Tastes better than it looks

 Hello Dear Reader,

I’m back to feeling awful and unable to eat again! Soup is very curative and I needed the nutrients. I chopped: leeks, carrots, celery, used frozen spinach and haricot beans. I simmered it all in chicken stock (from cubes) and then blitzed it with the blender stick. I’ll have some today, more tomorrow. I was really tasty and just what I needed.

What do you cook when you don’t feel up to food?

Love Froogs xx


21 thoughts on “Tastes better than it looks

  1. Tinned tomatoes on toast is what we used to have when we were small and hadn't been well – I still feel comforted by that even now. As an adult I thin, like you FQ, that you can't beat a home made soup, so many nutrients – just what your body needs.

    I do hope you feel better soon – oh and the other thing that can make you feel better (and it's free) is lots of sleep and not trying to push your body to keep going when it's not well – I hope you are taking it easy Froogs, hot water bottle, vitamin C, plenty of rest and some of that lovely looking soup and you'll soon be fighting fit again. x


  2. Toast does it for me everytime, a nice thick slice buttered while it is just warm, so the butter doesn't disappear and it still stays crispy.

    Or sometimes with peanut butter on……mmmmm….you've gone and made me hungry now, it's a good job my tea is in the oven 🙂

    Have a good weekend. I hope you feel better soon.

    Sue xx


  3. I had a wonky gall bladder for about 10 years and just didn't want to go under the knife and have it out, so I suffered every time I had an attack. I would eat applesauce and broth. That worked until the end when I had to go in for surgery. Should have done it years earlier. You always do better with surgery when you are younger. Hope you feel better soon. I know what it is like to be hungry and not being able to eat!


  4. Depends on what is ailing me. If I have a cold, then homemade chicken soup is perfect. If the winter has gotten to me, then tuna noodle casserole or macaroni and cheese or my latest favorite, split pea soup, are for me.


  5. When I'm under the weather tomato soup with chunks of homemade bread does the trick.

    I love coffee but when I'm ill I can't bear the the smell or taste of it and I revert to tea drinking.

    Anyway I hope you are feeling better now.

    Linda xx


  6. Sorry to hear you have been ill. Not long to go before half term.
    When I am ill it has to be warm bread and butter.
    Although the day before my fourth child was born I had flu and hadn't eaten for days. My husband made me a banana and honey sandwich which was delicious.
    I have never felt like it before or since but maybe it is true that a meal made with love tastes wonderful whatever it is.


  7. Thank you for your good wishes and prayers! At least with my husband home ill these last two weeks, we've been company for each other – and one can get a cuppa when the other is feeling rough and vice versa.

    You are suffering too and I do hope you can get past this stage in your life. Life is no fun when some bit of your body is malfunctioning. Take care!

    We've eaten soup this week too. Definitely a good choice for us so I hope it works for you too : )


  8. Sorry you're sick! I am too – a cold.

    I get homemade chicken stock out of the freezer, put in lots of garlic or onions, parsley if I have any, dash of hot sauce, and at the end, noodles. So restorative. And I drink lots of tea with honey.


  9. I love soup…am making liots of it at the moment…i made a Chicken and Lemon soup last night (pictures to go up on the blog soon!). I also made chicken stock from scratch for the first time yesterday. I saw that you used chicken stock cubes (which is, stupidly, far more frugal than making your own – how do you even begin to contemplate that buying factory-made cubes could be less expensive than making your own stock?? At times its a silly world)..anyway, i find stock cubes really salty for soups – do you do anything to calm the slatiness down??



  10. I have been violently ill for over two days with diarrhea and vomiting, violently I tell you. When the worst was over, I had to have mashed potatoes and gravy, something I have never wanted after illness. Anne T, I was shocked when I read you wanted the same. My friends sort of think I am crazy.

    We did get tomato soup when were ill as children.


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