Bring it on!

Here goes Dear Reader!

Plans for this year!

Don’t buy anything new.  Nothing new for the house, I have everything I need and what I have will do for the whole year. No new clothes, not even from charity shops, I have enough and some more! I don’t need any new shoes or any new underwear either. That’s it then – a year of not shopping.

Use what I have to make something else, whether that’s something decorative for the house or for me to wear.

Reduce food consumption and food costs – that will be an interesting challenge.

So there it is! My resolutions out in the open.

Love Froogs xxxx


30 thoughts on “Bring it on!

  1. I know you can do this, you have the resolve. I am buying no new craft stuff this year, will use up my stash. I do have to buy new socks. My old ones are falling apart and won't even mend.


  2. Very commendable and based on your past sucesses, I'm sure you'll achieve this. Don't think I could be as strong-willed myself, but will cetainly be cutting back significantly this year. Less waste and buy on asis of need rather than want. GOOD LUCK.


  3. A worthy challenge for you…I look forward to reading the details as your year unfolds…no doubt you will accomplsih your goal!

    My goals this year are quite so extreme…but using less, saving more and making do are just the beginning…

    Happy 2012~


  4. I am so with you on this one! No fabric or notions, clothes, stuff for the house. I was going to put down books, but it is so very hard to get that one on the list……OK!!OK!!OK!!!! Books too. There. You will have to pull me along by the ear. Today I am watching movies, doing some housework and finding things I am going to give away. Maybe a walk this afternoon.


  5. I need to do something similar too. The only thing that I do need is a 'little' oven/microwave oven. I'll be looking at the one you kindly informed us of at Lidl this. Looking forward to reading more posts from you. Thank you for all the ones in 2011.


  6. Good for you!!! There are some essentials I will have to buy, but like so many, books get me every time! I cleared out at least 30 to friends in the fall, but I know I acquired close to that many back! They multiply like rabbits! I need to save more, but I hate to give up the trips to the thrift stores, they bring me joy! Thanks for the encouragement! I'll watch your progress! Happy New Year!


  7. Even though my grocery budget is smaller than it used to be, i want to reduce it again as we still have too much waste.

    Good luck with your challenges,i know you enjoy a good charity shop rumage.
    Happy New Year


  8. Froogs can I join you?No new clothes [new to me that is so it inc second hand]. No new anything for the house.
    Unless these things are freebies ie free samples or given by friends. No meals out,not even a coffee in a cafe. No days out unless it is free ie no paying entrance fees.I have instigated No Spend Days. I am aiming at 25 NSD's in January. That leaves me with 1 day each week for food shopping,so no nipping to the hop for a cake or anything mid-week. I like a challenge. It should be interesting.


  9. This is one huge challenge and I am sure that you will maintain motivation and succeed. I would love to be so bold but honestly I have to replace some things along the way. But I am going to try to reduce as much as I can. Please continue to motivate the lesser mortals amongst us.


  10. I've read some blogs of people who follow “The Compact” (year of no spending) and it's always fascinating! Your blog is always interesting, so reading about how you go about doing this will be very inspiring!

    Right now I am solidifying the thoughts in my head as to what 2012 will mean to me and what changes I am going to make…


  11. I am looking forward to hearing about your adventures this year. You are an inspiration!
    I loved that book and it was interesting to hear what they missed and how they modified their lives after the year was up. I am doing my very best to spend very little. I definitely am using up what I have.Chest Freezer had to be emptied and contents tossed after 8 days of no electric and have managed not to use it yet (one attached to fridge in use).Keep up the good work please!


  12. A year off from buying 'stuff' sounds wonderful, I will watch your progress with interest.

    I am doing something similar, I'm hoping not to have to buy much but with a house move coming up, I can't be as extreme, no doubt we will need some bits just to make it habitable, (they are packing away their light fittings for instance)so it will be re-use, recycle and re-purpose where we can but we we will have to buy a few bits and pieces.

    Good luck.

    Sue xx


  13. I need to try and do this as well. I will only buy books I can't get at the library for my book club monthly selection. Wow! I'm a bookaholic so that was hard to do. Froogs I know you will be successful in your resolutions. I will try and follow and watch with great interest.


  14. I'm just coming to the end of 2 years of not buying any new clothes and I can tell you it's really not that difficult once you get going! If you'd like to see how I found it, check out my blog (

    Good luck!!!


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