Keep calm and steak and kidney on

Hello Dear Reader,

Usually, I don’t share my cooking or craft creations if it all goes wrong. It all went wrong today but I saved matters and I’ll share that with you. My cookery teacher was called Mrs Rogers but she was a big unit so we call her HMS Rogers and we used to whistle the bosun’s call as she walked past and say to each other ‘permission to come aboard?’ School children have always been vile to their teachers! Any way, I digress………I was taught to cook this by HMS Rogers and I forgot a lot of what she taught me today……….karma?

Firstly, I made the steak and kidney filling. I don’t steam raw ingredients in the pudding as the cost of the gas means I can’t afford to. I cook it first. I use steak ( the cut called skirt), onions, bacon pieces, finely chopped and lambs kidney, cored and cubed. I fry the bacon, onion and cubed steak and when it is cooked , I add a stock cube, enough water, a good squirt of ‘brown sauce’, salt, plenty of black pepper and lastly the kidney. This takes about 2 hours on a gentle simmer or overnight in a slow cooker. When it cooked, I thicken with gravy granules.

Here’s the first mistake! My suet pastry was too wet! You need it dry and the texture of pastry for a pudding!

I rolled it out. Second mistake – it was too thick!

I lined the pudding basin – yep too thick! It’s amazing we had any supper!

I added the filling. Here’s the biggest mistake. I filled the pudding to the top with pasty and filling! I can remember HMS Rogers insisting we only did this to two thirds of the pudding basin as it need to expand when cooking.

Too flamin’ late now………carry on Froogs!

And no surprise, the lid wouldn’t go on! But, I don’t waste food so I found a way round it.

I put a freezer bag over it and tucked it under the pudding basin. As usual, I microwaved it for four minutes, checked it, and the a couple of minutes more.

Oh dear! Here’s the end result!

And the other way up! It won’t win a beauty competition. I have another ready for the freezer which awaits a fate just like this one!

It was served with mushy peas, made from marrowfat peas which I soaked overnight and cooked today. The result was delicious.

Here’s the two ‘mistakes’. I wrapped one in a freezer bag and put it carefully in the freezer to cook another day. I’ve also have some naked pie filling in a freezer tub to make into a pie in the future.

Over to you, what have you done completely wrong in the past and managed to put right with a bit of ingenuity?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs


11 thoughts on “Keep calm and steak and kidney on

  1. If you have a slow cooker you can put the filling in raw and leave it all day. I have the same mix from approved food and made a beef and mushroom one on Monday.I just dusted the meat in flour then added mushrooms and onion into the lined dish and then poured enough stock to come near to the top of the filling.Cover with the pastry then I haven't got a lid so just covered with oiled foil. Pour boiling water around the dish in the slow cooker and leave on high all day.OH says its one of his favourites.



  2. When I was first married (1845) I made a lovely kate and sidney pie but, unfortunately I used a red plastic egg cup to hold up the lid. On taking it out of the oven the egg cup had “disappeared” but, not wanting to waste food, I gave it to him anyway and he said it was delicious!
    He and I are both still alive although I only ate the crust!
    Sue xx
    PS the gravy was lovely and shiny


  3. Your pudding still looks delicious all the same. I also cook my meat in the slow cooker but I've never put it back in to cook the pudding, must give it a try. Thanks to June.


  4. Thank you, I really enjoy reading your food related posts. I'm trying so hard to reduce the food shopping bill but it seems to go up and up every week?! What are your best tips for food shopping please? x


  5. My son wanted to learn how to make scrambled egg with onion and ham, but despite the fact that I was practically standing next to him, it all went horribly wrong. We ended up with a mix of dry and crumbly egg and almost raw ham and onion.

    I mixed selfraising flour, milk, margarine and a pinch of mustard and paprika powder, mixed in the eggy accident, loosened it up with milk and poured it into a lined baking tin.
    After thirty minutes out came breakfast bread and not a scrap of it was left.


  6. My culinary disasters are too varied and horrendous to list. It is only by the grace of God that my family are still alive.

    I am amazed that Sue is still here if she got married in 1845, she obviously uses foodstuffs full of preservatives as well as red plastic!


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