Showing a bit of leg!

Hello Dear Reader,

We are being battered by storm force 10 wind blowing straight in off the sea, over the hills and hitting our house, the fire is being sucked straight up the chimney and the noise is deafening! After some quite plain and simple food over the last few days, tonight has been a royal nosh up of roast chicken, beans, carrots, parsnips, spuds and sprouts. As ever, the main ingredients on the plate are veggies, it makes a very small bird go a long way. I’m off now to pick the bones dry and we’ll hopefully get three meals out of it.

What do you do with the rest of the chicken after a face stuffing roast?

Until tomorrow,

Love Froogs xx


24 thoughts on “Showing a bit of leg!

  1. What meat remains is removed and goes into a pie or casserole which I have stretched with beans and other veggies.
    The carcase makes a stock for soup.
    The glorious golden schmaltzy chicken fat is saved for roast potatoes.

    Chickens are so fabulous!!


  2. That looks good! We had a busy day so DH rustled up re-heated chicken from yesterday's roast with a pack of wild mushroom polenta (cost about 25p from an Approved Food order a while back) and red cabbage coleslaw I made on Saturday. I could've done with a bit of green, though. There's 4oz chicken for a stir-fry tomorrow night and stock ready for barley and lentil soup.


  3. I make a bechamel with leeks and mushrooms and add the cooked chicken and have a salad with whats left and use the bones for stock. Three good meals plus very cheap soup with parley dumplings.


  4. Hi Froogs, Julia here from Australia, I am a long time reader, but this is my first comment, I am a bit shy:) But had to jump in as using up roast chicken is my favourite thing!I second Josie's idea for a pie, and I also make stock froom the carcass. I make the stock into a chicken and corn soup with noodles. If there are any bits of chicken meat left, I use that if not I beat an egg or two through the hot soup just before serving. We have roast chicken about once a fortnight and dine off the leftovers fot several days after, we are just two here.
    Chicken and Corn Noodle Soup
    1 onion, chopped
    1 tbs oil
    few drops sesame oil (if you have it)
    4 cloves garlic, crushed
    4 cups chicken stock (home made best)
    1 Chicken OXO
    1 440g tin creamed corn
    1 slab 2 minute noodles
    chicken meat, cooked leftovers, maybe 2 cups worth, 1/2 BBQ chicken or 4 drumsticks etc

    Fry onion and garlic in oils for 5 minutes or so, add stock, bring to boil and simmer 5 minutes. Add corn and chicken and noodles, simmer 5 minutes.
    This is very hearty and will feed 4 generously.

    If you like you can use the 2 minute noodle flavourings instead of the OXO. I have unflavoured noodles on hand usually. If you don't have much chicken, drizzle a couple of beaten eggs into the hot soup will stirring, to boost the protein.
    Regards, Julia


  5. Yeah, we had the gales up here last week, all my patio furniture is scattered about the garden.

    Chicken, it's along time since we had a full one, most of our chicken intake is whoopsied portions. When we do have one (they do occasionally come up whoopsied) it's the main meal, then usually a salad, any remainimng in sandwiches. I love picking a chicken carcase clean, just pulling it to pieces and eating all the little bits.


  6. With 2 starving teenagers, a chicken is for Sunday lunch and maybe a little risotto next day. But, always soup from the carcase. If I don't have time straight away, I freeze the carcase, then make a gigantic soup with other frozen carcases. Skin, grisly bits and saved leftovers are boiled up with the cheapest rice or pasta for our little dog – works out pennies to feed him and he loves it.


  7. Chicken pie, or curry, or mixed up with curry powder and mayo for sandwiches. With four of us, there isn't an awful lot left over, but I pick it clean (watched by three very interested cats). Sometimes I mix chicken with a cut up slice of cooked bacon, chopped avocado and mayo, delicious on crusty bread and a rare treat.


  8. Oooo yummy, we make chicken stock in the slow cooker, freeze half, turn the rest into soup. Chicken sarnies for packed lunches, chicken and pasta bake,chicken casserole, again in the trusty old slow cooker.)
    twiggy x


  9. We definitely make stock. And as already posted, we use the schmaltz — I keep a jar going in the fridge. Personally, I love chicken chili and we also use it to top pizza. This is aside from pasta and rice types of dishes.

    One thing I do which probably no one else does, is I take the bones from the stock and mush it up fine and put it through the processor/blender and feed it to my pets.


  10. We both love cold chicken, so there is a day of that with salad, then chicken “shepherd's” pie, or a proper chicken & mushroom pie. I like to boil up the carcase and let the meat fall off it. I then separate the meat & the stock, which is frozen for future use. I make risotto with the meat, or heat it up with some home made tomato & mushroom sauce until pretty mushy and use as filling for canneloni or stuffed pancakes. I buy quite large fresh chickens, as the frozen small ones here in Greece are totally tasteless, and I benefit from the economies of scale that way. The dogs get a bit of the lovely jelly from the cooled chicken on their meals the day after I've roasted, too – a little treat for them and makes the fussier one of the two eat his food with no problem! I guess we get about 10 portions of food off one 2.5 kg bird altogether – not bad at all.


  11. After the roast, the meat is stripped and used for other dishes – usually curry but also stir fries, stews, soups, pies.

    I boil up the carcass for stock in the slow cooker. This will make the bones soft (soft enough to squish between my fingers) and then the bones go to the dog. I always make sure the bones are soft the best way to do this is to fish out the big leg bones and if they are soft everything else will be too.

    The only thing that goes in the bin is the wrapping the chicken came in!


  12. I usually buy 2 chickens between 7 of us and with leftovers I'll make a chicken and sweetcorn flan because it only takes a little chicken, a layered bake with layers of chopped chicken, leftover stuffing and bacon, and then with the carcass and whatever remains I'll make a chicken stew with dumplings in my slow cooker…not much meat in it but lots of veggies and I sometimes add pearl barley and it tastes lovely. So, I'll get at least 4 meals from a roast chicken dinner.


  13. We get big chickens (2.5kg/5.5lbs) from a local farm – my record is getting 14 portions out of one of those 😉

    That was 2 x roasted legs, 3 x curry with one breast, 3 x risotto with other breast, 2 x roasted wings (as part of a salad) and 4 x chicken sweetcorn noodle soup (made from the last scrapings of meat on the bones and stock from the carcass).

    All of the meals were sufficiently chickeny too – and we didn't even eat the innards or the skin (the cats & dog got that cooked into a basic pâté).


  14. I can take one chicken, and feed three of us (two large, hungry meat-eating me) for three meals. I also add lots of (hopefully homegrown) veg to pad it out.
    So, casserole from legs and thighs, four (small) Kievs from the breast, and then the carcase and scraps for a chicken noodle soup.


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