Tackling the UFO…………and the many others!

 Hello Dear Reader!

Usually, I make quilts out of what ever I can glean. I buy clothes from jumble sales, where most items are 20p and I cut them up, just for the material. Men’s shirts are the best, you can get loads of material out of them, next to that is long flared skirts or the backs of dresses. I know, you probably think it’s a waste but I’ve made several quilts this way and I can assure you, it is the cheapest way to get cotton fabric. Last year, I bought some ‘layer cakes’ and some ‘jelly rolls’ made by Moda and made a beautifully screamingly loud technicolour dreamcoat of a quilt topping. I even bought the spray adhesive to bast the quilt together!I sewed the backing together, bought the batting and then promptly ran out of time.

 The quilt is three metres by three metres and as it’s so huge, I have to put it together on the floor. This is not going to be perfect, like me……it will have wrinkles!!!! I’ll just have to get over it! The backing is lime green with multi-coloured tiny flowers and the binding will be hot pink! Watch the progress of the next few days and I’ve a list of crafty objects to get on with and this bugger is first on my list! Today, I managed to glue the backing to the basting, felt unwell and gave up, smug in the achievement that I’d managed to do anything at all.

I just thought I’d give you another glimpse of the homemade faggots. I’m unable to eat at the moment for unhealthy health reasons, I won’t go into details! So, DB’s going to have to eat mine as well! All served up on one of my lovely utility petal ware plates. I won’t be rooting around flea markets for any of these this year!

Ok, as ever, over to you all. What UFOs do you have lurking? What’s gathering dust under the stairs that just has to be finished!

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs


20 thoughts on “Tackling the UFO…………and the many others!

  1. I always have loads of projects on the go. usually in the knitting and crocheting department.

    When I get bored with the one, I'll carry on with another and back again. Works fine for me.


  2. It's a looooong list. I finished, just 2 days ago, a scrap wool, striped, crochet cat/lap blanket that's been hanging around for yonks. I have another 2 crochet blankets to finish, several pairs of pyjama trousers to make for DH (out of a piece of flanellette I was given – groovy orange paisley – and an old green sheet we never use). And the rest….


  3. I am on a cash diet, and working on my ufo's! Have spent this week cleaning my craft room, and cooking more to eat at home. Your blog is truly inspirational. I have tried to live on a budget, but was never really willing to do the hard work of staying on it. That has changed, I am sticking with it this year!


  4. UFO's, erm how long have you got!
    I started a denim quilt from son's old jeans and too small trousers and shirts years ago, that's first on my 'one project a month' list this year.

    Josie x


  5. Where do I begin? Ripple stitch afghan, made out of remnant skeins from my mother's stash. Knitted mitts for a friend. Dittoes dishcloth from cotton yarn. A blouse which just lacks buttons & holes. Plenty of fabric waiting to be made into skirts & dresses & pajamas!


  6. FINALLY about to finish a lovely cotton cable knit scarf. Will probably save it for a Christmas gift, and begin another soon.
    I must have a look in my craft room, as you have inspired me to get my arse in gear and get stuff done! No more UFO's in this house!


  7. Two scarves, half finished. A room to finish painting. Towels to turn into bath mats (need to get sewing machine fixed, although I am sure that I can hand sew these if necessary, just need to do it. Am decluttering so finding more things as I go along. Am putting one thing in my diary a week in hope that this is a reminder to get things done. Won't be able to beat the 10 years it took me to finish a jumper, which then did not fit at all.


  8. I started to make a waste paper basket for our sitting room, in the best junior school tradition of glueing papier mache over our existing bathroom bin for a mould! It is finished, but naked, and I suppose I have the 'fun' part still to do, covering it with decorative paper,but i've been putting in off for months! So I will sort out my paper stash tomorrow, and get on with it!
    Then there is the great photo sorting project, and the scrapbooking project…the list goes on and on…!


  9. After 2 years of having it sit around I was able to finish up Dds quilt for her B-day last week. I don't mess with bindings or batting- just piece the top and then use fleece on the back. It came out really cute! For the top(quilt) pieces I use mostly left overs from other sewing projects and a lot of that material I got free on Freecycle and I trade with a friend…. It felt so good to get this project off my to-do list!!! I am trying to use up fabric, beads and crafting materials this year with out buying anything new.


  10. I found a smocked sampler I started about 5 years ago and decided to finish it for a February challenge at a guild. It's beautiful. Supposed to look like lace when its finished. I picked it up and after an hour remembered why I put it down. Very involved, but I am going to finish it and make it into something. Maybe a needlecase. I have at least 30 years of UFO's from stitching classes I took. I am afraid to count them.


  11. For your wadding try a fleece from Ikea for £1.99. This is great for quilting for either machine or hand quilting. For the backing I use sheets or duvets covers from a charity shop. Happy quilting from Dianne – Hereford.


  12. Oh loads of stuff as usual! I have an “I Spy” quilt top which I need to add a border to (have just ordered some wadding this week) and then find something to back it with and make up. I have a piece of patchwork that I need to back and make into a roman blind + another for which I also need to make a matching one for a second window. I'll stop there before it all sounds too daunting!!!!!


  13. oh dear. This all started off with my grand daughter seeing my crochet hooks and wanting to learn (she's only 5 so a bit too young). A colleague at work also wants to learn, so I thought I'd best have a go as I haven't done crochet for quite a while. Grandma taught me when I was 7 and it is a very natural craft to me. Anyway, since Easter last year, new grand daughter has 3 various size blankets, have made two as gifts for new babies, plus made a king size one for our bed. Daughter saw king size cover and went mad, now wants one, so I can see what I'll be making for Christmas. At work we are starting a knitting/crochet group to teach people to knit or crochet or just to get going again. All the squares we make we are going to donate to a domestic violence refuse for the children who go in with nothing.


  14. Tape the edges of the back down to the floor with masking(painters tape) so it is taught. just a piece in each corner and one at the midpoint of each side, spray on the spray baste and smooth down the batting (wadding). Spray baste again and smooth on your top. No wrinkles in your back!!
    Happy quilting.


  15. Haha….. you had me completely confused for a minute!!

    To me a UFO is an 'unidentified freezer object'….we thaw them out and eat them, once we know what they are…..a few surprises have been forthcoming recently….lol!!

    An unfinished crafting item is a WIP….'work in progress'….and guess what, I sold all mine at a car boot sale at the end of last Summer, I could no longer stand the pressure of this pile of things looking, nay GLARING at me. I was fascinated by the folk who were keen to buy them, most even said they would just be added to their pile of WIP's.

    I felt such relief when they had gone. Now if I start a job I finish it immediately or bin it….the new ruthless me!!

    Sue xx


  16. I've just finished a purple and pink tie-die and ditzy flower print curtain for my friend's new home and have a stack of fabric waiting to be made into a quilted bedspread for my Dad. I love quilting and would love to see more of yours


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