Recipe for dumplings!

Hello Dear Reader,

I was asked how to make dumplings so here’s how. I buy suet and follow the instructions on the side. Half suet to flour and then enough water to make it into a stiff dough. Use Self Raising flour.

I buy mine job lot from Tescos or somewhere equally cheap and usually buy the value flour.

Make a stew in a pot, or a casserole and make sure the lid is on, with enough room for the dumpling to double or treble in size. They steam! Keep the lid on whilst cooking, either on top of the stove or in the oven.
To begin with, mine were  nothing special. I now have happy chewing silence from anyone who eats them. I’ve recently bought a mahoosive order from Approved Food and I always buy their Suet mix, which is £1!!! I have two of these stashed away and they will keep for years. Just follow the instructions on the side of the packet.

It can be used for dumplings, jam roly poly or suet pastry for steak and kidney pudding. Here’s one of the resulting dinners with dumplings.

Any one else had a recent order from Approved Foods? Any one make the most of their offer of tins of tuna for 20p? I bought 30 tins as that was the most any one person could order.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


19 thoughts on “Recipe for dumplings!

  1. We like our dumplings flavoured with dried herbs, or cheesey one's are nice, just add a little grated cheese. Or to really splash out cheese and herb! Great for filling hungry boys…


  2. Froogs….have you tried adding cheap sage and onion stuffing to your dumplings? You need to add a little more water, the bread in the stuffing swells, I have been making them this way for ages, they are delicious. I use the dumpling mix as well. I have also used it to make an old fashioned apple suet pudding, a very fondly remembered dessert from when I was a child, served with thick cream….scrummy.


  3. They do not sell Atora or anything like it here in the States but if you ask the butcher for suet they will give it to you for free (they think it is for the birds). You can then grate it and use it in the same way.
    You can make dumplings without it also. I add curry powder and chives to mine.


  4. Ha ha … I bought 25 tins of tuna. I think they are wonderful. Your dumplings look fabulous and the boys would love them. Perhaps I'll do some at the weekend when I have some time. Cheesy ones sound nice Sarah! And silversewer, Approved Foods had stuffing at ludicrous prices revently. I did buy their recent offers of pizza base mix and scone mix, really cheap and I have yet to dig into those. Keep the tips coming – always welcome xx


  5. I also had a large delivery a few days ago from AF, unfortunately a bottle of shampoo and a packet of couscous decided to split while being delivered you can imagine the mess!!!anyway love their suet,cheesecake,shortcrust pastry and soft bap mix they are all very good. I love to make a bacon suet pudding a real comfort at the moment during this cold spell!!


  6. Yeah, Approved Foods, still munching our way through lots of crisps, nuts, biscuits, a bit of chocolate and packets of stuffing and a few tins of other stuff.
    Went to order some things, was gonna take advantage of the box of crisps with free delivery to add some tuna, but they had none left, and don't need much of anything else, cupboards all full.

    Never made dumplings, but gonna try now, you managed to inspire me Froogs.
    Haven't had my favourite lentil soup for a few weeks, ham shanks seem in short supply.
    But I'll try a few with my next big slow cooker of scouse.


  7. Thank you Froogs and readers, such yummy ideas. I made dumplings with chicken casserole earlier in the week, unfortunately, in my haste, I must have grabbed plain flour not SR, they turned out rather chewy!!, all were eaten tho'. Not looked at AP for a while cupboards were full, time for another look perhaps.


  8. Thanks Froogs but I bring my own back from the u.k. where I visit at least once a year. I always pack it and declare it putting “Atora” on the form. I dont think I should really bring it in but as long as I declare it I feel its ok. I wanted to bring sloes back to make gin but I know they would have been taken away.
    I take a bag for Marmite, Birds custard powder( or the generic), Malden Sea Salt , Lyles Golden Syrup and Marmade and TONS of tea, my favorite being Captain Scotts and Yorkshire from Tescos and sometimes Barry s which is so pricey here. If I have any money over I buy Tiptree jam. It all last about a year and saves me a lot of money.
    I have some suet left so am going to make a steamed syrup sponge !
    Wish we had Approved Foods here !
    I made lime marmalade this week, the Telegraph one only I left lime leaves out – truly delicious better than Roses and VERY frugal if not fiddly.


  9. I must've missed the tuna on my recent order boo hiss. Just a point to Stephanie or anyone else who orders from AF; if you have a problem and email them, they will make good. On two occasions, they refunded me the full amount plus 10%.


  10. I would love to have a go at Approved Foods, but I feel a bit daunted by the whole thing. Maybe you guys could advise me. Do you have to order masses of stuff for it to be worth your while? Do you then have to have lots of storage space AND be very organised to make sure everything's used before its sell-by date? And how do you calculate delivery costs? (That's the bit that really foxes me whenever I look into it).


    M. X


  11. Dear 64zoolane – ignore sell before!!! most durable food has a best before. I've had food a year after that date e.g flour and it's fine! I order about £30 ish and find I get my money's worth for the £5 postage. It arrives within five days. Frugals like me stash everything and can always find space. I bought nine roll packs of loo paper for £2.50 and stashed ten packs around the house. Another thing, ignore eat by dates! If it's off and got mould and stinks, don't eat it, if it looks fine, smells fine and tastes fine, then go ahead and eat it. A cabbage can sit in the fridge for weeks after the sell by date and still be good to eat


  12. I love Approved Foods. With 7 adults in the house they are a godsend. Lately I've stocked up on 3.5 kg bags of Shortcrust pasty mix, dumpling mix,tins of tuna, white bread roll mix, tinned tomatos, tinned kidney beans, lentils and…the list could go on and on. I also bought enough toothpaste a few months back to last a year, and enough dried cat food for about 6 months. I've got boxes under the bed, and around the bedroom and a bookcase turned over to storage and I can now go shopping in my bedroom before I turn to the supermarkets.

    I also buy grated cheese in bulk from I buy 10kg of their cheap value mix at £2.20 per kg. with free delivery. Grated cheese in the supermarkets are approx £1.50 plus for 200-250 gm pack so this works out at only 40-55p per pack. I freeze it in 400g packs.


  13. Thank you for the advice, Froogs. I had another look last night and realised the postage costs are actually quite straightforward. I'd got it in my head that they used to be calculated by the weight or volume of the entire order, I don't know why.

    I will give it a go. My man is very funny about sell-by dates, so I may have to hide them from him (wouldn't be the first time…).


  14. I do like Approved Foods but every time I've ordered from them lately the order hasn't been quite right. They had a great offer on toiletries; bubble bath and body wash down from £11 EACH to 99p each. I wanted three of each but got six all the same. Got a refund plus 10% but that's not the point – I wanted three sets of two things. I'm giving them a miss for a while.

    K xx


  15. AF were very good when a bottle of multipurpose cleaner burst in transit. They do pack things very well but some of the shards of the plastic bottle had pierced the plastic bag it was packed in so the stuff had leaked everywhere. I got a refund plus 10% for everything damaged : )

    I'm nearly out of flour so I bought a bag of basics flour in Sainsburys yesterday and was horrified that the price had gone up to 69p. I shall be stocking up products. in Tesco next autumn when (hopefully) they will do a 3 for 2 offer on all home baking


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