Blowing in the wind

Hello Dear Reader,

Thanks to everyone who left such cheery birthday greetings. I don’t celebrate it and keep it quietly in my own way but I was truly appreciative of the kind remarks you all left for me. I’m so grateful that you read, and even more so that you would think to leave a comment for me. As ever, it would be lovely if readers would become followers so I’d know who you all are. It’s just so lovely that you drop by.

Today’s blog is in answer to some of your questions about the eco-fan on top of my wood stove. We did buy it, when we bought the stove itself as we were convinced it would make the stove more efficient by pushing the air out in to the room. I only realise what a good job it does when I hang washing in front of the fire. You can’t see this, but the fan will move wet washing so it looks as if the washing is hanging in a gentle breeze. I swear it helps to soften the towels and linen. You see, I only use the cheapest laundry liquid, I don’t go to the trouble and expense of softener as I think that work shirts look smarter with a stiffness about them, also towels that are crispy have a sloughing effect which I’m sure keeps our skin in good condition.

Is the eco fan any good? Well, it helps to dry our laundry and all I know is that when I come down in the morning, all the laundry will be ready to fold up and put away and that’s good enough for me. It’s the nearest thing I own to a tumble drier. Does anyone else own an eco fan? I think it makes a difference and moves the air around so making the stove more efficient….what does every one else think?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xxxx


11 thoughts on “Blowing in the wind

  1. When we lived in the cottage and had the multifuel stove I bought an eco fan, we used to leave the sitting room door open and it pushed the heat down the passage to the bedrooms, it was brilliant. I sold it on ebay earlier this year.

    I would recommend eco fans to anyone who has any type of stove that burns either wood or solid fuel or both…….


  2. I know, I know, silversewer and I am still kicking myself that I wasn't quicker off the mark or I would have bought it!

    I am seriously considering one, but the budget has been constrained by work on my car recently, so it will probably not get bought this winter! Other priorities at the moment.


  3. :0) THANKYOU so much froogs!! That is so good of u to answer my questions and encourage others to chip in too! I feel quite honored! V. Cold night here, stove chugging away so dining room 13.4 but living room (adjoined, French window style fold back doors)is only 11.5. Think I need to find the money for an Eco fan then! Had to have boiler repaired today, car windscreen last week, tooth the week before that… Am glad I'm frugal where I can be as bad luck wants me to spend us out of the recession!!


  4. I have just moved to a cottage with a woodburner and a rayburn….washing now dried in front of the rayburn on a wooden airer exactly like my nans…tumble drier your days are numbered ( even when number 2 son comes home from Uni with the “pop up laundry basket”…seriously need to issue a warning…creative student can stash at least 6 machine loads…..


  5. Morning, we bought an ecofan early last year, we try only to use our two wood burners, we have a small cottages, with two staircases, o one each end of the house works like central heating, we have saved a fortune, the fans are expensive, but work out cheaper in the long run, and dry my washing, no more tumble dryer. hurrah.


  6. Grr, I'm really jealous of all you guys with these wood burners. It would cost too much to build a proper chimney for our house.

    Next time we move hey?

    That fan looks such a good idea.

    Sorry I missed your birthday.


  7. Hi
    No echo fan here but I do have the luxury, I say that because the house we moved from had no hot and cold running water and only a coal fire. So at night I put any laundry we have in the downstairs loo and shut the door as it gets nice and toasty in there and like you in the morning dry laundry! Yea me lol.
    Our heating is so good , or I just got used to living in a much cooler environment but the loo heats the downstairs beautifully we often find one of out furry beings in there slumped in snugglyness near the radiator.
    Deliberately didn’t buy a tumble dryer when we moved in her but it was soooooooo tempting.
    My partner loves fabric softener and I can understand why with his condition his nerve endings are very bad and anything remotely harsh is painful for him . Me I am like you love the sloughing effect of a nice rough towel very invigorating so if I can I wash only his bits and the bedding in softener. If you know of a cheaper way so I don’t have to buy this laundry product I would be very interested to hear it, I have also been toying with the idea of making my own laundry powder. Have you ever done so and how effective was it for you?
    Many thanks froogs


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