Keep and eye on prices and stock up when it’s cheap!

These are on offer today and tomorrow only! Beware! This might be gone by the end of the day!

Hi everyone!

You will need to check with your local Lidl store and we’ll have a look this weekend but here are some offers for your freezer and store cupboard that you shouldn’t miss (unless you hate bacon and beans!). If I see an offer like this, I will buy as many as the store policy will allow me to buy. Sometimes, I’ll go back out and in again on a separate transaction to over ride their policy or go to another store or get Dearly Beloved to have a separate trolley!

I’m signed up to all the supermarkets and look out for their ‘lost leaders’ and silly offers. I use ‘My supermarket’ to compare prices, which Lidl, Aldi and Netto are not on! They have their own websites and I can compare there too. I even check these out before we go on trips to France and look for their ‘offers’ worth stocking up on and bringing home in the boot of the car. I work on this basis, if I need it anyway, or I’m passing by anyway and I will need it later and it can be stored. Then, and only then, do I stock pile. I never buy anything because it’s a good price unless I buy it any way.

Some of you commented on my mini oven, which saves me a whole heap of energy and costs. They have them in on sale in Lidl on the 5th of January. Again, they will be gone on the day.

You can go to the Lidl website and read about it there.

I would add, that I’m not endorsing this shop and I’m not paid to do so by anyone. If I need something, I will research it carefully and buy it at the best price from where ever I can. I’ve had my oven for well over two years and only paid £15 back then. I’ve taken it on holiday as the accommodation we rented only had a hob and I’ve used it as a second oven when I’ve had guests and it is the main oven we use for just the two of us.

Now my lovely frugal friends. What’s on ‘almost give away offer’ that’s caught your eye, where ever you are in the world – do tell, do share.

Over  to you,

Love Froogs xx


18 thoughts on “Keep and eye on prices and stock up when it’s cheap!

  1. Haha….after just publishing my Blog post today, I am being good, very good. I have my blinkers on and will not look for bargains.

    Although I must say the little oven is 'almost' too good to miss, but I have just treated myself to a Remoska which will be able to do almost as much as the oven (although admittedly it cost more, even though I used a Lakeland money off voucher to get it).

    Your way of shopping is very sensible, but my way has just STOPPED, only for now, it will return, although in a slightly different format.

    Happy New Year, may we all move on happily and frugally into a new year full of promise and opportunity.

    Sue xx


  2. we call that a toaster oven in Canada and I use mine all the time and yes it saves a bundle on the electricity bill.

    I didn't realize you guys used the term “loss leader” in Britain I thought it was only a term used in North America, interesting.

    When Heinz baked beans are on sale I always stock up as well.

    Gill in Canada


  3. Many thanks for letting everyone know about the bargains at Lidl's, especially the Mini oven which I have been wanting to buy, particularly as the grill has 'packed up' in my oven. I shall be at the store first thing on the 5th, luckily I don't start work till later. Once again very many thanks, and hope you have a Happy New Year.


  4. I do keep my eye open for the sale flyers every Wednesday. I always shop the sales. Now they are having a great sale on Pepsi. Buy two (12 pack) get three free. I don't drink it, but keep it on hand for when the kids come over. I will only buy it when it is on sale.
    May you and your family have a wonderful New Year's Eve and may the new year bring you much joy, kindness, happiness and blessings.
    Keep blogging, yours is sooooooo wonderful.


  5. Very tempted to invest in one of the mini ovens, we laughed when mother in law got one, but definately not laughing now….
    The bacon was out of stock at my local but they are getting some in tonight ,so will get some before work tomorrow.
    I stockpile big time and whoopsie buy.I used my Christmas money to buy a food processor so i can shred ,grate and chop to my hearts content.(picked up another cleaning job today ,1 and half hours a week,going to run out of workable hours soon lol)


  6. A local store has 1 lb (about 500 g)ground chuck beef(mince) on sale for 2.29 usd, and pork roasts for 1.49 a lb. There's not much else on sale. When theres a sale on things I know I will use, I buy as much as I can afford and hope it will last until the next sale comes around. I love my mini oven. It really does save a lot of money.


  7. Oh, I have a Remoska like sue15cat, have had one for about 4 years. Wouldn't be without one but I must say if I didn't have my microwave that grills, convects etc, would buy this mini oven. Did think of buying one instead of microwave but there were none around at the time. Can be limiting as certain dishes are wrong shape to fit in. It makes nice scones though.

    I never buy stock like that as I don't have room to keep it, only one spare room and that's already full to bursting.

    I have used my large oven only once since Christmas 2010, and that was just before Christmas to make some mince pies as they wouldn't fit in Remoska.


  8. I had wondered about buying one of the mini ovens, however, I am desperately short of work space and having moved home now find the nearest Lidl is about 70 mile round trip, we have an Aldi, so getting used to their products. Did you come across any of the Mary Baker Christmas cake kits reduced to £2 in Tesco? Ali.


  9. if you need any clothes, I did see t-shirts and jumpers for £3 each in Asda. I felt the weight of the t-shirts and some were good quality material. They would make good presents.


  10. Hello FQ,
    This is not about a good offer–the opposite in fact. Today I was in Tesco and looked at their Value flour(which I always buy) and it has gone up from 52p for a large bag to 69p–almost a 40% increase. These price increases just sneak in out of the blue and I have noticed them with several items in the last few weeks. I'm so glad I stocked up on their 3 for 2 offer before Christmas!


  11. I've been shopping loss leaders for approximately a year and a half. I can't think of shopping any other way now… That and meat bargains when it gets marked down because of the “sell by” date. I buy as much as I can afford, to save a bundle. I'm trying to plan meals around what I already have in my freezer instead of going out to purchase for a meal. We have to do what it takes to beat the increases in price of just about everything.


  12. We don't have a Lidl near us, sadly – those are excellent prices!

    Today I picked up a selection of cleaning products from Superdrug – their own brand “Essentials” range – all reduced to 10p. There was bathroom cleaner, soap powder, dishwasher tablets, food bags, bin liners etc. They were in a “bargain bin” near the tills marked up for their Blue Cross Sale – worth a look if you are passing. I'm going to go back in the New Year and see if I can find anything else.

    Best Wishes
    Frugal Wife


  13. They've just come back into Lidl en France. I now have 3 of them. IMHO the 15lt stainless ones work much longer & better than than the 21lt plastic versions.
    Who needs an Aga which costs €15k when €39 does the job better?
    Go figure 😆


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