Hopelessly addicted to stew!

Hello Dear Reader,

Firstly, thank fully Foster Mummy rescued me today from the depths of feeling miserable and I am so grateful that I am blessed with a friend who will drop what she is doing, cross counties and come and see me. xxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!! X 10 Million !

Tonight, we are mainly eating chicken stew. Here’s how I do it! Firstly, use the cheapest part of the chicken, the thigh. I have a pan full for £2.25. It will feed us for two day. I get the griddle pan smoking hot, I drop the thighs in, skin side down until the fat start to render. I keep turning until it’s cooked.

Now I get the oven on, I drop the peeled and sliced carrots into boiling water and leave to cook, whilst I chop an onion and a pepper.

I add the onion and pepper into the cooking chicken and cook in the chicken fat.

I add the whole lot, chicken, carrots, one large spud peeled and cut into pieces. I threw in a punnet of cherry tomatoes as they were going soft. I mixed up an Aldi chicken chasseur mix with water and poured that over the top.

I then made dumplings. 200g of SR flour, a pinch of salt and 100g of beef suet with enough water to make a dough. I spooned out dollops and rested that on top of the chicken stew. I have a domed lidded casserole dish, usually used for roasting poultry, but great for making stews or casseroles in the oven.

The finished result, an hour later, was an unctuous and rich stew with fluffy dumplings on top.

No good at all for the waist line but good for the soul on a grey and drizzly winter’s day. We’ll have the same again tomorrow. The cost? 75p per person, per meal.

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


20 thoughts on “Hopelessly addicted to stew!

  1. Looks lovely! I find the cheapest cuts for chicken (when on sale) are either the drums, thighs or legs 9all bone in), if not a whole fryer or roaster that I cut up myself.


  2. That looks so tasty you are so good sharing all your meal ideas with us. Think I will try and adapt this dish to cook in my slow cooker. I am definitely going to follow the Christmas dinner portion control good for the waistline and the purse. Take care x


  3. This looks yummy! Made from the tastiest (as well as the cheapest!) bit of the chicken in my humble opinion! LOL! I've never made dumplings before but they look VERY tasty! Merry Christmas! Cx


  4. Stew day here as well, slow cooker used.
    3 potatoes, 2 carrots, 2 parsips, 1 turnip, half a celeriac, 1 big onion, 3 lamb neck chops (everything whoopsied by Asda) in chunks; a dash of sunflower oil; 2 beef and 1 vegetable stock cubes (Tesco basic) and about 5 hours on low.
    Served with a lump of tiger bagette (Asda whoopsied)
    Some left for tomorrow as well.

    Never done dumplings yet (only a novice but learning fast) so I think I'm gonna have to try them.


  5. That does look good, for sure! Your post started a supper discussion that was very interesting. Where does your food come from?
    Tonight we had local pork cutlets that I breaded and cooked. Local potatoes, mashed with garlic and butter, and local homemade pickled red cabbage. So much of our fruit and veg are from the USA, Mexico and South America, so this was not the norm for us.
    Dear husband was wondering if much of your food is produced in England, or does it come in from other European countries? Just curious, not trying to be political.


  6. It always puzzles me as to why chicken thighs are the cheapest cut of the bird – they're definitely the most flavoursome – you can keep the boring breast meat, I'd take the tastier dark meat every time – yummy!!!!


  7. I'm with Anne on this, to me the thigh is the best portion on a chicken because it is moist and full of flavour. I live in fear of the day when the majority of people work this out and I have to switch to buying breast instead!


  8. That looks so yummy my mouth is watering! ( not a pretty sight I can tell you!) It amazes me just how cheaply meals can be made and tasty ones at that.

    Stew is a real winter warmer and never fails to hit the spot with my clan. And if it can do two meals all the better.

    X x


  9. that looks divine!i love to make stews and top them with dumplings, its amazing how far a cheap bit of meat will go…i love your blog and i have just discovered we are actually in the same county!keep up the good work and have a very happy frugal christmas!


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