Old habits die hard

Hello Dear Reader,

In the autumn, I picked, cooked and froze all of the remaining Bramley apples off our tree. It’s only a few years old, but last year gave us a bumper crop. My portions were large and here’s the remainder of the apple sauce we had from lunch today. I don’t add any sugar to my apple sauce in fact, I just add lemon juice to stop it going brown. As we had a piece of pork, with lots of veg, we didn’t need any dessert. In fact, we rarely have any at all. Inactivity and age means we have to watch our portion sizes and make sure we always leave the table feeling we could eat some more! It’s a good rule to live by.

 I made a crumble mix with 3oz of plain flour, 3oz of marg, which I rubbed together and added a table spoon of sugar to the crumble and a tablespoon, which I stirred through the apple sauce. We’ll have something small for dinner tomorrow night to leave room for a dessert. I’ll keep the apple crumble in the fridge and I won’t cook it until I have the mini oven on tomorrow and I’ll squeeze it in somehow. We’ll have instant custard with it too. I din’t want to re-freeze the apple sauce as I’ve already defrosted it.

What old money saving habits can you not let go of?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxx


13 thoughts on “Old habits die hard

  1. I always have to get the last of anything out of bottles and jars, either by scraping, adding water and shaking, depending what it is and when its ketchup I add a drop of vinegar and shake. Also, I no longer use fabric softener but add white or brown vinegar to the wash as it doesn't leave a chip shop smell like people think and I use it for a lot of cleaning jobs.

    If anyone is interested, I explain how to make easy Butter on my blog today.
    Frugal Freesia


  2. We've just had the remnants of a chicken casserole, which I found in the freezer, made into a chicken pie. There's enough pie left for dinner tomorrow night, stretched with a few veg (from the freezer again).
    Left overs are indeed the makings of a new meal.
    Love from Mum


  3. one of the things I do is colect all the slithers of used soap and then when I have enough I re make them into a bar for the kitchen sink. or the downstairs loo. I also take an old towel and make flannels and the real rggy/ thin fabric I make into all purpose cloths ising up my leftocer odd bits of cotton to sew the edes to stop them freying. another thing is to slice up old rubber gloves fro makeshift elastic bands and like Freisia i scrape out the lasr from shampoo bottle and the lile. I have also been know to water down sainsburys basic hair conditioner using onlt a 3rd and topping it up to 500ml it still goths through my hair a treat but I use much less again if I use a wide toothed cobe to help it through. I also always never use the hairdryer on my hair.Another thing I do when I get home is instantly chanege out of my “day” clothes and inot my very old sloppys so the nice ones get a longer lifespan and are not washed too often.


  4. That's really strange. I've just come on to read your blog and you've just shown a picture of apple crumble which I've just made to night, exactly the same quantities as I made. There's enough for husband to have tomorrow too.

    Apple crumble has got to be one of my favourite puddings although I don't make them that often because he has diet controlled diabetes, so the doc says!


  5. you know I do a lot of things that I never think about as being an old frugal money saving habit, but I guess they are.

    I always wash out my freezer bags to use again, unless they have had meat in them.

    I made tomato sauce on Saturday from tomatoes from the summer I had put whole in the freezer.

    Gill in Canada


  6. I always measure my laundry soap, one TBs is all I use. Wash most of my laundry in cold water. Never waste food. Menu plan. Buy all groceries on sale if possible. Raise all our meat and some veg/fruit. Do without.


  7. Saving all veggie water for use in soups, saving the good rubber glove to turn inside out when the next one goes and using the 'holey' one for plant ties or rubber bands.

    Tipping ALL bottles upside down to get every last bit out and decanting into a pump dispenser to get measured doses of things.

    Using toilet roll tubes for starter pots for seeds and pop bottles for mini cloches.

    Oh so many, it just becomes so automatic I have to stop and think sometimes as I do them and tell myself to Blog about them in case there's someone out there who hasn't thought of it yet.

    We are all after ideas and what is the norm to us is sometimes a revelation to others, could be why I keep popping over here for more good tips 🙂

    Sue xx


  8. Dear Froogs,

    I rinse sauce bottles with a little wine. The left-over is then better than the original!

    Great year for apples. Last year our cooking apples lasted until the June drop. They didn@t look much by then but were OK for cooking, grating to put in bread and cakes etc. to improve the texture. The June droppers get used too, although they are rather sharp.

    Your water price sounds much higher than United Utilities. That is £1.70 per 1000l – so it is still 2p a flush or there abouts. We have a standing charge too of about £40 pa.

    May I ask a question? Do you have a budget for household things. I wondered what your thoughts were on the cost of frugally (or wisely) living and running a house for a year. Obviously in the news there is comment on people who struggle on £26K after tax, but I suppose that includes the cost of housing. I am interested to know what you think is possible.

    Pensioners must manage on £5K pa but they may possibly also get help with housing costs.

    Many thanks for all your tips. Your blog and your examples bring these things alive.


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