Quietly stashing it away.

Hello Dear Reader,

I’m planning another quilt, but this will be from entirely recycled fabric. I’ll use an old sheet from the airing cupboard as the backing. I’m aiming to create patterns this time and spend a lot more time on the design. I’m making my own ‘jelly rolls’ as I’ve been watching tutorials on You tube of how to use jelly rolls to create interesting patterns and designs.

I’ve put a wanted ad on my local freecycle, asking for men’s shirts or any cotton fabric. I’m also going through my own collection of fabric to see what I can use. It’s going to be a much longer process and may not be finished for a very long time. The colours may be blues and pinks but this quilt will turn out to be quite green!

Here’s the tutorial that I found really useful and hope to copy – enjoy!

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogsxx


18 thoughts on “Quietly stashing it away.

  1. I'm excited to follow your progress with this quilt. I have about three started, but not finished. I started one when my daughter was 12, another when she was 17, and a third I can't really remember. But I think she was younger than 12. She is now 32. Your's will go faster than that I am sure. I need to get these three finished. Think I will quilt along with you.


  2. Now that looks fun! What a great tutorial and what a nice, enthusiastic lady. I've a feeling your next quilt will surpass the lovely one you've just made.

    I'm following crochet tutorials on Youtube at the minute, I'm learning so much. It's a great way to improve your skills.

    Hope you get a result from Freecycle.

    Linda xx


  3. I've put out a call out on Freecycle too but for birthday party stuff, ribbons, pretty old pre-used wrapping paper, lace etc to decorate the garden for a party fit for a princess.

    I've also decluttered and have a shirt belonging to The Rambling Expat that is too sad to go to work. So I want to cut it up and sew the bits into new hankerchiefs.

    I love all this reusing. My feel good is bursting šŸ™‚


  4. I made a Christmas tree skirt using this tutorial. Don't worry, your quilt will grow quickly. The Misouri Star Quilt Co have some brill Youtube tutorials. Good luck with your quilt x


  5. That's a turn up. Earlier this evening I was planning my next quilt project, using a jelly roll. However, after seeing the price of them, I thought I'd make my own, using recyled fabric strips, of course.
    Echo what Lindsey says – Missouri Star Quilt co. on Youtue are brilliant. The music is strangely hypnotic as well. Good luck.


  6. I've never thought of making my own jelly rolls, will have to have a sort through the teens outgrown clothes……..better find out the size of jelly rolls first though.


  7. I love to limit myself to my stash or free fabric! I'm interested to see what you do. I've not seen many jelly roll designs, only because I haven't looked, I'm sure.


  8. Its so much fun making quilts from recycled fabric and perfectly captures the history and essence of the craft in a way that buying pre-cut does not. Just so you know there is now a batting/wadding on the market made from recycled plastic bottles, I think its called green dream, its also cheaper then standard polyester batting. Have fun and I look forward to seeing more


  9. Very excited by the jelly roll tutorial, thanks for posting. I have been sourcing recycled fabrics (including shirts, dresses, old pillow cases and duvet covers from the op shop) but hadn't thought of making the jelly rolls, great idea!


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