Use it up and wear it out!

 Hello Dear Reader,

My mini oven is a bit like I feel today, getting on a bit and knackered! I can’t clean the bottom as I can’t get my pudgy hands under the elements at the bottom. You’ll just have to cope with the fusty nature of my old mini oven. I’ve had it since 2007 so it’s doing really well considering it cost me £15 from Dixons. Just like my oven, some of my meals are just ‘that’ll do’. After watching Jamie Oliver mince meat in his food processor, just pop it in a use the ‘pulse’ button. I used a ‘here’s one I made earlier’ turkey con carne. That too had an element of ‘that’ll do. I didn’t have any kidney beans so I used some tinned cannelini beans. In turn, I didn’t have any beef, so I used turkey. I’ll always find an alternative if I’ve got it in store.

So, I defrosted the turkey con carne and heated it through in the mini oven along with some Tesco Value oven chips! I know how to live it up on a Saturday night! I also used had some salad for a 15p from Morrisons! I love end of the day bargains! To be truthful, Dearly Beloved made supper tonight as I’ve just emerged from a two day migraine and I couldn’t stand long enough to cook!

Thanks DB! I really enjoy it when some one else cooks for me!

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


15 thoughts on “Use it up and wear it out!

  1. We just don't get those end of day discounts you seem to get (I am in the US). Your meals always look so good! The breads, etc are just taken away from the shop here and donated to various places; I would love the chance to buy the at a reduced price!


  2. Hope you feel better soon. My DB has just retired to the spare bed with man flu. He will feel better tomorrow. He has left me with a woodburner throwing out the heat and a glass of whisky, a Christmas presant from my son.

    Best wishes,

    Dianne -Hereford


  3. Just like Lynda said, we do not have those end of the day sales here in the US. I have never seen them where I live at least. I wish they would do that especially for the bread because it is up to $4 or more now for a loaf. It's all getting out of hand.
    Your dinner looked lovely. You've got a great husband who you can rely on.


  4. It looks lovely, and I bet it tasted especially good knowing your DB had cooked it for you.

    So nice to have 'a man who can'.

    Hope your migraine stays away now, not a nice ending to the Christmas holidays.

    Sue xx


  5. Hope you head is better, that looks good, wish I had turkey left, but we didn't have turkey this year, yesterday I made your faggots, well my other half was really impressed, they are smashing, thank you xxx


  6. Hope you are feeling better Froogs ? i used to suffer with those beasts when i was younger, thank goodness i don't now. Supper looked yummy too,
    Have a good day 🙂
    Mantha xx


  7. Migraines are so nasty. I am so happy that your other half took care of you. I hunt hard for those bargains but they are so very difficult to find. Yesterday I turned left overs into some tasty muffins and I was so proud of my efforts.

    I hope that you feel better soon.


  8. That looks very tasty Froogs, I hope you're feeling a little better.
    In response to Bryallen's post as to what time shops reduce items, – the best time is evenings, especially Saturdays. Our local Tesco has reductions then but they can be hit and miss. My best reductions have been large bags of prepared carrot for 1p and chocolate apples 1p (nephew loved me for those. Got a few bargains on Christmas Eve at our local Morrisons. But if you want inspiration go to Mean Queens blog Life After Money she is the mistress of hunting out the bargain.

    Kathy x


  9. Sorry you've not been well Froogs – just catching up on your blog after having visitors here all weekend until about an hour ago so read your latest 2 posts – I'm sure that a wonderful morning taking the dogs to the beach in lovely Cornwall will have blown away any remnants of that nasty migraine. Look after yourself. x


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