Fishcakes and a message for Sara

Hello Dear Reader,

Thanks again for the lovely comments.

I made the cheaper than chips fish cakes today and here is how. Firstly boil the kettle and add the required water and milk 550mls into the pan, I add a dash of marg and then swirl in the instant mash 20p from Tesco and beat furiously until smooth, I then add a liberal sprinkle of dried parsley and keep stirring – whilst I was doing this, I microwave two pieces of pollack, which cost £1 for the two from the value range, again from Tesco. Flake with a fork and stir through the mash and parsley. I also add a good wallop of pepper and stir through.

Get a pan on, get it smoking hot and throw in some oil. Gently form the spud and fish mix into cake, roll in flour to make a coating and then gently drop into the oil. Turn the heat down once a crispy skin is formed and cook through.

I served three each, with salad of gem lettuce, grated carrot and sliced red onion and a dollop of coleslaw on top. I don’t think it’s a meagre serving or that our portions are small, just sensible. We’re both 45, over weight and under active so the last thing we need is more food! 
Now, to Sara, below is the message to you!
 Now go and write what you like on your own blog because I’m just going to delete what you write here. Enough said!
Love Froogs xxxxx

38 thoughts on “Fishcakes and a message for Sara

  1. Lovely looking fish cakes and I think your portion control is correct – we might even find it too much (for the main meal) as we like a light sponge pudding to follow. Like you, we don't go overboard 'just because it's Christmas!


  2. FQ
    I recently tried your fish cake recipe. I used instant (gifted to us) mashed potatoes and mixed them as required, yet I felt they were much too loose so I sprinkled in some additional potato flakes until they seemed to be the right consistancy. I used a 15 oz can of drained and flaked pink salmon. I first pan fried some mince onions until golden and folded these in along with some salt, pepper, old Bay seasoning, parsley. The texture finally was correct. I used a 1/2 cup measure and made patties which I dredged in Panko crumbs before frying them off. I ended up with 7 generous, and filling!, fish cakes. Different than my usual recipe/method but quite good.I had served these with homemade tartar sauce, homemade oven fries and a canned veggie. I got home late from work after a meeting but still was able to get supper on the table at a decent hour. On the fish cakes: would you say that you use a 50-50 ratio of spuds to fish?


  3. Froogs, I love your blog and whilst I'm probably not as frugal as you (with 2 littl'uns and an uncontrollable chocolate habit), I try. But, one thing, we've been off sick this week and I've completely missed the comments from Sara which I'm sure I would have laughed at. Just keep doing what you're doing as it's great. Sam xx


  4. Why would I mind if I get deleted – my ego is not so large as to write a blog telling people how to live their lives. Why do you want the only response to be those who agree with you? I don't agree with much you write and feel it is very preachy. I have not been abusive in what I have written or how I have written it. I find it sad that an ego can be so large as to exclude the opinion of others. You want people to read yours (obviously as you blog to get attention) yet you only want feed back that agrees with you. That worries me.

    Nevertheless as you don't like what I say I will have the courtesy to not comment again.

    Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to you and your readers. And enough food on your plate this Christmas.


  5. It's ages since I made fish cakes -I'll have to try doing them again and your easy recipe has given me some ideas.

    Sara, this is a 'take it or leave it' blog with real-life ideas and opinions. If you don't agree with something then fair enough, you can just leave it. But no need to post unconstructive comments, to my mind.



  6. Have to say..Phew..thought you meant me for a second..didn't think i wrote anything bad..
    The fishcakes look divine..will try them for sure..
    sara(the nice one)
    p.s many thanks for the means a lot.


  7. hear hear folks I agree we all eat FAR TOO MUCH on xmas day and the days that follow so I think the 30.00 stg amount is fantastic, I am in Ireland and its a lot more expensive for stuff but I have already in my freezer bag of prawns, mince pies and individual puddings gifted to me by my bestest buddy – as well as cranberry sauce and relish so will only have to get veg, turkey, ham, pots and cream. No panic. Happy Christmas everyone xx


  8. ive been a follower for two years,it inspires me a lot especially when you have paid all your debts.i hope i can do it too.we are just a small earner but i guess if i would be determined just likje you i will make it happen.ilove all your menu!! good luck to you and pls keep on posting….


