Spending nothing and eating left overs

Hello Dear Reader,

Today, we’ve been out, had coffee and cake and it didn’t cost a penny. We went to Seaton Beach and walked our dogs. Most beaches in Cornwall have dog bans and it was amazing to let them play on the sand. The beach was covered in dismembered kelp which looked prehistoric as was so long and frondy. The tide was out and it was a delight to clamber over the rocks and poke around rock pools. There was a cafe on the beach and it looked well used and popular. We didn’t use it. We found a bench with a lovely view and got the coffee and cake out that we’d taken with us. Parking was free, so our morning out didn’t cost us anything but the fuel to get there.

On Friday, we had some slow cooked beef brisket and we ate half of it, the rest got wrapped in foil and popped in the fridge. I sliced it and made up some gravy and put it to reheat in my mini oven. I roasted some potatoes, carrots and parsnips with a spray of low calorie oil and put them both in the mini oven.

Here’s the finished result. Roast beef and all the trimmings. This afternoon, we’ll dismantle a couple of pallets and chop them up for kindling. I’ve cleaned the drive and had another scrub of the patio.We’ve managed to spend nothing yet this January. It’s unseasonally warm and we don’t need to burn too much wood or light the fire until the evening. Anyone who reads this blog for the first time today must think I’m the world’s biggest misery guts but not spending money and living simply gives me peace.

In this busy world, we all need all the peace we can get.

Love Froogs xxx


23 thoughts on “Spending nothing and eating left overs

  1. Froogs, your dinner looks wonderful. I have had a setback with the no spend plan. A major vehicle repair at $651 dollars. At least we had funds to pay, as we did not go into debt this year for Christmas, and I had started an emergency fund last year. While you cannot plan for everything, you can have some set aside for “just in case”. I am working on a quilt for my son's birthday-made from fabric that I have already. All gifts this year will be handmade.
    Take care,


  2. LOL, Froogs….I read your blog BECAUSE you are “the world's biggest misery guts”!!!! I've learned to re-think my grocery list and what we REALLY need instead of what we WANT. I've also cut down on unnecessary spending in several areas of our life.

    Keep on being frugal 🙂


  3. Oh my, please pass a plate, that looks delicious! Certainly my type of Sunday comfort meal cooking. Good for you to find some free recreation. Many here recreate by shopping the Mall on a weekly basis. We're the family that goes maybe twice a year, to a specific store, with a specific purchase in mind. In, out and back on the road. No sense window shopping for things you don't need, choose not to pay for. Sounds like you had a wonderful day!


  4. Nooooo not a misery guts at all !!!! A true inspiration to me and my little family. We are still working on our £40 a week for food, i messed up this week and didnt get enough milk so had to call and spend £1 on four pints of milk but we are still sticking to it. I went shopping on Wednesday and could do with not going again until Friday as that is my day off and I cant be bothered to go before then.
    Sarah x


  5. 'In this busy world, we all need all the peace we can get.'

    I agree completely and it's so relaxing knowing that you are on track with life, no hankering after things you don't really need that take up space you don't really have. It rests the soul.

    You could NEVER be described as a 'misery guts' in my opinion.

    Sue xx


  6. Foogs definitely not a misery guts to echo others words. Early hours of this morning I looked over last years bank statements to see where we could save money. 15 visits to a supermarket in one month. What a shock! and I am not a shopaholic. I work near to 3 so 'popped in' for milk or something and spent £20 / £30 a time. Enough. I know that's not much to some, but it's ridiculous to me. So…lightbulb moment…I will only go in once a week max. and more ideas. Don't stop inspiring. I for one love to think there are others out there wanting to living frugally, simply and happily. I'm in your gang! Thanks.


  7. Hi FQ you are an inspiration to us all and far from been a misery guts! Hope you dont mind me asking but how does your DB handle/cope with your fantastic frugal ways?? His he totally on board with frugalling?? My hubby has taken a while to change his ways, but he is getting there even more so since he was made redundant.
    It's a nice feeling is peace and it's something I did not experience in my younger days when we were deep in debt.
    Keep up the good work xx


  8. Fantastic. I wish I lived somewhere that had some beauty so that I could just take a flask of tea and admire the views. Nonetheless, I need to take inspiration from you and stop spending so much money.


  9. So many frugality blogs seem to have a “nothing new under the sun” nature to them… and while that is true to an extent, *the way you do it* is fresh and new to me and I appreciate it VERY much! thank you!


  10. Your dinner looks delicious. We will be having leftover homemade soup. And nothing would make me happier than knowing the doctor is figuring out what is causing your migraines.


  11. I love your posts FQ and share your outlook on frugal living.
    I love flasks and sandwiches instead of paying about a fiver for them.
    I live a couple of miles from Chatsworth House in the Peak District and when they had their big Bonfire Night display, I drove my car to a little track on top of the moor and watched it for free whist having a flask of hot chocolate and homemade cookie. Keep on with you inspirational posts. I often think of you when I'm out and about.


  12. Yummy dinner and you had a lovely day out. I'm taking a page from your book right now and cooking extra for the freezer. I'm not doing a special bulk cook day but cooking double every time I make something and either freezing the extra or leaving it in the fridge for lunches throughout the week. And when I turn my oven on I make sure I fill it with extras for the freezer. I have enough already for a whole week's extra meals. And I don't think you're a misery, as you seem to enjoy saving your money and have turned frugality into an art. I'm still working on it but also enjoy seeing how far I can stretch the pennies. Keep up the good work.


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