Simple recipe, delicious outcome!

Hello Dear Reader,

Just two fantastic ingredients made up the ‘star attraction’ of our supper last night. My son is staying with us as he’s working locally so I feel the need to serve him his favourite food. Every household out there has a version of a meatloaf of some kind. I use belly pork as it’s cheaper than minced pork and then I mince it myself.

I’ve been buying belly pork in Lidl for under £3 for four or five slices, it’s British and I haven’t found it any cheaper any where else.

Lidl currently have belly pork joints for £3.99 for a kilo! You can slow roast this, or  unroll it and cut it into slices your self.   You could make your own mince too, it’s cheaper than any where else and on offer at the moment.

I also use Tesco or Asda value stuffing and just follow the instructions to make it. I then combine the minced pork and the stuffing. If I’m feeling flush, I’ll add a beaten egg, but as the cheapest free range I can find is 14p each, then I don’t always add one!

I learnt how to mince my own meat when watching Jamie Oliver’s ’30 Minute Meals’ – he cut the meat into cubes and then put it in the food processor and just used the ‘pulse’ to chop it into tiny pieces. I now use this for potatoes, onions and swede when I make pasties. I still hand cut the meat but ‘pulse’ the rest.

 Here’s the result both with and without gravy. I cooked it in a loaf tin in the mini-oven and finished some boiled potatoes in the oven as well, which I brushed with oil. Served with savoy cabbage and mashed swede.

You can see how I bulk our meals out mainly with cheap and nutritious veggies. Four slices of pork and one packet of stuffing, made enough ‘roast’ for six portions, so we’ll be ‘playing it again Sam’ for lunch today. I plated six meals yesterday, covered three and put them in the fridge and they’ll just be reheated in the popty ping today. (cost per meal? 65p per portion)

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs


18 thoughts on “Simple recipe, delicious outcome!

  1. Looks delicious!

    Thank you so much for offering to knit me a baby blanket! That's very kind of you – I love knitted baby things, but I'm hopeless at knitting myself! I've tried to find a route to email you but to no avail – so here is my email add if you'd like to drop a line –

    Best Wishes
    Frugal Wife


  2. Looks lovely, Jane! How long do you oven roast your boiled potatoes? do you season them at all or just rely on the oil to add color? Did you not have enough room in the small oven to cook the potatoes alongside the rolled pork roast?


  3. That looks delicious! I use ground pork for my meatloaf as well. For a “fancy dinner” I will hard boil 4 eggs and lay them down the centre of the meatloaf, encasing them in the meat mixture. Bake as usual and when you cut it open, voila, it has an egg in the centre.
    Mincing your own meat is a great way to save money.


  4. Love this, it looks so good. I'm trying to use less meat these days so bulk out all our meals with more veggies too. Haven't tried mincing my own meat though would like to give it a try.


  5. I'm American – enjoying all the British expressions! I assume a popty ping is the microwave…?

    I never thought of making my own ground beef (mince). Clever.

    We like to bulk up our plates with veggies too. We really do follow the USDA guidelines for meat servings and then we only eat meat like that about once a week. The rest of the time we're vegetarian or just use meat for flavoring.


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