Oh Happy Day!

Hello Dear Reader,

I was thinking of Foster Mummy suffering as she gets off meds and I’m having a bad time getting used to new meds! It’s been a rough few weeks, I’ve felt as if I’ve been on a ship at sea. The only thing that cheered me up today was that dodgy robber boy Fred has been stripped of his knighthood. Strung up by his manhood might have been more fitting as he cocked up everything he touched and walked away with his ‘gold plated pension’….oh you know, the sort that public sector workers are supposed to get fat on!

Steve Tilston can say it better than I can……….so over to him! I still think that life would be so much simpler if greed didn’t exist!

On that happy note, I’ll see you all tomorrow. Oh and a well done to those of us who went the month without spending (on anything other than groceries)

Love Froogs xxx


13 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day!

  1. I didn't manage a completely spend-free month as some essentials needed buying – but on a positive, I did manage to get through the whole month without spending a single penny in the work canteen or vending machines – packed lunches all the way! Very pleased with myself!

    Best Wishes
    Frugal Wife


  2. Brill post as usual. I'd be far more satisfied if Goodwin's pension had been reallocated to public funds, 370k p.a. wld pay for a gd bit of public service that might actually go to improving the lives of a load of people.

    Hope the meds help Froogs and that you'll soon be feelin better.

    Love the you-tube link.


  3. hope you'll soon be feeling better and foster mummy too. I failed miserably with regards to spending in Jan (new microwave and needing to visit family more hence increase in petrol costs) however I intend to pull all the stops out in Feb!!! Roll on Feb 🙂


  4. Dear froogs
    Didn’t manage to go a month without spending any money other than grocery money but did make ENOURMOUS in roads into what I did spend and why managed to cut back by 80% and for me that is HUGE. Did by a couple of bits on E-Bay but that was to enable me to buy a darning mushroom in order make a better and more long term repairs to some clothing and the like at home. Have started to patch elbows and darn my had knit socks. There is a low cost charity shop near me and I bought a faux fur fleece jacket and a sued feel skirt from the skirt I will get elbow patches a plenty and the fleece has enabled me to make 3 dog jackets for our Jack Russell and with other bits I had around the cost was 3 coats £5.00, as were were not going to spend £20.00 on one nearly had a heart attack!
    Love the you tube link all I can say is HEAR HEAR!
    Good to see a culprit shown he cannot be rewarded fro his misdeeds and as fro the meds hope they settle ion soon can be a bumpy ride sometimes. Right I’m orf,and will leave you endeavouring myself to spend less and do more this month for myself and my home. Gonna crack this if its the last thing I do. Happy froogaling.


  5. Maybe should have been stripped of a few million of his assets as well.
    From what I understand, this guy brought a large bank to the brink of bankruptcy, resulting in a lot of tax-payers money being given to them to clear their debts.
    And ordinary people have to tighten their belts because somebody in government decides it's a good idea to use our money to rescue them.
    If I make a mess of my finances I go bust, nobody offers me substantial amounts of money to bail me out.
    While he gets an obscene amount of salary, perks, hand-outs,etc.
    Make him pay some of it back.
    Or would that be too simple?


  6. Totally agree..what a jerk..my daughter almost lost her house due to the bank…mortgage payments went through the roof,he wasn't directly responsible for it but it didn't help he was in the press all the time with his pension and payouts..thankfully i directed her to your blog..she reads it but never leaves a comment bit shy she is…however your ideas have enabled her and her chap and 2 littlies to get through it all and just about keep her head above water..little help from mum and dad at times but she did it..you inspired her to bite the bullet and just do it..
    New meds take time hun..you have to adjust to them..bloody awful though.
    Haven't managed a total no spend month..had to buy some new shoes for my tots and undies..but they are essentials in my books especially in my book.
    take care


  7. Hope the new meds make you feel better very soon.

    Thanks for your frugal inspiration and your great recipes. It`s much easier being frugal when you know that lots of other people out there are doing the same!


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