Get it sorted!

 Hello Dear Reader,

Another earth shattering day here in Frugal Towers! The house is getting cleaned and tidied. I’ve started on the kitchen cupboards. I knew it was time to clean out the shelves as things were getting ‘icky’! The next jobs is to sort out the larder cupboard, do a stock check, rotate, check dates (eat the oldest first!) and rotate if needed. I’ve also put lots of ‘stuffage’ on freecycle and being ruthless about anything that can go to good use some where else. I always amazes me how fast anything goes on Freecycle.

I actually enjoy having the time to sort the house, it’s not a chore, but I actually enjoy it. Ah well, off now to have an adventure with bicarb and an old toothbrush and go to war on the grimy grout in the bathroom! Oh the joy of it! What ‘odd’ things do you do around the house that you really enjoy?

Love Froogs xxxx


14 thoughts on “Get it sorted!

  1. You have been a busy beaver! Today I have tidied and cleaned. Done the washing and shall do the ironing later.

    I have also sorted the remaining items in the gifting cupboard, which I always enjoy! As well as tiny bit of wrapping up.

    Now I'm off to make a home made tear and share bread and a home made pizza, yummy!

    X x


  2. Nice to see you're a vintage china fan; I collect greydawn, like 2 of your jugs. (I also collect jugs and a whole lot of other stuff I don't admit to collecting!)
    I cleaned out my larder today, sorted some jam and chutney for some friends who are moving today; I want to put a “new home” hamper together. I have put a few things aside for the charity shop and have sorted my stores in preparation for an Approved Food order coming Monday.
    I cleaned my airing cupboard out a while ago; something that drives me crazy but if I put time aside for it, it's strangely satisfying.


  3. I like cupboards that look like that!!! Am moving so mine will look just as sparkly and de cluttered when I get there.

    Only enjoy sorting the wardrobe – I never throw away clothes unless falling apart. And as I get lots of hand me downs for weeny girl like stock taking her accumulated pile and seeing what else I need to forage for.



  4. I have been very good about a regular decluttering since 2000 when my dear father died of cancer, and all my siblings and I helped my mother to downsize her home. She lived in a huge home in the countryside and did not drive. Eventually she moved to a tiny bungalow in town. We had several dumpsters, many sales and lots of charity donations. Dad loved an auction-need I say more? It only takes one of these sessions to make you say “who will be cleaning this mess up when I die?”
    Keep what you love and ditch the rest-who needs to dust it anyway!!
    Happy cleaning!


  5. It must have been the day for it. I have been doing the study (work in progress) which includes the linen cupboard. I posted about it yesterday. Freecycle is my favourite, too. A few things went yesterday and a box of books (always difficult to part with) are being picked up today.

    Love your blog, Froogs. It is first thing I read every day. Thank you.


  6. Well, I guess this is going to sound crazy but I like to do laundry. I am not so fond of cleaning, although I do it because I don't like to live in a dirty house! But the laundry is something I don't mind doing for some strange reason. Your cupboards look so tidy. I'm now ashamed of mine.


  7. I don't mind cleaning somewhere that's really dirty but hate all this 'tickling' up, so it doesn't really look any different.

    I've got an old Denby teapot that my mum gave me. I generally use a metal one every day but the Denby is quite large. I do hate throwing lovely things away.


  8. Must admit I have the jackdaw mentality “it might come in useful some day”
    Usually it never does.

    Last 2 days I've organised my “pantry” which is a cupboard in the kitched where the hot water cylinder used to live, but since the installation of a combi-boiler now redundant, fitted with a few shelves, and very useful for housing vegetables, home-made wine and bottles / jars of things.
    Amazing how much junk was in there, and how empty it looks when organised.

    Dunno if it counts as “odd” but I love cooking and preserving things.


  9. I enjoy organizing things in the house, finding a home for things and trying to make it look nice. In my place it is a never ending task to keep things from looking cluttered because I like books and crafts and that takes up a lot of space. I do not however enjoy cleaning out the kitchen cupboards or organizing or shredding papers. There is plenty of that to do. You are so right about things going amazingly quickly once posted on Freecyle.


  10. De-frosting the freezer and cleaning the fridge! Just done both this weekend – its so cold that I could put the food in cool bags out in the garden while I worked.

    All now clean and tidy, ready for Christmas. How long it will stay that way is quite another matter, of course…



  11. When I am angry or I cant sleep I attack the kitchen cabinets. I used to have a larder which made everything really easy to see and check dates. Now it is under counter cupboards. Which makes it harder…

    I hoard curtains. We move so much I love to have all different sizes so that in any house we move to I can immediately put up my own fabric. I finally gave away 3 moving cartons of them to the Briish Heart Foundation in November. Made me feel sick but good at the same time.


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