  9. The fishcakes look good Froogs but guess what – I don't like fish! My Mum used to make them with salmon (not very much) when I was at home and I think I would eat them but white fish, well I've never been able to eat it.

    Mum used to make rissoles which my Dad very rudely called ******les as I'm not going to be rude. We all used to laugh and make a joke every time she served them. We did really like them though. My Dad was quite prudish so that was quite a risque comment from him.

    I really love re-fried potatoes and if I do enough love them fried the next day. It's also reminded me I've not bought instant potato for ages.

    Like the gnome's comment. If a person dislikes contents of a blog, why not just stop looking at it???


  10. I find some of your ideas so good that I give your website to others as my recommended reading. It is a great point of view and another perspective on spending and value. Plus I love your cooking ideas. We both think the fish cake idea is good and your portions are fine for us.


  11. they look fab – I have given up trying to fry my fishcakes as they always start to fall apart! I oven bake them instead. Something very satisfying about making fishcakes and having some over to freeze x


  12. Good grief I missed all that! Great point about it being a blog not a forum. What on earth has ego got to do with it. You have being honest & straightforward about everything. I think the gnome image is hilarious. I know you don't give a fig for anything which is fab and totally hilarious too.

    I have been inspired & impressed by your drive & resourcefulness and it is far from telling people how to live their lives. But if it was you'd be right about a big chunk of it.

    I add a pinch of paprika to fish cakes because I like too, don't know if that works for anyone else!


  13. I am going to try your fish cakes.
    It sounds like a good way to stretch
    a fish meal.
    I want to thank you for all you share. I learn more each time I check your blog. I do not comment very visit.
    Your Christmas preparation and planing sound great. I like you don't
    buy things which are not budgeted.
    We always have kept Christmas a
    simply day with church and family.


  14. The fishcakes look good and although I don't eat fish just reading through the recipe was filling me with idea of different mixes…..only trouble is now I'm hungry!! Must go and make something…lol…thanks for the inspiration.

    As for Sara, she really just doesn't understand Blogs does she, that she even hides her profile is somewhat worrying too!

    (Haha…my word verification was 'caters'…I'm sure there's a little man in a room that makes word verifications match Blogs somedays just for a laugh.)

    Sue xx


  15. Hello Froogs

    I have read you whole blog over the past few weeks and quite frankly you are an inspiration , we also have drastically changed our way of living and spending habits over the past 20 months and I love reading your blog , it has given me so many tips and ideas .

    The fishcakes look fab! I have also become an instant mash convert .

    Froogs you rock!



  16. I've just had a thought reading some of the comments on here – my Nan used to make the most fantastic potato cakes when I was little. She used to put egg yolk in them and bake them and they came out fluffy and light.

    When I make them they never seem to turn out the same. Any ideas Froogs please as I love them, but not the bought variety which are like Play doh?


  17. Well obviously I missed the “cat fight”. I don't know what it is that Sara said that caused angst. But I do feel that not everyone can agree with what we write but that doesn't mean we need to delete their comments though I draw the line at offensive things.

    I often don't comment here just because a lot of what you're buying and saving on, I can't even begin to do it in my country due to the higher costs and there are other reasons why I don't post on some of the blogs but will leave it at that. It does sadden me that people who want a lot of followers don't have time to give some comment love back to those that faithfully comment. But it is my choice to comment here or anywhere. I'm starting to rethink my commenting strategy just because my time is also as valuable as those too busy for commenting.

    I don't mind if you delete this comment at all as I realize it isn't on topic. But I wanted to share my thoughts with you because part of blogging is about “building community” not just telling people something. That means people have a chance to share their views on things. I know you don't have time to hold a discussion with everyone so you may want to limit the kind of comments you get. Fait enough. I do the same.

