Life’s too short to stuff a mushroom?

 Hello Dear Reader,

I thought I would share one of our favourite recipes. Stuffed Mushrooms. You can stuff them with just about anything. Butterbean and lentil pate, stilton, but today, as I had some, I used some chicken liver pate.

I pulled out the stalks of the mushrooms and squeezed in some pate. I then rolled them in beaten egg and then coated them in homemade bread crumbs.

 I put a shallow dish in the mini oven, with some oil in it and got it smoking hot. I carefully placed the mushrooms in, with the pate on the upper side. Every so often, I took the dish out of the oven and spooned some hot oil over the top to get them all crispy.

I served them with romaine lettuce, a tin of sweetcorn and some of my homemade spicy damson chutney. Be careful though, the pate will be really hot. I often make this as a dinner party starter but as I had the ingredients laying around we had this for lunch. I’m off now to do some bulk cooking and I’ll share that with you later.

Love Froogs xxx


11 thoughts on “Life’s too short to stuff a mushroom?

  1. There are so many variations one can use in stuffing mushroom. We had them during the holidays. They were always a big hit when I was working and we had “Goodie Day”at school.That's when the adults from the entire school would bring their favorite dish and we would all eat lunch together. School staff, teachers and all.It was so nice. So many great cooks bringing so many great dishes.


  2. Sounds lovely, well my hubby would appreciate them (I hate mushrooms, I've tried and tried but they just taste yuk!!) whenever he has mushrooms I do the same to tomatoes, so I guess this would work too.

    I usually just stuff the bigger mushrooms, I've never even thought of stuffing the little ones.

    Definitely one to try though when I'm left with half a tray of going off mushrooms because he's forgotten all about them!!

    Sue xx


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