East, meets Provence, meets ‘eh up m’duck’!

Hello Dear Reader,

I’ve got my appetite back! So? East, meets Provence, meets ‘eh up duck?’ – The east is the mushroom rice – from :Lidl and you just stick it in the popty-ping for three minutes and serve. Provence? is the ratatouille and the ‘eh up, m’duck’ is the faggots. I may have mentioned that mum is from Derby and we were visiting relatives in Matlock and, as a child I was given faggots, chips and mushy peas. I was sent to the chippy with the cousins and we ate the steaming hot food out of wrappers on the street corners. As a country girl, I thought I was in Shangri-la! It’s an odd combination of the bottom of the fridge, the stock cupboard staples and faggots from the freezer!

What’s your oddest combination?

Love Froogs


12 thoughts on “East, meets Provence, meets ‘eh up m’duck’!

  1. Just to let you know that we are having faggots tonight using your recipe, they are absolutely jummy.
    Have made today 3 apple and mincemeat streudels using apples frozen from last year half a jar of mincemeat left over from xmas and breadcrumbs plus walnuts from our walnut tree and the pastry was half price makes a lovely treat.
    Can't think of any strange combinations that we eat but certainly don't waste anything.


  2. I would often have “smorgasbord” night with all the leftovers. That was when the kids were at home, but now I just take these bits and bobs in my lunch to heat up at work. I am much more likely to eat what is there, as opposed to DH who like to eat things that “go” together. He was seriously spoiled by his mom 🙂


  3. My weird combos/meals are a result of my slackness when it comes to labelling my packages in the freezer. One night we had chili con carne with pasta because I thought it was bolognaise sauce until it had been thawed and heated.

    The other classic was warm mango puree and a piece of toast for lunch. I took what I thought was pumpkin soup to work for lunch and when I checked to see hot it was in the microwave I discovered my mistake. I didn't want to go and buy anything so I just ate it along with my piece of toast!


  4. Hi Froogs
    Had to smile when I read your post, my mum is also from Derby, I was born and raised in Alfreton, just down the road from Matlock, where my sister now lives – it's a small world! When I told my south African husband about faggots he fell about laughing and wouldn't believe they existed 🙂
    Take care


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