Flash in the pan

 Hello Dear Reader,

I thought I would share a trick, that I used to employ to get as many veggies as I could into my children. They ate anything, they were given what we had and if they didn’t like it they were just left to go without. That way, they always ate whatever they were given. They loved stir fry and most children that I know also love it. The vegetables are left with colour and crunch and look and taste appetising. Today I made a variation on the theme of Chow Mein. I took: one chicken breast, one onion and one red pepper and chopped the lot into small cubes and threw them into a sizzling wok with some vegetable oil that was at smoking point. I then opened a bag of curly kale, very cheaply bought from Lidl and stirred half of it through the mixture. If you have children and you need to convince them to eat their vitamin rich dark green cabbage, such as savoy or spring greens, then finely shred them and add them to stir fry, you can also ‘hide’ them in spaghetti sauce.

 I then added some noodles that I’d already cooked and two sachets of Chow Mein sauce (I always buy them when they’re bogoffs or three for £1)

 Dinner was then served in the flash of a pan. The noodles are dropped in a pan of boiling water and they’re cooked by the time I chopped the onion, pepper and chicken breast. The kale and red pepper is packed with vitamins, the sauce is low fat and low calorie and it’s totally delicious.

Total costs? Chicken £1, pepper 33p, onion 25p, sauce 33p noodles 40p kale 35p – Freshly cooked, Chow Meinish! £1.33 each. I also saved the hassle of walking to the take away, where chicken chow mein costs £4.40 each! I googled their take away menu and wouldn’t dream of wasting £8.80 on two take away meals that I could make for pennies and in minutes!

What do you make that saves you a fortune that you would otherwise spend at the take away?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs


12 thoughts on “Flash in the pan

  1. We had home made takeaway tonight.I made homemade burgers,homemade chips and a recipe from the secret book of takeaways an American burger dressing simple but delicious. cost less than the cost of 1 burger and chips in a well known burger chain


  2. Last night we had pasta with dry-fried button squash slices, strips of salami and basil pesto tossed through it. Cost??

    Pasta 69c/500g pack from Aldi = 18c
    Button squash from the garden = free
    Salami @ $17.99/kg = $1.80
    Basil pesto – leftovers from guest contribution to weekend BBQ = free

    99c per serve. The comment from The Duke was, “You would pay $20 for this in a restaurant”.

    I try not to waste anything so we have some pretty creative meals.

    Also, thank you for the Oatey Mincemeat Slice recipe. I made it last week and we ave it for snacks in our packed lunches.


  3. Home made pizzas, the bases are always so thick and lovely.(On the rare occasions I use the breadmaker to make the dough, I'll make a few batches and freeze the dough). I chop up various toppings, peppers, tomatoes, sweetcorn, pepperoni, slap a bit of tomato puree on them, chop up two bags of value mozzerella – 47p each – Twiglet has a whale of a time being pizza chef and doing the design work (usually faces 🙂 in the oven for 10 mins and there we have it 2 pizzas for around £2.00 – if that, as we use whatever veg is in tins on the cupboard or whatever is in the fridge. Bought ones always taste a bit pants now.
    Twiggy x


  4. When my children were teenagers I used to make 2 huge pizzas on Saturday evening and put them on the kitchen table with big bowls of salad. Our 4 and anyone who was passing would just help themselves, and they still talk about how everyone enjoyed Saturday evenings at our house!


  5. We do buy takeaways sometimes but we made a stir fry today. Like you we use just a little chicken and I like mushrooms because they are sort of meaty and make it seem like there's more chicken. I make a stir fry sauce from peanut butter in a dish and mix in enough soy sauce to make it a bit runny; I make my own peanut butter so it's sugar free but we used bought stuff at a friends and that was good too.


  6. I think my answer would be pizza.

    I either use a supermarket cheapo pizza as a base or make a scone type base myself (or if being very frugal just a thick slice of homemade bread each that has gone stale sliced and lightly toasted).

    We then top it with all the leftovers in the fridge, with some meat for LH and finish off with a big handful of whatever cheese there is or dots of goats cheese or mozerella if we have it.

    Very yummy, very filling and so much more than you get on a bought pizza at a fraction of the cost.

    And …..it only takes 20 minutes from start to finish.

    Sue xx


  7. We are having a Mexican phase in my house – nothing better than a plate of Nachos (nothing wrong with Sainsburys 16p bags!) with a tin of refried beans, Jalepinos (a jar in the fridge goes a long long way and lasts ages) a little grated cheese, relish and sour cream. The whole thing is about 1.50 per head and we love it!


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