please them all.

Here’s my cheapy cheap version of faggots.

This will make 30 large faggots. I use two packs of stuffing, half a kilo of pigs liver, pork (any cut) and bacon (half a kilo of each). I use three large onions for the gravy but I don’t put them in my ‘cheap’ and simple faggots as the stuffing mix has all the onions, breadcrumbs and seasoning we need. I make up the stuffing mix by following the instructions on the packs. Using my food processor, I mince the meats, one at a time. Be careful with the liver, it melts when cooking so try to keep it in larger lumps, it also gives the main flavour to faggots.

I start the mixing with a spoon, but you really need to get your hands in it. It needs to be well blended.

Here’s the uncooked faggots. I don’t run the expense of caul, I just form them into balls with wet hands and space them apart on oiled roasting dishes. Whilst they are cooking, I make the onion gravy. I peel and roughly chop three large onions.

I always chop large amounts in the food processor and then fry them in margarine (I always use Utterly Butterly or something generic that’s similar). Fry until softened, I then add water, bring to the boil and add instant gravy granules and tomato paste, leave to simmer. When the faggots are cooked, pour the gravy over all of them and put that back into the oven. Reduce the gravy (I don’t time this, just go back every so often to check)

When the top of the faggots poke through the gravy and they are browned, then I consider them cooked. I allow them to cool and then put two portions, plus gravy into a freezer bag, seal it closed and then I freeze them until needed. Two each are more than adequate. Who says offal can’t be delicious! (Don’t worry Foster Mummy it’s strictly vegan tomorrow xxxx.)

Do you offal? How do you do it?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


18 thoughts on “Saving time and money.

  1. We had faggots the other night, not had them in years, not home made though but brains faggots, half price in morrisons. I had not had them since my mms was here and that is over 10 years ago, even lillia wolfed them down, will try to make my own next time


  2. I love pasture raised chicken livers. I keep it simple and saute. Once I added some apple juice to the pan and made a simple gravy. In the US, we generally have to go to a specialty butcher to get offal. I get my chicken livers at the farmers market.


  3. They sound absolutely delish. Mr M doesn't like any offal so I occasionally indulge myself with a liver and bacon casserole if he's going to be out. I'm definitely going to make these faggots though.


  4. I am going to try to sneak something like this in… but the dog will give me away for sure. She loves offal. I think hubby will know what I'm cooking because she will be spinning in circles in the kitchen…

    Almost no one in the US cooks with offal — except for liver and onions (a very popular dish in our area).


  5. Although it looks absolutely wonderful, I would go screaming into the woods if this was served. Sounds too close to haggis which we yanks don't eat. You Brits are made of sterner stuff than we!


  6. Where I come from we eat a lot of pig's trotters, which I love, and pig's cheek, which is my absolute favourite. And I've eaten heart at those Argentinian churrasquerias and that was delicious. Yum.

    It's liver and kidney mostly that I've never really eaten and put me off a bit. We never cook those in my house, although I'd certainly give them a go, especially semi-disguised like this. But I'd never get them past my partner – he'd pass out at the mere suggestion :-(.


  7. I would also go hungry. I have never loved offal. I have tried it over and over. Politeness counts after all. Mum loves the stuff and cooked it often during my childhood as my brother was alway anaemic. Even at age two I would say things along the line of, “Do I have to eat the gutter meat mummy?”.


  8. I haven't done offal before but I might try this recipe, it looks really good 🙂 I've TAGGED you btw, hope you'll join in I'd like to see your answers 🙂


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