    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas.


  18. Dear me.. . bet you never thought a few innocent words on avoiding waste could lead to so much clucking!! Personally, if I ate what you have described, I’d be well and truly stuffed – and there’s nothing like being well and truly stuffed at Christmas (know what I mean girls?!)
    As for “small portions”, well, again, a large “portion” is always nice but sometimes you have just got to take what you can get. You can always top up with another “portion” later in the day. Anyway, the way things are going financially, we’ll be sitting down to a drawing of a roast dinner next Christmas so grab what you can I say.
    Just off to watch “Carry on Stuffing”, well, it is Christmas after all , Yuletide felicitations to all and love from innuendo land…….Now, where did I put me pills?
    Sue xxxxxx


  19. Hi Frugal Queen, have loved the blog this year and you have been amazing clearing all your debt and now setting to on the mortgage, a real inspiration. just want to wish you a Happy and Peaceful family christmas and a great New Year.

    Chris x

    message to Sara, if you find FQ's blog preachy and you don't agree with it might I ask why do you continue to read it? surely your time would be better spent reading something you like or heaven forbid putting your own opinions on your own blog and perhaps leave this one alone for the people that do like it.. enough said..


  20. Maybe it is time to spell out some ground rules and expectations regarding the comments you receive.
    I think if you dont like the comment or find it offensive or maybe suspect that the commenter has some mental health problem perhaps you should just deleted it without involving your readers.
    The above is kindly meant.


  21. While I love reading your blog, I cannot possibly implement all your ideas. Some are not possible due to differences in our countries (some things cost way more here),some don't fit with my values, and some I am just not ready for yet. I have learned quite a bit from your blog that is helpful, though.
    To call someone “Mean” is a value judgement (crossing the line from frugal to Scrooge like)- and if that is truly how she feels, perhaps she should stop reading.
    Merry Christmas, Frugal Queen and family!


  22. I had to laugh at Sara! And you too showing her her true colors with that gnome.

    What is really weird is if she doesn't want to hear what you say why does she read your blog? Let alone take the time to comment as well.

    Sure takes all kinds in this world.

    Merry Christmas FQ


  23. This 'Sara' inspired debate is giving her more publicity than she deserves!!

    A Blog is a 'Web Log', a diary of the thoughts, ideas and day to day lives of those that write them.

    That some of us choose to let our 'diaries' be read by others is our choice. We can choose also to allow them to comment.

    Comments are always welcome if they come as a result of a question asked or tips shared, but derogatory comments and those completely off topic are not usually encouraged.

    If we let them be published it is our choice. Would you pick up someones diary and then write notes in it criticising that person?

    If you have nothing good to say … say nothing. I don't always agree with Froogs and she most likely does not agree with some of my wacky things mentioned on my Blog, but we leave comments, cheer each other on and keep quiet when we have nothing contructive to say.

    This is how Blogging works, we are all Blogging Buddies if we choose to be.

    I hope Sara has a very Merry 'plate filled' Christmas and that she continues to read lots of our Blogs.

    Sue xx


  24. “Comments are always welcome if they come as a result of a question asked or tips shared, but derogatory comments and those completely off topic are not usually encouraged.”

    I second that. That is why I said Frugal Queen can be free to delete my comment and I won't be offended.It was off topic and it wasn't meant to be mean at all so I apologize if it come off that way.

    Froogs is living her life and being frugal in the way she wants and all power to her. I appreciate that she is sharing her tips with everyone. I've come to realize that a lot of things just don't apply in my life or that I'm already doing them so time to move on.

    Merry Christmas to all.


  25. I love fishcakes and I'm in the mood for some. My recipe uses salted cod that I have to boil first , mashed potatoes and sauteed onion, and a sprinkle of black pepper like my mom used to do years ago.

    I'll try your recipe. Your portions looks generous to me and I would be satisfied with what's on the plate. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

    Love your lawn ornament by the way. Have a Merry Christmas and a Frugal but Happy New Year. JB


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