When life gives you lemons and limes…..

Hello Dear Reader,

In my last shop I bought five limes for £1 and five lemons for 69p, both from Lidl. I wanted to try making my own lemon and lime marmalade from scratch. It’s no more or less than using the ‘Mamade’ tin of pulp and zest but they don’t make lemon and lime marmalade. I also added an orange to this recipe, simply because we had one left and it could sit there for weeks before we eat it. I used four lemons and five limes, 3lbs of sugar (I use half ordinary and half preserving) and three pints of water.

I started off by using my zester to remove all the zest from all the fruit and that went into my preserving pan with the water. The pith, pips and pulp all go into a muslin (I don’t have that so I improvised with the muslin bag that I strain things with and tied it with a freezer bag tie). I then left that to boil for an hour.

I then let it cool and squeezed and squeezed the bag with the pith and pulp in to get as much of the pectin out as possible. It feels really slippery and slimey and helps the marmalade set. I then added the sugar and got it up to a rolling boil. I let it boil for ages (I don’t time it – google how to make marmalade – that’s what I did) and use a saucer that has been in the freezer to test whether it will set or not. 

Here’s the finished result. Six jars of home made marmalade. It works out at 60p a jar, which isn’t much cheaper than buying it but I still enjoyed making it. There is something reassuringly calming about some stove side pottering on a cold evening.

What have you made from scratch recently that you haven’t made before?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


27 thoughts on “When life gives you lemons and limes…..

  1. Three lemons left over from Christmas
    with two eggs, 50g of butter and 8oz of sugar yielded 1 + 1/2 lb of lemon curd. Enjoyed making it with a howling gsle outside. 4th January and so far a no spend year!!!

    from Dianne in Hereford


  2. I bet if you bought a marmalade of the same quality from the shops it would cost alot more than 60p per jar. Well done. I have been out to do the food shopping today and will be seeing if I can feed the whole family for £40 a week, this is for two adults and two children including packed lunches for the adults.


  3. OOh tha looks good..i made rhubarb and orange jam..it didn't turn out quite right but its edible and is more like a marmalade..i made some lime marmalade and that was gorgeous..may have to make more as we ate all 6 jars…


  4. Made courgette and lemon marmalade back in September – to use up the glut of courgettes from the garden. Also made six jars and these have been well received by family and friends as presents this Christmas!!
    Helen x


  5. Hi Froogs,

    Today I made doughnuts for the first time! I love eating doughnuts but they don't love me because of the yeast in them. I found a recipe without yeast and made them this afternoon, they were lovely. My first attempt at jam making was a disaster, but I'm going to have another go soon.

    Thank you for your blog, I have learnt so much from you.

    Mandy x


  6. Well … there's seven jars there for a kick off .. and as fabriquefantastiqe said, it tastes better.
    I've made lemon curd with my unwanted Christmas lemons too, and my hens now laying after solstice. Yum! Lovely, lovely lemon curd. Also planning on making some lime marmalade if limes still reasonable in Lidl as I love lime marmalade and the good kind isn't cheap!


  7. I made peppermint bark from Orangette this Christmas.
    I used the best dark and white chocolate I could find and it cost $7 for a lb. Quite expensive but then Williams Sonama s that is nt as good cost $29 for a lb.
    I must make this marmalade as I cant get sevilles here in the midwest, I always have to lug them back from Texas; get very funny looks at the airport as I present my bag with 20 lbs of sevilles in it.
    Thanks for sharing.


  8. Looks lovely.I'm going to make lemon curd this week from the lemons I bought at Christmas, was going to make lemonade with them but decided not to.

    When I feel as if I need a boost I buy Blueberries and make smoothie with a banana and orange & apple instead of a lunch but these two packs (reduced from Aldi) were forgotten at the back of the fridge with so much stuff in there, so I picked out the bad ones and made some jam with the rest, weighed them, used sugar to match and even though it only made one jar, I'm happy not to have wasted them.


  9. I haven't made anything exciting this week. But my friend gave me a jar of her 1st ever batch of jam. Beautiful Rosella Jam. MMmm.

    Dolly wanted extra breakfast of jam on toast, which is a sign of deliciousness.

    Your jam looks way nicer then shop bought. And it was made with care and thought instead of a lowly over worked tired woman in a factory run by some big man.


  10. FQ i have a question for you.I purchased a mini oven today. i have just tried it out and followed instuctions and the bottom of the cake burnt.It said in the instructions use bottom element and fan,How do you do it?
    Would really appreciate your help


  11. Today I made some mac and cheese…out of milk so I added a can of Rotel (diced tomatoes and chiles) plus some liquid from a jar of jalepeno peppers…the best side dish ever!


  12. I would like to say the mini oven from Lidl's is superb, thank you Froogs for recommending these little ovens. For one or two people they are ideal. I cooked a pizza last night and today some roast potatoes with excellent results.


  13. My most recent excursion was in Christmas candy. Almond Roca is surprisingly easy.

    I have to ask, what is preserving sugar? I've only ever used granulated sugar when canning (I'm in Canada, maybe we have different names for it)


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