Meat free meals part two

Hello Dear Reader,

I’m using up some store cupboard ingredients and really testing my theory of ignore the ‘best before’ dates on packet foods. I used some cous cous, best before October 2010! It was fine. I made it as was told to on the pack and then added some margarine, a jif lemon, some chopped red pepper and red onion and some cherry tomatoes. I also used the falafel mix I bought from Approved Foods. When I use the other packs, I will add more water as they seemed a little dry to me. I made houmous from a tin of chickpeas, another entire jif lemon, some olive oil and a table spoon of tahini, which I wizzed up in the food processor.

I popped to our local Co op after five to get some salad and bought a bag of mixed salad, reduced down to 30p, the Naan breads were from my freezer and still had the 10p label on them from when I bought them reduced from Morrisons a few moons ago. Total cost of the three meals was just under £2, so 67p per meal. Our breakfast of a bacon sandwich was 50p a portion, lunch of soup was about 40p a portion and dinner tonight for around 67p each – we’ve all been fed today for £1.57ish!

I’m now off for a long walk with the dogs to help digest this lot!

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xx


7 thoughts on “Meat free meals part two

  1. Looks great, that's a favorite meal of mine. Right now on a super tight week for food… I have $80US and need to get dog food out of that as well… Tahini is pretty $$$$ here….


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