Behind closed doors – saving money on food costs

Hello Dear Reader,

Here’s more of what I do to save money on food costs. I keep a good store. I do this by buying when cheap as you don’t know when food costs will go up again. Well, we do know, they are going up all the time. I buy from places like Approved Foods and stock up on things like tinned tuna, when they are selling it for 20p a tin, instead of the 75p a tin in the supermarket.

It’s amazing how much you can fit into an ordinary kitchen unit if you’re tidy. This is where insomnia is useful!

I make sure I seal packets carefully and I use clips and pegs. I also use old shoe boxes to keep things tidy.

How do you organise your store?

Until later,

Love Froogs x


12 thoughts on “Behind closed doors – saving money on food costs

  1. I do the same as you! Keep the cupboard tidy you do get a lot in! Never thought of shoe boxes though! I keep jam jars and their lids, ideal for anything from herbs and spices to buttons!
    I never buy jars of herbs and spices I buy the refill packets, only.
    Julie xxxxx


  2. FQ-Agree that organisation is essential in food storage. I am writing to ask you to post/email me your recipe for fish pie. I am attempting to make one tonight. I have a lovely mix of seafood that I will use: salmon, Haddock, shrimp. Thanks in advance!


  3. I have two old wardrobes in the garage, but then I do store a LOT….Tins, packets and jars, home made pickles, chutneys and jams, corned beef and a couple of tinned pies, pasta, squash to drink, UHT milk, etc. Quite a lot of stuff! I love ordering from AF and Rosspa but the delivery charges are high so when I order, I really stock up.
    Will be interested in other people's stashes.


  4. I have basement shelves where most of my food storage goes, my kitchen cabinets don't hold enough. I also grow alot of our food so I need more room for canning jars. I would always try to buy ahead, but this winter I am working on eating what I have canned, to save money to pay off some bills.


  5. I'm lucky, I have a large built-in pantry and I work hard to keep it neat and orderly. It's organized and if you ask me where something is, with the exception of the very top shelf that I have to stand on a ladder to reach, I can tell you exactly where something is.


  6. I like the shoe box idea, ill be trying that out for sure. I also do the bulk buying thing, its great for if your having a tight month money wise so you can just use your supplies instead of shopping so much 🙂


  7. Old sweetie jars from a sweetshop are perfect for dry goods and free. One jar will hold exactly 1.5 kilos of porridge oats etc. They also fit perfectly on the bottom shelf of a kitchen cupboard

    We had a mouse get into our store cupboard recently and the amount of destruction one little mouse can cause is unbelievable. 12 bags of flour each one with a little hole in!! I hadn't got enough plastic jars for all my stores but we'd never had mice before so I didn't bother about the bags that weren't in jars because I get through flour quite quickly.. When you read up about the diseases mice carry it really makes you shudder. So I have had to stock up on more plastic crates to keep packets in


  8. Froogs, I searched and found an old post of yours about making fish pie and added my own spin to it. Came out very good, looks like a keeper here. You can see how I made mine, on my blog (


  9. When my kitchen was revamped all the old units were put in the garage, which is too small to put a car in. It now doubles as a work shop and store for my tinned and jarred foods as well as large containers of washing up liquid, soap powder, etc. which I get cheap from the cash and carry. We refer to it as the butlers pantry!!!!!


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