Frugal Hotpot on a cold night

Hello Dear Reader,

Let’s see what we can make with this lot? A few spuds, a couple of onions, four slices of bacon, some almost on the turn cherry toms, a tin of chopped tomatoes and a tin of carrots! Just watch this.

First of all, I cut the tomatoes in half, threw away the mouldy ones and layered some thinly sliced potato on top.

I have then layered sliced onions, the finely chopped bacon and sliced tinned carrots, I’ve then poured a tin of chopped tomatoes on top.

I then mixed up 400 ml of instant cheese sauce and poured that over the top. I buy mine in a sachet from Asda, 4 for £1, it seems to keep for years. I then baked it on the highest setting in my mini oven for one hour.

The potatoes absorb the tomatoes and the cheese sauce and it’s rich and yet tangy with the tomatoes and not too stodgy as there isn’t much bacon.

The end result was lovely. We didn’t have anything with it, it’s full of carrots and tomatoes, so enough vitamins there, enough protein from the few slices of bacon and the cheese sauce became sort of crunchy but permeated the hot pot.

It was full of flavour and just what we needed on a cold night. Now the cost £1 for the bacon, 25p for the cheese sauce, 30p for the tinned toms, 20p for the carrots, 60p for the cherry toms, 20p for the spuds and 10p for the onions. There’s enough for 4 portions, so approx 61p per portion. It’s getting increasingly difficult to put a nutritious meal on a plate for under £1, what are you having for supper and how are you managing with costs?

Until tomorrow,

Froogs xx


16 thoughts on “Frugal Hotpot on a cold night

  1. Looks delicious. Tonight's menu here: ground beff (marked down)-ground turkey (Aldi's) meatloaf using bread crumbs, reconstituted dry milk, spices, 1/2 a leftover onion, some freshly grated Parmesan, celery, 2 eggs. I formed this into a meatloaf pan (has a double layer, so the the fat drips down into the bottom, away from the meat. I topped this with the dregs of a bottle of chilli sauce that has been lurking. Sides will be fzn brussel sprouts, canned corn (marked down), scalloped potatoes (from a mix bought by combining a sale plus doubled cpn). I use margarine and instant milk for these spuds which will bake alongside the meatloaf.


  2. I bought some bacon bits for 75p/500g and made some bacon and tomato pasta sauce (2 tins toms), onion, red pepper and mushrooms. It will do about 8 small portions with pasta.


  3. Great looking meal!
    We had loads of people round last night and I did a huge platter of crudites, and some cocktail sausages plus savoury biscuits. We had a snack lunch midday – with sausages, a few of the leftiver salady bits and biscuits. Tonights meal was pasta with a sauce made from remaining crudites chopped and fried off with an onion and tin of basics sardines.
    And leftover mini-morcel mince pies [homemade] were our desserts along with satsumas.
    Like CTMOM I love Aldi too!

    thanks for your comment on my blog re RNLI


  4. Tonight we had a home made leek & butterbean soup with an Aldi heat at home ciabatta.

    Just used an onion, a leek, couple of cloves of garlic, hot veggie stock, lemon juice and a tin of Sainsbury's butter beans. The Aldi ciabatta was 65p from memory and the soup veggie contents about £1.10. Stock, garlic, black pepper & lemon juice from the store cupboard.



  5. I bought a pack of bacon pieces from MrT – 75p – used one third to make an Egg/Bacon Pie. The other two lots of bacon pieces went in the freezer. Egg/bacon Pie from one of my old recipe books – 10 ozs of short crust pastry – line pie dish with half. In lined dish – slice two small tomatoes and add half a chopped onion then add chopped bacon pieces in a cross pattern. In the four spaces – crack in an egg/season then add pastry lid – cook about an hour. This pie is lovely – hot or cold – makes six portions.


  6. Tonight is homemade chicken and leek soup with rice and barley instead of noodles, and a sandwich. I made a huge pot of soup a few weeks ago, and put it in the freezer in portions, as we often get busy at this time of year and don't want to eat takeout.
    Your Hotpot looks great!


  7. hi froogs!i love your blog!i too am a nifty thrifter and only just realised we are in the same county!its amazing what you can put on the table , thats nutritious and cheap, a favourite of mine is a hotpot/casserole made with lots of veg/beans ect mixed with a tin of tomatoes peanut butter chilli spices ect you can make it as hot as you like and its very warming, lots of protein from the peanut butter..i like to serve it with homemade cornbread but its just as nice with rice or cous cous!happy thrifting have a great christmas!


  8. Off topic but just wanted to tell you That I made your chicken and dumpling recipe and it was absolutely delicious. Many thanks, a successful new recipe is always a treat 🙂
    Last night we had smoked bacon and butter bean soup with home made bread. We will finish the chicken and dumplings tonight. Thanks once again.


  9. Our tea last night, was the simplest thing ever….beans on toast.

    Two tins of Heinz baked beans, four dooorstep slices of seeded bread, a scrape of Lurpack.

    Indeed luxury beans on toast, something we have rarely but when we do we just really enjoy it.

    Two tins was really a bit too much for us but the dogs enjoyed the leftovers.

    It was blowing a gale in here last night !!

    Sue xx


  10. Slice a some raw potatoes and onions grate some cheddar cheese (I use up anything I have). Butter some slices of bread. Layers it all in a deep pot and push down. Poke a hole through the middle with the handle of a wooden spoon and pour boiling stock (chicken, veg)
    and bake in the oven for an hour and a bit on medium.


  11. Thanks Froogs,its a good recipe. I do something similar but with lentils instead of bacon,actually,lentils and a little smoked bacon is nice too.
    Its my New Years Resolution to save more money this year. I hope this recipe will feature on my menu and help with my savings too.


  12. I made this for dinner tonight, and I've just finished eating. If I had three thumbs they'd all be up, because this is GOOD!

    I didn't have any little tomatoes to use up, but I did have a can of stewed tomatoes in the pantry. Didn't use bacon, I love it but never buy it anymore because it's more expensive than I can justify spending. I added three little breakfast sausage links, boiled then cut into small pieces. I made a couple layers of the potatoes (bought 1o pounds for $1.89 today) and onions, sprinkled them with a little salt, pepper, and garlic powder,(mixed in some fried potatoes and onions from a few days ago) then poured on the tomatoes and covered it with some leftover Alfredo sauce from a jar. Had it with some baby carrots (bought at 1/2 price today) and leftover green beans from last night's dinner.

    What a frugal, great tasting and filling meal! Thank you for sharing your recipe with us.


  13. I keep back any cooked leftover spud take an onion fry it off till golden ish and if there is any bacon/chicken /leeks or the like chop that up. slice the spuds and then layer the other finidhing with a layer of spud pop on some cheese to crisp off tiz fab served with balked beans not too disimilar with what you ahve already done but I do this with leftover veg and the like


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