One of our veggie days

Hello Dear Reader,

To make food affordable we mainly eat vegetables, either as the main event or to massively support some meat. Today, I made carrot and corriander soup. It’s so easy. I wizz up carrots, shallots and celery and saute in some oil. I then add a cup of veggie stock and lastly the dried corriander.

I wizz up the veggies first so they cook really quickly, saving me gas, money and time. I then blend the whole lot.

The result is fantastic. DB has his with bread and I eat it as it is.

It was a great success!

More veg later.

Love Froogs xxx


11 thoughts on “One of our veggie days

  1. I make this soup quite often, especially as you can buy a large bag of carrots very cheap. I usually fry onion, add carrots, veg stock and dried coriander and boil for 20 mins, then whizz with blender. Yours is a good way of saving more money by chopping up veg first. At the moment making kale soup with onion, veg stock and butter beans. Blitz half with blender and leave half 'whole'. Also very nutritious. By the way I loved your comments yesterday, and great advice on food shopping.


  2. Did you know you can freeze
    Carrots, Celery, Onions, Peppers, without having to par-cooking them?
    Finely slice the veg. I have an old Kenwood with a slicer so I use that, but you can use a knife and chopping board.
    I slice onions and bag them in halves, so three onions, six bags.
    Carrots just slice and bag but, if you only use three carrots per meal just freeze three carrots per bag.
    Celery just do three sticks, and I add the leaves too!
    Peppers prepare how you wouild prepare them, we like ours finely chopped. But they work sliced too.
    Potatoes don't work in the freezer I have found even cooked, but they like apples store well in the dark.
    The bags I use are bought in Poundland – 500 for a £1
    Julie xxxxxxx


  3. I love any kind of homemade soup, I make one using carrots onions potato and red lentils, very filling and nutritious.

    I would like to ask a favour please, could you post your salad dressing recipe for me, I would really appreciate it. Many thanks.

    Karen x


  4. We only eat meat at the weekend. I find it makes dinner faster to make in the week if no meat is involved.

    3 bean chilli that has been made and frozen is a god send when work runs over.

    Soup is so warming. Yours looks delicious! Yum yum


  5. I totally agree with you about ignoring sell by dates. As long as it isn't green and furry and smells ok, I use it! Currently using up a bag of lentils a year out of date with no ill effects!


  6. I agree… just made a pot of beef stew and used a seasoning packet a year out of date… Tastes fine!! : )

    I just got one of those stick blenders given to me (free). I have never had one before and am trying to figure out what to do with it other then blend soup…


  7. You mentioned 'padding out' or words similar with vegetables. It's recommended nowadays that there should be more veggies on the plate than meat and potatoes, anyway veggies are far nicer than meat!

    Your soup looks delicious, I am a great lover of carrot and coriander. I also have a great easy recipe for onion soup which I love. Very few ingredients also. I'll find it and put it on, as it so tasty.


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