Battle stations.

 Hello Dear Reader,

I’ve had a fight with the UFO today and the UFO won! I took some very good advice I was given yesterday and stuck the backing and the batting to the floor. I used duck tape! That bad boy was going no where this time! After a few harsh words with the quilt which refused to be ironed and petulantly kept throwing itself on the floor, I then managed to carry the topping to meet the batting and the backing and the battle began. I worked very slowly and only sprayed the adhesive very lightly so I could pull it apart and get it right if I needed to.

The whole process still took ages. I now have joint pain, I’m exhausted and that’s it for today. It’s going to be a joy to sew it together without it wriggling around between pins. I wish I’d discovered spray adhesive years ago. I did investigate getting it long arm quilted and the costs are very reasonable but in the end, I decided it defeated the object of making it myself if I sent it away to be finished by somebody else. I’m sure they could have done with the work and the money they’d earn from it but I shall squirrel the money away to pay off some more mortgage capital.

The quilt is three metres by three metres or twelve feet by twelve feet and I’m going to very slowly get the actual quilting done. If I don’t find some more energy, it will take years. I’ll keep you all up to date with the progress.

As ever, thanks so much for the really kind comments and it’s always lovely to hear from you. Today, why don’t you all share a herculean task you undertook, that took you ages, maybe even years, and how you managed to get it done in the end. I look forward to your stories.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs


29 thoughts on “Battle stations.

  1. Keep going. It took me two and a half years to do my two single quilts [total area around two thirds of yours – and my blocks were bigger – so a lot less work involved]But the satisfaction of seeing them on the twin beds is wonderful.

    I love the colours on yours

    When it is finally completed the quilt will warm your body and the satisfaction will warm your soul

    blessings x


  2. Your quilt looks lovely and “sits” perfectly. All even and no pulling at the seams. Too bad you can't sit a quilting frame up in your livingroom and invite us all over every Saturday afternoon for a quilting bee! I love all the ladies that comment here and know I would enjoy time spent with them in real life. That I am in the USA and some are in Australia shouldn't stop us at all! We will pot luck our meals.


  3. That's beautifully colourful. I made a hand-pieced quilt in 2″ squares for our king size bed and the top took me 3 years. I machined larger squares for the backing. The only place big enough to lay it out was the garden, so a friend helped me lay rolls of second hand carpet on the grass, hoover it(!) and lay it all out and pin and tack it. We were younger and fitter then and it still killed us.


  4. ooh that's such a lovely quilt, really zingy bright colours, it would be lovely snuggled under it whilst camping. I'm raiding my fabric stash this week and making an eiderdown for the end of our double bed 1.5m x 1m, stuffed with an old cut down single duvet, so no expense or outlay involved, other than time!


  5. Love the quilt, keep working, it will be so worth it. I have a hexagon quilt to finish, well, to start really! I have some hexagons my grandmother began work on in the 70s or 80s)but never finished, and I plan to continue making those and sew them all up into a quilt … one day.


  6. I love the colours and the patterns you have chosen.

    I started a patchwork quilt when I was about 19, handsewing hexagons together into big patches and then planning to sew the patches together. They are all in a bag, still in the patches, some of the patches not finished….I hope it will get finished one day, but not in this season of my life, I'm afraid.


  7. The quilt is going to look amazing once it's finished, Froogs. As for my herculean task, that has to be the novel I started writing over 10 years ago. It was all written longhand as I didn't use the computer then. A few years later I had to type it up. Then it was left for a few more years. Finally in 2010 I started rewriting and bringing it up to date. It took 18 months and then I discovered I could publish it for free through Amazon Kindle. So finally, in September 2011, my lifelong dream of being a published author came true and my novel (all 857 pages of it) was released on Kindle. It hasn't been an overnight success but then I haven't publicised it much, so that's my goal for this year plus writing the sequel.


  8. Years ago when my first son was still a baby and not even crawling, I used to watch a quilting how-to show on PBS called “Quilt In a Day.” The lady made it look so easy to machine sew using the assembly line method, so I began a baby quilt and a full size bed quilt for my mother in the Flying Geese pattern. Needless to say, it took waaaay longer than a day, more like two months, but the end result was satisfying. I machine quilted in the seams, but that was cumbersome nevertheless. I still have some unfinished projects from back then that I need to bring out and complete. Good luck with your project!


  9. Every quilt I make is a hurculean task! Yours will look super when finished. You are the second person this week to mention using spray baste and I think I will give it a try on the cot quilt that I'm just about to layer up. An easier size to wrestle with than yours!


  10. It is already looking gorgeous! For the one and only quilt I've actually finished to date, I used Hobbs fusible batting so both the front and back were ironed to the batting before quilting. It needed repositioning and re-ironing several times despite being just over 4ft square but it saved a lot of stress!!


  11. Looks good, keep going, remember your own words “If it all seems an uphill struggle, imagine the view from the top”

    I'm only a man and it might sound a strange thought, but wht do you want a quilt 12' square (did I resd it right?)


  12. The quilt looks amazing and I'm in awe at you for being able to even tackle such taks! I'm taking a lot of frugal tips from you but I know any attempts at sewing are well beyond me. Keep going – I am sure you won't be defeated.

    Hope your joint pain gets better.

    M. X


  13. I would check the batting, most only require quilting every 8-12 inches, you don't have to every seem on the strips, you could drawn a horizontal grid across the quilt in washable pen and then quilt across this each by hand or with your sewing machine. Also if you do it by the hand the stitches do not have to be tiny, consistency is the most important factor


  14. Your quilt looks fantastic and I am in awe!

    My herculean task is started but definitely not finished. I am scanning all of my pre-digital photos (about 2000 of them) which I have done but now is the sorting, arranging and cataloguing which will be an ongoing process for some time. I would like to say I will report when it is all done but please don't hold your breath waiting!


  15. Glad the tape idea worked, it is looking great. My longest project was a sweater that took 19 yrs (yes you read that right) to finish. I saw the pattern in a magazine and ran right out and bought the yarn. Between 3 babies, a full time job, and starting a business it took this long to finish. I did modify the collar so it is more in style and I have lost some weight,so I can even wear it now!
    Our family business is longarm quilting, so my quilts don't sit very long unfinished.
    Happy Quilting


  16. Froogs you can quilt this one with a primitive stitch…use pearl cotton and take larger more decorative sitches…

    I have a few dozen hand pieced quilt tops that need quilting…I love to piece but not to quilt…so this year am saving my change to have a few long arm quilted…would love to give them as gifts…


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