Filling the cake tin

Hello Dear Reader,

Oatey Mincemeat slice

I thought I would share today’s baking with you. I’ve made Shortbread and Oaty mincemeat slices. I never go to a cook book and think I’ll make that, then go out and buy the ingredients. I go to my cupboards and think about what I can make with what I have. Today I used the last jar of mincemeat. I know it could have stayed in the cupboard until next Christmas, but this recipe is so easy and it used up what I had. I also use the baking tins I have, I don’t have anything square so I make them in a loose bottomed cake tin! It will do!

I used 5oz of margarine, 3 oz sugar (I had soft brown so I used that) and I melted them together in a saucepan. I then added 8oz of plain flour and 4oz of porridge oats to a mixing bowl and then stirred the melted butter and sugar mix through. I divided the mixture in half, and using the back of a spoon, pushed the ingredients to cover the base of the pan. I then poured in a jar of my homemade mincemeat and then repeated the process with the topping. Push it down firmly, don’t leave any gaps. I baked that at 200 degrees for 20 minutes.


The next thing I made for the tea tin, was shortbread. It is the easiest to make. I added 8oz of block margarine, 4oz of sugar (again, all I had was soft brown, so that’s what I used) and 12 oz of plain flour, tipped it all in my food processor, just as if I was going to make pastry, added two drops of vanilla essence and switched it on, When it all came together, I tipped it into a cake tin and again, with the back of a spoon, pushed it into and around the tin, until the base was covered. I always mark it into 8 pieces, it’s homemade so no need to be stingy and then, with a tea spoon, push the sides away from the tin. It stops it burning and gives it the traditional petticoat tail pattern. I baked the shortbread in the same oven but for only 15 minutes at 200. My oven is a bit unpredictable so may not be 200, but in fact a bit cooler. You will have to adjust this to suit your oven.

Oatey Mincemeat slice at the top and shortbread at the bottom

Here’s the finished results, cooling and ready to go into the cake tin. Most people serve shortbread with a sprinkle of caster sugar on top, I haven’t got any, so we’ll do without. Both of these would make Tesco’s ‘Finest’ seem bland and cheap, but these cost pennies. My house smells diving and I’m looking forward to a cup of tea and a nice bit of cake this afternoon.

What’s going into your cake tin this week?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs


27 thoughts on “Filling the cake tin

  1. I made a chocolate sponge traybake last night, and some scones, rather large ones, to the Paul Hollywood recipe on the BBC website. Most of those have gone already as they were enjoyed last night, and some have gone in the lunchboxes this morning. Love the mincemeat slice idea – my OH would definitely like that and I do have homemade mincemeat left. Will make a note of it – thanks for sharing. x


  2. Well, NOW I think there may be some oaty mincemeat slices-= having just discovered half a jar of mincement to use up!
    Round tins are infinitely easier to work with – three cheers for loose bottomed tarts!


  3. I made a cobbler the other day with cherry pie filling that was home canned and some dough on the top. It was gone in an afternoon. I too have been using what we have, made another pot of garbage can soup! I take all the leftovers in the fridge along with some meat scraps add it to the crockpot for a soup, chicken noodle was the soup this week. We got two dinners for 4 and 2 lunch bowls from the pot. Feels good to use up what we have.


  4. These look delicious! My mother always used brown sugar for her shortbread-it had great flavour.
    I have cut back on the sweets, so I am drooling on the keyboard 🙂


  5. I am seriously trying to avoid cakes but poor old hubby needed cheering up so I made vanilla and blueberry cake yesterday. (Frozen blueberries and vanilla extract) He and a visiting friend said it'd lovely. (Don't tempt me…)


  6. Could you use something else besides mincemeat?? I'm not sure your mincemeat is the same as ours here in the US.

    I've made shortbread in the past and it was very expensive to make because it called for REAL butter…and a LOT of it!

    It's interesting to read your blog and how different your cooking and baking is compared to ours 🙂


  7. As soon as I get round to it there will be Apple Shortcake to use up the few Bramleys that have been in the fridge for weeks! I do it much the same as your mincemeat slice except with a shortcake mixture and roll it out a little bit to help it lay in the tin evenly. The mincemeat with oats sounds yummy!


  8. Might try the shortbread receipe as it looks really tasty. I've got some leek and Potato soup cooking at the minute. It should last me until monday. Have a nice weekend. Lisa xxx


  9. I core and stuff a couple of cooking apples with mincemeat and bake them, lovely with custard.
    It is tiffin this week and a dundee cake; all from my store cupboards. I never use margerine ; by shopping around I can buy get inexpensive butter which I think is healthier; the cheapest isnt always the best choice for me.


  10. I have several jars of strawberry jam… thinking of doing something a little bit like that with it… I resisted temptation today in the stores and bought no treats- only the things on my list, knowing I have sugar and flour and ingredients at home I could make something yummy with! Especially now that it is the weekend and should have the time…

    Thanks for the inspiration to stay on track!!!!!


  11. Chocolate biscuit fridge cake – or tiffin. It used up all the biscuits going soft in the biscuit tin, You are supposed to use rich tea, but I use whatever is around. Yum!


  12. Thanks for the recipes. I will try the Oaty Mincemeat with my leftover jar of mincemeat, but not until the Christmas cake has been eaten.

    Like you, I make things with what is in the cupboard and I buy baking ingredients when they are on offer, so my Christmas cake was a very frugal one and still delicious.


  13. Mmm, both look lovely, i'll have to remember these for another weeks baking session. It looks as if we spent the day doing similar things. Some other good ideas in the comments from others too.


  14. Okay , I have a question … in Australia when we say 'mincemeat' …we are talking about some chuck steak that has been put through a mincer . Are you saying that you made a sweet slice and then put meat in it?


  15. I try not to bake very often as husband is diet controlled diabetic. I allow him some cake occasionally but feel if I've baked it we have got to eat it.

    The shortbread looks lovely but the mincemeat is far too sweet for me. Shortbread is my absolute favourite biscuit! I can't resist it, so don't have it often.


  16. I will definitely be making the mincemeat slice. I made my own fruit mince and I have heaps left in the fridge. It lasts for ages so no problem there.

    Other than that I will be making a banana cake using 2 slightly over-ripe bananas that I rescued from the rubbish bin in the office kitchen. I was appalled when I saw the waste of some people.

    The recipes for the fruit mince and banana cake are both on my blog.

    Thank you Froogs for the yummy inspiration.

    Fairy xx


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